Lane Limited: Andullo 1.75oz

Product Number: 003-634-0012

Andullo has, for centuries, been produced in Dominica, created by wrapping cigar leaf tightly in palm tree pods and then fermenting it for two years — resulting a massive, dense log of dark, leathery, and very robust tobacco. Despite its long history and distinctive nature, however, Andullo has pretty much remained an unknown pipe tobacco beyond its country of origin. Lane clearly aims to change that, using Andullo as the core leaf of this blend, mixed with some black Cavendish and just a little Latakia — topped with an anise/vanilla aroma.

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  • Components: Black Cavendish, Cigar, Latakia
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (13 Total)
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4.38 out of 5 stars
A hidden Gem!!!
February 23, 2018
Product: Lane Limited Andullo 1.75oz
If you are/were a cigar smoker this is a blend you MUST try. Burns cool and smooth even if pushed. The combination of this blend is spot on! You get a sweet....woodsy....slight leathery enjoyable smoke, and this blend will give you plenty of clouds o... Read More
This is truly a wonderful
August 25, 2017
Product: Lane Limited Andullo 1.75oz
I love this, it is a fine cigar in a pipe. Wonderful taste and has one hell of kick, will relax you. I love it and will always have some in my cellar. If you like Blackjack gum this is the blend for you. Great tasting and great aroma. Love it.
If you like cigars, you've got to try this!
November 12, 2018
Product: Lane Limited Andullo 1.75oz
It's a suprisingly great smoke, with a really great roomnote.
My favorite blend with cigar leaf.
October 08, 2018
Product: Lane Limited Andullo 1.75oz
Lane stumbled upon a great idea with Andullo (is that pronounced “An-do-yo”, “An-do-low” or “An-dull-oh? I'm not sure). Andullo is a sweet and savory blend of flavors that are both robust and full-bodied like a dark twist tobacco and then sweet and m... Read More
ooh that smell
September 11, 2018
Product: Lane Limited Andullo 1.75oz
The nose on opening the tin says tobacco with a hint of aros but mostly the woodsy note you get, nice burning not hot or tempremental. Strong latakia kick to it, love it.
Oh. My. God.
April 05, 2019
Product: Lane Limited Andullo 1.75oz
I just received my tin of this, and I couldn't wait to try it. I love a good cigar, and this blend sounded amazing. I'm having my first bowl and I am not disappointed in the least! The tin note surprised me; it smells like a dessert! And when you lig... Read More
Love this tobacco
August 10, 2018
Product: Lane Limited Andullo 1.75oz
This is the first aromatic tobacco I’ve truly enjoyed! It’s sweet without the goop or tongue bite. Smokes nice,slow and even! Tastes the same all the way thru the smoke and leaves a pleasant aftertaste! Try it, I think you’ll like it fellow pipers. J... Read More
Splendido !!!
July 28, 2018
Product: Lane Limited Andullo 1.75oz
I've been on a losing streak of sorts when trying new blends. With the exception of Abingdon and La Gloria Cubana I've not liked much lately but Andullo is exception. I enjoy the flavor. I taste a bit of vanilla, some slight anise and an occasio... Read More
Dominican Gem
May 28, 2018
Product: Lane Limited Andullo 1.75oz
A lot going on here. Looking at the contents you'd mistaken it for a toasted Cavendish. You can pick out the cigar leaf from the contents by it's wider body. The tin note is of a very mild aromatic with a slight Smokey backround. The smoke is of ... Read More
I like it
May 22, 2017
Product: Lane Limited Andullo 1.75oz
I like this more than I thought I would. After finding out it was topped with anise I slightly disappointed, not a flavor I enjoy. Opening the tin there is absolutely no anise in the nose just an aged fermented tobacco nose. Very curious after that. ... Read More
Nice, and strong
March 19, 2017
Product: Lane Limited Andullo 1.75oz
Great burning blend, with a nice room note. Tin note is very different than I expected, in a good way.
Excellent and strong
March 17, 2017
Product: Lane Limited Andullo 1.75oz
I was a little skeptic when I order this, but as a lat fan, i decide to give a chance and I wasn't wrong-it's excellent tobacco, nice smelt and it burns nice and easy, don't need relight, don't like as aromatic, with a little latakia note, but just ... Read More
March 11, 2017
Product: Lane Limited Andullo 1.75oz
hevry ever ninke