Esoterica: Penzance 8oz

Product Number: 003-024-0022

A wonderful complex secret recipe of the finest Virginias, choice Turkish and Orientals and Cyprian Latakia, all hand blended together, hard pressed and broad cut into thick flakes. Long matured and easily crumbled to facilitate pipe filling. This is one of the finest traditional English Flakes available anywhere.


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What a Business Lesson!
August 06, 2015
By: Moh.D A.
Wow I could say I have learned a great marketing lesson Keep your product at a very high expectation and unique Be Honest and say it, Penzance is not in any way a better tobacco than for example Peter Stokkebye: Proper English, but we all need an i... Read More
Really nice.
August 02, 2015
By: Ben G.
There is a tobacconist here in the Houston area that gets this stuff a few months out of the year.. its sporadic and so I'll call periodically to check in; in a sporadic fashion. I became an avid hobby smoker about 3 1/2 years ago and admit that ... Read More
Esoterica developmentally disabled
August 01, 2015
By: Greg P.
Come on guys, the problem is the lack of business sense of esoterica. They have a winning product and can never seem to be able to ramp up production. For those of you that are trying to make me feel better about it by saying it ain't that great...... Read More
Well Balanced English
July 31, 2015
By: Daniel P.
This is a well-balanced English that is a little less sweet than Quiet Nights. It's absurd that this blend has led people to question the integrity of those that work for this site.
July 31, 2015
By: Matthew S.
Sold out in less than 30 seconds. The employees of bought it. Completely unethical thing to do and something that is going to make me question continuing to buy from this store.
July 31, 2015
By: Josh S.
Just got my one time notification, looks I have been beaten by the bots! My guess is tomorrow most of it will be on eBay at 40-80$ an oz
Great fresh or cellared
July 31, 2015
By: Paul D.
I've got about five or six ounces from a pouch I snagged back in 2000, most of it has crumbled up but still tastes fantastic especially the bits with crystallized sugar on them. Delicious crumble kake flakes. Hope to score another pouch sooner or lat... Read More
Penzance Sold Out in 30 Seconds
July 31, 2015
By: Michael R.
Responded in less than 30 seconds of 8 oz Penzance in stock email notification only to find item out of stock. I was actually sitting in front of my computer and immediately responded. Sounds a little fishy to me it would all sell out so fast, like... Read More
October 14, 2014
By: Pierre T.
Extra creamy smoke, latakia is very present but does not over-dominate the VA's. I wouldn't care if this blend wasn't hyped, it would still be my favorite, regardless of "rarity" and "brand name". If you can somehow get your hands... Read More
November 16, 2013
By: Adam S.
Overhyped like crazy but a decent smoke
February 27, 2013
By: Burim L.
What is there to say, simply an amazing smoke and a must try for every pipe smoker out there.
January 13, 2013
By: Mitch A.
I now can see what the fuss was all about.... what a yummy smoke

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