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Dunhill's My Mixture 965 is for the connoisseurs of full-bodied tobacco. Choicest small Latakia impart a rich nutty flavor and coolness. Macedonia Bright is added for sweetness. Brown Cavendish completes this blend beloved by English mixture aficionados.


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더닐 라타키아중 최고
August 26, 2016
By: Eunrae J.
얼리모닝 . 나이트캡. My 믹스쳐 중 저에게 최고는 마이믹스쳐입니다. 가장 완성도가 높고 재구매 의사가 마구 솟구칩니다. 셋의 비뎌 기준입니다. 적극 추천.
The par for Latakia blends
August 16, 2016
By: Ahmad O.
I dare say that anyone who smokes pipes and has even heard about English blends, must've heard about MM965.. and That's not an understatement.. People even know it from an acronym like MM or just the number 965. and there is a reason for that.. It is... Read More
Great evening smoke
June 16, 2016
By: D. K.
It's a classic for a reason, and it's one of my favorites.
Nice blend....
May 12, 2016
By: Tom K.
One of my favorite English blends that I have tried. Usually smoke aromatic's, but really enjoy this one.
956 Dunhil
May 03, 2016
By: Eamonn K.
I hated this typ of pipe tobbacco for long time but I went with the reveviews for this blend /brand and man this got me taste buds buzzing like no bodys buissness now I love it the smoke is excent and taste unbelevable can't get enough of it now i l... Read More
one of the best
March 05, 2016
By: Chris m.
Rich and savory. Like all Dunhill it packs great smokes and burns like a dream satisfying not quite like the old days but close. Not as good in bulk this and night cap are mainstays. Dunhill still number one in my book tried them all ... Read More
An Elegant English Blend
February 09, 2016
By: Seraf D.
G.L. Pease said in one of his articles that the Dunhill tobacco's used to have a particular pungent aroma that I think is still a bit discernable in our days, but I have only smoked the bulk format so I'd better try the tin before saying anything mor... Read More
Everyman's English
February 05, 2016
By: Randy C.
This is a must have for lovers of English blends. Worth keeping in everyone's rotation.
All day smoke
January 08, 2016
By: Stewart V.
This is a well balanced English blend, if you are new to English tobaccos this is the one for you. It is slightly sweet with just enough Latikia to balance. When I have a day off and I want to smoke all day this is what I reach for.
Tipical Scottish Mixture
December 26, 2015
By: Patrick E.
Open the tin, and 3 dominant scents welcome you: sweetness, smokiness and a vinegary sourness (from successful fermentation). Nice and rather powerful scent, but not one to instantly fall in love with. As always, scent and smoking are different anima... Read More
Good quality burn
October 19, 2015
By: Richard A K.
I'm not a big fan of Latakia, but there are times when I do enjoy the taste of it a little. That's one of the reasons why I like 965. The Latakia is there for sure, but it's not too strong, not overpowering. To me, it's like Latakia "lite".... Read More
This is english
September 28, 2015
By: Scott C.
The yardstick to which all english styled blends are measured. Its balance, spiced, and mildly sweet. Rich and easy to manage. It has a tendency to burn hot if packed to loose or too tight, but that can be said of most tobaccos. Flavour is good. Its... Read More
August 26, 2015
By: Matthew G.
Dunhill creates obvious quality in each tobacco tin they produce. It was no surprise that when I first tried My Mixture, the quality aspect held true. Perhaps the most unique quality to My Mixture is the balance of tobaccos which its comprised of. I'... Read More
August 16, 2015
By: Carl J.
A most excellent, full bodied latakia blend. It is for a latakia smoker, certainly, but it wouldn't put off those who want to foray into blends that contain the woody leaf.
July 04, 2015
By: Mark G.
Human taste is a funny thing.I tried this blend 3 years ago, and did not like it at all.Saved the tin and tried it again three years later and was very impressed.It's always in your top 25 in sales now I know why.Very good smoking, easy to pack, stay... Read More
49 years of bliss and counting
June 14, 2015
By: John s.
965 has been my pipe tobacco for 49 years. Does that say anything about it?? Have tried other tobaccos and nothing comes close. Just the right amount of strength (latakia), nutty taste, aroma. Don't know precisely the composition, so think of it ... Read More
Subtle in a good way!
June 07, 2015
By: Christian N.
If you like EMP you will find this one a bit shy at first and great after the whole bowl.
April 02, 2015
By: James t.
nice daily smoke not real strong
wonderful !!!
February 20, 2015
By: August K.
This is a fantastic mix. the sweetness from the Macedonia Bright is just right not overpowering . The room note is perfect combination of sweetness and straight tobacco flavor
February 11, 2015
By: Bryan W.
This blend is a good blend but is more scottish than english. The latakia definitely comes through with a good smoky character. Lights and stays lit easily enough. Very flavorful. I recommend letting it sit a little bit. I didn't like it at first but... Read More
January 07, 2015
By: Jason M.
Great balance and goes good with espresso.
The Benchmark English.
January 06, 2015
By: Spencer W.
I have smoked many, many English blends over the years. Some were garden variety, some stood out. But all of them are measured against 965. There is a reason this has been blended and sold for over a century. The ribbon cut loads and smokes well, rem... Read More
Pleasant smoking for a cool night
December 22, 2014
By: Isyaffi I.
