Lane Limited: 1-Q

Product Number: 005-006-0001

1-Q is basically a Golden Cavendish blend from Lane but with a hint of Fire-Cured blended in provides scintillating taste and flavorful aroma.


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4.02 out of 5 stars
Best Aro so far!
June 26, 2016
By: Nick R.
I conservatively rate this one four stars on the basis that i haven't been smoking seriously for very long and i could conceivably come across something i like better one day. As for today, i have a cellar full of aros I try to cycle through but find... Read More
April 26, 2016
By: Vincent m.
Recently started to explore some Aro's. BCA was a favorite of mine when Tinder Box was around but most are gone now.1-Q is my second stab with aromatics, I am pleased with results. Read some post here found some negatives each his own, aromatics wil... Read More
Decent soft aromatic
April 04, 2016
By: Ryan E.
This is a great soft aromatic, it's sweet and tastes kinda like caramel almost or vanilla, its not a bold aromatic or smoke in general but it has its place and is a bit soothing. The room note is great, ive had a couple people say it smells like coo... Read More
March 26, 2016
By: Cho J.
Everyday smoke
March 21, 2016
By: Eric S.
This is my favorite bulk tobacco that I can smoke regularly without breaking the bank. Smooth, sweet, and a room note that women have mistaken for cologne.
Solid 3 stars, good starter tobacco, very mild
November 10, 2015
By: Adam M.
Has a nice smell, both smoked and unsmoked, but find it seriously lacks flavor. I just find it too mellow for my tastes. I prefer more bold tabaccos. 1-Q was the very first tobacco I purchased Dec 2014 when I took up the hobby. I very quickly moved a... Read More
October 25, 2015
By: Jung Pil s.
this is mild and good smell. good.
Food and 1-Q
October 19, 2015
By: Al G.
I like 1-Q. Of course, I've run into people who don't. Everybody has different tastes. Just like food or drink, some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it spicy and others don't. People who hype 1-Q must like it a bunch. So I have to ask, are ... Read More
needs some age to it
October 07, 2015
By: Chong Yi C.
Well i got this as a free sample with my purchases back in 2010-2012 (i can't be sure of the exact year, because as a free gift i didn't mark it like the tins i bought). First few smokes felt like nothing much, just whisps of smoke and not much taste... Read More
Over-rated and over-hyped
August 23, 2015
By: Leonard G.
I would say this tobacco is fair to middling. I gave it a one star rating because it is way too over-hyped. I know it's been around forever and it seems everybody wants to use it as a sort of gold standard for all the other bulk aromatics, but in my ... Read More
Every tobacconists house blend
July 26, 2015
By: Kevin G.
My first thought upon opening 1-Q and taking a whiff: "This smells exactly like the stuff that most tobacco shops sell as a house blend." Little did I know, and learned later through some Google-Fu, that's actually exactly true! Now, full d... Read More
Not bad - But may be over-rated.
June 18, 2015
By: Kam D.
After reading all the great reviews, I ordered this tobacco to try out. I should say that, it is over-rated. Of course, it has good flavour and It smokes well, but I wouldn't write home about it. Just my 2 cents though! - This is an update on my ... Read More
Expected Something Marvelous
June 12, 2015
By: Seraf D.
I don't understand why all the fuss over 1-Q. I ordered 4oz of it to try and all I can say is that there's better and cheaper bacci on smokingpipes than the 1-Q like Sutliff's Fox & Hound and Night Cap. It's just too overhyped. 3.5 stars. Edit 6/2... Read More
My favorite.
May 24, 2015
By: Jeffrey H.
1-Q is by far my favorite aromatic tobacco. I can best describe the room note being one of vanilla and or marshmallows. The flavor is really mild and smooth without any bite. This blend burns evenly right to the bottom of the bowl without a lot of re... Read More
Always come back to 1Q and BCA
May 21, 2015
By: Bryan S.
