Gawith Hoggarth & Co.: Bob's Chocolate Flake

Product Number: 005-001-0010

The main characteristics of Bob's Chocolate Flake come from the 8% Latakia included in the blend and the smooth chocolate aroma. Brazilian, Zimbabwe, and Malawi Virginia leaf make up 82% of the blend providing a mild/medium smoke cooled with the addition of 8% Malawi sun cured and 2% Malawi Burley. The Latakia cools but also adds strength and aroma. The cocoa casings and chocolate top flavors are rounded off with vanilla and other flavors providing sweet notes in this very unique and popular blend from Gawith, Hoggarth & Co.


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진한 화장품
September 17, 2015
By: Hyeon Jun h.
아주 진한 화장품 냄새가, 화장품 냄새를 좋아 하십니까 그것도 싸구러 화장품 초콜릿맛은 사무엘거위스 초콜릿 플레이크 보다 확실히 더 진함니다 단지 화장품 냄새가 진하다는것 선택은 자유입니다
I expected more ...
July 10, 2015
By: Kam D.
I expected more chocolate taste from this tobacco but all I got was a soapy taste smoke that burned really hot.The aroma for bystanders is pleaseant though. I got compliments on the aroma but for me the taste just was not there.
Wonderful smoke!
July 03, 2015
By: Joe G.
Nice floral/ soapy scent, hints of spiciness, very little floral taste, My first English Aro, superb tobacco, rich in taste with a little zing that comes and goes! The second batch I ordered, was better than the first, having both that wonderful La... Read More
Bob's Chocolate Flake
February 19, 2015
By: Mark F.
This is a great smoke! Good flavour, great aroma, great smoke with a little zig( bite ). I have gotten good complements about the "smell" of my pipe when I have been smoking this, from nonsmokers no-less.
Smooth and Mild
July 11, 2014
By: Bruce C.
A consistent smoke from bowl to bowl. Smooth without biting. The "under" flavor is subtle and doesn't overwhelm you. Thoroughly enjoyable.
woodsy, but not chocolate-y
June 11, 2014
By: Jesse L.
the taste and smell of the smoke is very woodsy and "handsome", no chocolate flavor but its very good. not too strong of a taste and its very enjoyable.
May 12, 2014
By: Shawn H.
As a novice pipe smoker of 3 years, I had to try this. And as I was told I got a big dose of the 'Lakeland Aroma', a floral taste that is more akin to licking a bar of Zest soap. The soapy taste popped up throughout the bowl. I could taste no choc... Read More
No chocolate flavor for me
September 22, 2013
By: Ian D.
I tried this in my meerschaum bowl calabash pipe. I've tried other "chocolate" flavored tobaccos and haven't really found anything that tasted right. To my palate this flake tasted sort of like roasted coffee but not chocolate. It wasn't... Read More
Good but not my favorite
June 01, 2013
By: Daniel M.
Though I am not usually keen on 'flavored' blends I still find this an enjoyable smoke.
Not for me
May 12, 2013
By: Benjamin S.
Found this flake to exhibit a rather dark taste and musty room note. The chocolate is very subtle. If this is an example of the "Lakeland Aroma" then it is definitely not my thing.Glad I only bought an ounce to try.
February 24, 2013
By: Devin M.
This tobacco is surprisingly sweet and taste like a chocolate cake. It took me a little while to figure out how it burns.. it is a slow burner and you have to use your tamp a little to keep it burning. The hint of latakia is nice. Sometimes it is hea... Read More
February 05, 2013
By: Aristide L.
Tastier than I thought it would be!
My go to ...
November 27, 2012
By: Paul B.
I purchased this after reading reviews and looking for a chocolate tobacco. This tobacco contains just enough latakia to add a tad bit smokiness. The dark semi-sweey chocolate lasts by tempered smoking, meaning a slight draw and puff. I was surpri... Read More
Smokey leather
November 10, 2012
By: Scott C.
My first foray into latakia. Like toasty campfire and scotch, it was a very rich and prominent smoke. It tasted to me of quality leather, antique stores and cedar wood. Quite a savoury and supple smoke, and not without a significant kick, so smoke li... Read More
Pretty Darn Tasty
October 26, 2012
By: Daniel M.
This one is growing on me:)

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  • Components: Burley, Latakia, Virginia
  • Family: English Aromatic
  • Cut: Flake

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