F & K: Merde de Cheval 1.5oz

Product Number: 003-449-0001

In the archives of F & K Cigar Company, it is truly written:

In Days of Yore, it came to pass that an old customer, who was never happy with his pipe tobacco, finally found the right blend. Upon his next visit, he declared, "I want more of that horse shit tobacco you sold me!" Upon that very spot, the proprietors of F & K named the English mix "Merde de Cheval Blend.

Distributed by F&K, under the stern supervision of Pierre de la Crotine, this legendary tobacco is now available, and awaits the consideration of your discerning palate.

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  • Components: Burley, Latakia, Orientals, Perique, Virginia
  • Family: English
  • Cut: Ribbon
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4.25 out of 5 stars
Mi mezcla habitual
November 01, 2018
Product: F & K Merde de Cheval 1.5oz
Es un tabaco simplemente que te deja sin palabras, el tazón de principio a fin es una experiencia extraordinaria. Un Aroma único y una note en la habitación de 5 estrellas, suave pero con personalidad , buena quemada y no muerde si lo fumas lento. Es... Read More
January 05, 2017
Product: F & K Merde de Cheval 1.5oz
A good middle of the road English. Good quality smoke! Good for something different when you get tired of heavier blends. Lots of sweet and sour tang! Really like this one
very nice!
February 07, 2015
Product: F & K Merde de Cheval 1.5oz
A great English Blend from F&K. A must for my cellar.
January 24, 2016
Product: F & K Merde de Cheval 1.5oz
Nice blend as always f&k making good staff one of my top 10 tabaccos
No Joke
December 19, 2014
Product: F & K Merde de Cheval 1.5oz
This is good stuff...great taste, no bite...strength-wise, mellow, much like Frog Morton but, in my opinion, better all-around. I've found my new evening smoke. They should have named it "Merde de Thoroughbred". Rex G.
Works well for moi!
October 30, 2014
Product: F & K Merde de Cheval 1.5oz
I'm better than half way through the tin. The latakia is minimal, not over powering. The VA smokes cool and slow.All in all, a mild cool smoke, with a hint of sweetness from the VA,I'd like it to come in bulk.
More horses asses than horses!
August 17, 2012
Product: F & K Merde de Cheval 1.5oz
Yes, I got this because of the name. Upon opening the tin the first thing to hit me was the dark Kentucky in this blend. Kentucky gets me right between the eyes, and is too strong for me by it's self. However I love mixing this with Highland Targe, P... Read More
Great gift idea....
August 14, 2012
Product: F & K Merde de Cheval 1.5oz
You'll love the tin - and so, probably, will your pipe-smoking (or not) friends. This blend is a wonderful gag - ahem - gift.
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