For all the tobaccos I've smoked over the past 30 years, I always come back to 1Q and BCA. I must have 25 different tobaccos cellared, both aros and non-aros, but my daily smokes are 1Q, BCA or the two combined. You can't beat the classics. And you... Read More
I can appreciate when an Aro doesn't gunk up my pipe
May 13, 2015
By: Caleb W.
the leaf and burn quality is really good for this blend, but unfortunately for my palate there's really not much in the way of flavor. I get just hints here and there but more often than not, it's left me wanting.
April 03, 2015
By: James t.
just no nothing to it
Not really a fan.
March 28, 2015
By: Carl F.
I only recently tried this blend. Had I started smoking this when I first started smoking a pipe, I might have a certain nostalgia for it. Decent flavor overall- Like toasted marshmallows.. Very, very mild.. Puffing as hard as I can I really can... Read More
Good Smoke / Vanilla Creme, Cherry Cordial flavor
March 16, 2015
By: Art L.
I was really excited to try the 1-Q after reading so many great reviews and the 1-Q is a solid, good aromatic. This is a nice mellow aromatic but not my favorite. My taste may be extreme to most smokers though. I prefer sweet/strong casing/mellow ... Read More
Soft and mild best piping
March 09, 2015
By: Chang Uk j.
Smooth and gives the best flavor and expression It is a great time piping
great smoke
February 17, 2015
By: Adam D.
great smoke only smoked it once so far but cant wait to pack another bowl
January 23, 2015
By: Nicolas C.
excellent start
January 17, 2015
By: Mohamed Z.
Im new to pipe smoking and this tobacco was exactly what I'm looking for, smooth no tongue bite with amazing aroma , no onè is complaining in the house .
Exactly As Described
January 08, 2015
By: George G.
I generally prefer English-style blends because I find most aromatics burn far too hot and are generally unpleasant to smoke for very long. This is NOT one of those aromatics. The burn was cool and flavor was wonderful throughout. My only complaint w... Read More
Outstanding smoke
September 04, 2014
By: Marshall M.
I've tried many different tobaccos, but I still come back to 1Q. No tongue bite, very smooth, easy to smoke all day. I like it so much I get it in 5 lb. bags to make sure I don't run out.
something you should know (I didn't)
August 20, 2014
By: Gregg F.
Propylene Glycol ("PG") apparently present to some degree in many of the tobaccos we smoke and pretty heavily used in 1Q: Form your own ... Read More
August 20, 2014
By: Gregg F.
I can certainly see why this is the No. 1 selling pipe tobacco in the world. No sticks, no twigs, none o'that, just beautiful long ribbons, moist that pack and smoke wonderfully. Very smooth, smokes cool, and gave a very long smoke from my MM cob. Ta... Read More
Not what I expected
August 12, 2014
By: Jamie F.
If you're a new pipe smoker and trying to find your style, you'll more than likely give this a shot. I thought from the descriptions of this that I would be an aromatic smoker but after trying this, I'm going to have to reconsider. Opening the bag an... Read More
There's a Reason It's #1
July 30, 2014
By: Randy G.
My all time favorite! Great with tea, great with scotch. How does the Room Note rating only have one dot?! By far the favorite tobacco for non-smokers in the room. As noted in other reviews, it's a great tobacco for beginners and legends alike. ... Read More
Good stuff
July 07, 2014
By: Matt S.
Great stuff. THE pipe smell non smokers expect from a pipe. My fiance wants someone to make a scented candle of this stuff. She will ask me to smoke it from time to time if I've not in awhile. She associates it with the early days of our relationship... Read More
What's the Hype About?
June 24, 2014
By: Jeremy S.
I was wondering what all the hype was about reading reviews on this stuff. I ordered it and found out. This stuff is great. It's slightly creamy and incredibly smooth. I find it best in a larger bowled pipe. Enjoy!
1-Q is a De Rigeur Pipe Tobacco
June 22, 2014
By: Bryan K. social situations and for both beginning and advanced pipe smokers. I say socially, because 1-Q is the quintessential pipe smoke whose aroma non-pipe smokers remember with fondness. The room note is so pleasant that anyone who complains about i... Read More
5 stars excellent
April 26, 2014
By: Kevin F.