Tin note is very noticeably latakia. Though moist I had no problems lighting. There's a nuttiness to the taste at first light which transfers to a slight bbq-ish bordering on roasting coffee taste. Halfway through the bowl, the virginia's sweetness m... Read More
Big nicotine rush
December 17, 2014
By: Chris P.
I like to smoke a big bowl for at least an hour but beware. 965 has a pleasant nutty taste but left me with an uncomfortable nicotine bombardment.
Like this
December 04, 2014
By: Marut B.
It's smooth smells good in my bowl. I really like this.
not so much
November 19, 2014
By: Pete R.
I was looking forward to the 965 as I opened my first tin, but my first bowl didn't match up to the positive reviews. It didn't come close to the English blends I have been smoking, 3 Oaks and Frog Morton's Cellar. It is possible that I didn't get a... Read More
Smooth and Pleasant
November 08, 2014
By: Thomas M.
Interesting, the varied reviews on this one... I had done some research and found that overwhelmingly, folks say, this is a mild one for sure. So, I had no expectations about being blown away. It is all subjective people. I don't think it was mea... Read More
October 10, 2014
By: Rodney K.
I absolutely love this tobacco. Smooth, silky, buttery, and chock full of latakia goodness. I personally like the room note as well, sort of like a wood stove or fireplace. If you've never tried this one, you should.
Different but nice
September 30, 2014
By: Fabian C.
Never tried this blend before and found it different. Being a lover of english blends, the absence of Virginias in this baccy is something strange for me but i find it very pleasant and enjoyable. Worth the try!!
Not my smoke
July 25, 2014
By: Muhaini a.
Didn't like it
April 20, 2014
By: Houzhen D.
March 19, 2014
By: J M R.
The Dunhill 965 is a decent smoke, albeit with that cigarettish flavor. It does pack easily and burns well, though a touch hot. The tin aroma is very appealing, but doesn't carry over to the smoke. If there were nothing else available, it would do.
March 12, 2014
By: Evan w.
February 19, 2014
By: Caleb G.
Rethinking 965
December 05, 2013
By: Guy D.
I bought 20oz. of bulk MM965 a year ago and stored it in Mason jars. Since then my tastes have changed and I do not enjoy the Latakia like I used to. I still enjoy Early Moring Pipe which has less Latakia and have 20oz. of that cellared also. I plan... Read More
A m uat for Latakia and Perique lovers
September 09, 2013
By: John H.
A relaxing latakia with a nice spicey perique on the tongue.
August 22, 2013
By: Timothy S.
Like NC or EMP, this one seems to be the balance of the two. Not too heavy, not too light. Enough Latakia without being overwhelmed. I did enjoy it, found it to be of good quality and well within what one would expect for a "English" styl... Read More
Just plain good.
August 21, 2013
By: Jerry L.
This is the perfect way to start any day. MM965 and a strong cup of coffee. There is nothing fruity or perfumed with this tobacco, just a straight forward smoke. Will definitely buy again.
Good good good
July 13, 2013
By: Lucas B.
I like this stuff alot, it's one of the first tobaccos I ever smoked. Smooth, with a sweet mouthfeel and peppery nutty room note. Perfect for campfires. I can't get enough of this stuff, BUT I do have to say that it takes a few bowls to really get in... Read More
June 22, 2013
By: Daniel M.
I purchased this last fall and cellared it over the winter. I recently opened the tin excitedly and found the tin note very pleasing. My first few bowls were rather disappointing with a lack of much flavor. That being said My Mixture seems to be buil... Read More
My Mixture
April 01, 2013
By: Peter B.
I would have to say the overall flavor of this tin was pretty disappointing. Even after being stored for a while and dried it was a struggle to get through. It's entirely possible I got a bad tin or something, but I would hesitate to buy again.
one of my favorite!
November 28, 2012
By: Shin N.
When I just started pipe smoking,I didn't know what to try.I read a good review on this blend and I was glad I tried a tin of this blend!It is nutty,little sweet and very enjoyable to smoke.My mixtire 965 is always in my rotation.
My Mixture
November 11, 2012
By: Tristan B.
I was personally very unsatisfied with this blend. We]hen I opened the tin I thought I had accidentally ordered chewing tobacco because that's what it smelled like. Unfortunately I didn't find a difference in the smoked taste either.
Smooth, cool, great!
November 04, 2012
By: Marcus G.
Taking up pipe smoking after a few years of cigar/cigarillo smoking, this was my first try at pipe tobacco. I really enjoyed it. It gave a very smooth cool smoke. I tried it on a blustery Canadian day, and my matches wouldn't stay lit. Once I got it ... Read More
Enjoyable smoke
September 14, 2012
By: Gregg B.
I just picked this tobacco up because I've been enjoying the Early Morning Pipe and Nightcap sooo much, I thought I'd try this. I find it to be a very good blend although I don't enjoy it as much as the other two Dunhill blends. Maybe it's just becau... Read More
Not a Lat fan ,,, BUT
June 02, 2012
By: John C.
Im not much of a Latakia lover, but after telling a friend that I liked Bobs Chocolate Flake, he sent me some of this to try. Its really a nice smoke , even to me , a Va fan. It seems lite , and almost sweet,, I even loaded a second bowl one day, and... Read More

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