Been looking for a couple of months now for a good aromatic. After reading so many great revies on this I finally got some this past wednesday. Got 4 ounces. Wish I had ordered more cause its half gone now and its early sat morning. When I open the p... Read More
I gotta get more of this 1-Q...
March 29, 2014
By: Tom D.
I'm just about out of my first batch of this, and I gotta have more. I went from one smoke a day with other tobaccos(tongue-bite related issues) to three a day with 1-Q with a lot less problems with t-b. This stuff smokes great and gets very positive... Read More
Crowd pleaser
March 26, 2014
By: Ken c.
Smooth and sweet, but not overly sweet. Pleasure to smoke. The real surprise though...the many comments from the others around me. Constant good comments from friends and strangers.
February 16, 2014
By: Benjamin W.
Great stuff! The first Lane I've tried. Great aroma and burns nice. Now one of my favorites!
A must have for your rotation!!!
December 03, 2013
By: Eric C.
This is what an everyday aromatic should be! This will remain in my rotation for a VERY long time. Great flavor! Excellent in every way!
Pretty good!
November 27, 2013
By: Shaun M.
Smooth, sweet and mild. A good mellow smoke for any time of day or night. Not harsh to inhale and the aroma is very pleasant. Nothing too complex here just a solid smoke. Leaves a very nice taste in the mouth.
30 plus years of satisfaction
November 15, 2013
By: Daniel J.
I've been smoking this blend for more than 30 years and constantly have strangers aproach me to tell me how good it smells. Now not everyone likes it, in those 30 plus years I have had 3 people say it stinks (you can't please everyone) compare that w... Read More
Total Blowout
November 03, 2013
By: William M.
I've only been smoking a pipe for 8 months or so and went through all the usual search and find routines trying to find that one blend that I could consider my #1 go to. I based all my choices on others reviews and when seeing all the great ones for ... Read More
Great mellow blend!
October 31, 2013
By: Peter m.
Excellent for a long day and the blend is just right saving your mouth from the usual bite. Very nice smoke and reasonably priced. Ideal for those with sensitive mouths.
My all-time favorite!
October 14, 2013
By: Eric E.
If you have a "three pipe problem" or just want to smoke copius amounts of tobacco, look no further. I love this stuff and would sprinkle it on my food if I could.
Hey no scorched mouth
October 01, 2013
By: Anthony f.
This product is a Godsend. For sometime I have been trying to find a pipe tobacco that did not burn my mouth. This product is the answer. I smoke at least 12 hours a day when working on home renovation projects. So, Yes this product passes the tes... Read More
September 19, 2013
By: Edmund Pang M.
WOW!! I love this one !! WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY FOR NOW . And many many smoking years later , I still be saying WOW!! L.L. Really nail it tis time ...!!
September 19, 2013
By: Edmund Pang M.
WOW!! I love this one !! WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY FOR NOW . And many many smoking years later , I still be saying WOW!! L.L. Really nail it tis time ...!!
1-Q is a 1 star
September 11, 2013
By: Phillip P.
The taste of this tobacco is anything but tobacco. It tastes like sugar casing and smokes incredibly, incredibly hot. If you like tongue bite and a bit a strange chemical after taste, this one is for you.
August 22, 2013
By: Timothy S.
There's a reason this has been one of the number one sellers for years and years. It's firmly in that "American style", or light aromatic. Vanilla and caramel. Smokes dry, and cool. Really nice quality. Smokes all the way down, leaving a f... Read More
Nice Work
July 17, 2013
By: Brad C.
Lane's 1-Q.....the number 1 stands for it's superiority and the Q means QUALITY! This is my go-to any time smoke. Smooth and flavorful. The room note is pleasant, as I get compliments all the time from people saying how much they enjoy the smell w... Read More
Lane Limited 1-Q an Old Favorite
June 17, 2013
By: Stephen S.
I am an old smoker. Recently returned to Lane 1-Q after smoking other tobaccos for many years and have found an old friend that I won't give up again. It's my all day, every day tobacco - I don't need any other. I heartily agree with all of the com... Read More
Pleasant Smoke
June 12, 2013
By: Wayne B.
Lane 1-Q is a very mellow smoke with some people saying, it has a slight vanilla aroma. I think it's light on the nicotine hit. Makes a good all day, regular smoke at a good price.
June 05, 2013
By: Matthew T.
I lived near a bread maker when I was a kid and I'll never forget that wonderful aroma. I finally got around to trying this for the first time last night, even though I've been smoking pipe for 20 years. I went from Borkum Riff to Dunhill tins and ne... Read More
A good o'l stand by
May 09, 2013
By: Ian D.
This was the first tobacco I ever smoked when I bought my first pipe and I still enjoy it. The room note is pleasant and I don't experience any tongue bite when the tobacco is kept fresh. The overall flavor (vanilla to my palate) is nice and never ... Read More
April 26, 2013
By: Andrés A.
Lane Limited 1-Q
April 26, 2013
By: Bill B.
1-Q; Star Rating = 5; Rating Scores - 10 is the Best and 0 is the Worst; Pouch Note = 10; Room Note = 10; Flavor = 9; Bite = 10; Burn = 9; After Taste = 9; Raw Score = 57; Rated Percentage = 95%; Comment = Very Mild, Smooth, Mellow, Not much Fla... Read More
Not my favourite.
March 04, 2013
By: Marcus G.
I realize that my experience with 1Q is by far the exception to the rule. However, I've tried this tobacco in a number of pipes on a number of occasions and I simply don't enjoy it at all. I found it to have a sour smoky flavor, I couldn't detect the... Read More
from an amateur smokers point of view
February 22, 2013
By: Michael N.
I have smoked about 5 or 6 bowls, one each night after 3 or 4 of an english blend during the day and I find the first half of the pipe gives my tonque a chalky feel yet some what sweet and creamy smoke, but then the second half of the bowl seems to ... Read More
Just right.
February 07, 2013
By: John D.
I gave 1-Q a try because of the popular ratings, rankings and reviews, and I'm glad I did. The flavor has the right sweetness and the blend has some depth. The room note is light and loved by all, even the next day. Not your fancy, sophisticated toba... Read More
An Excellent Blend
December 16, 2012
By: Anthony Y.
I've been pipe smoking regularly for about a year now and over the course of that time I've tried several tobacco's but couldn't really find one that I liked enough to be my permanent brand. The instant I started smoking Lane's 1Q I knew I'd found m... Read More
A classic!
December 07, 2012
By: William C.
This has been my mainstay for years. No bite and a gentle sweet smoke with a hint of chocolate. Great stuff!!
Old faithful
November 10, 2012
By: Scott C.
Clean and simple, cocoa toffee and vanilla, and toasted feel and easy on the nicotine. This blend has earned its place. It's the coca-cola classic of pipe tobacco, goes well with any event, and nearly everyone enjoys the simple flavour and aroma.
Sweet, Smooth, and Pleasant
November 02, 2012
By: Daniel K.
A very nice and enjoyable smoke. Smoke it slow and you get nice sweet and creamy smoke.
Sweet, Smooth, and Pleasant
November 02, 2012
By: Daniel K.
A very nice and enjoyable smoke. Smoke it slow and you get nice sweet and creamy smoke.
Great surprise
September 15, 2012
By: Marc p.
Tried 1-Q since it was a best seller and now I see why. Very pleasant, a real winner!!
As Daily Tabacco
September 03, 2012
By: Noriaki H.
I like this flavor. I can enjoy to smoke everyday. I will keep to buy for my stocks.
Looking For A Go-To Aro? Try This Blend
June 01, 2012
By: Bradley H.
The famous if not infamous Lane Limited 1Q. It has many different names, but regardless of what you call it this is a great blend. It's very simple and smokes really well. Takes a light great and burns nice and even. The flavour to me was a vanilla c... Read More
Simply the best.
May 30, 2012
By: Charles W.
I love this stuff. It was the tobacco that was recomended when i bought my first pipe and have been smoking it ever since.

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  • Components: Black Cavendish, Virginia
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon

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