Mac Baren: Plumcake 100g

Product Number: 003-039-0004

Rich Virginias, cask mellowed Burleys, dark spicy Cavendish and just a touch of Latakia enhanced with a splash of Jamaican Rum gives Mac Baren's Plumcake its fantastic aroma and smooth sweetness.
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Mac Baren: Plumcake 16oz Plumcake 16oz
  • Components: Black Cavendish, Burley, Latakia, Virginia
  • Family: English Aromatic
  • Cut: Broken Flake
Customer Reviews (35 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.09 out of 5 stars
One of the finest
September 20, 2016
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
From the tin opening I had a sensation that this will be a special tobacco. The cut is beautiful with a mix of ribbons and broken flakes. Components are well noticed and distinguished and the tin aroma is amazing. It packs quite easily and lights lik... Read More
Smooth Latakia with plum
February 14, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
The tobacco came in perfect smoking condition for me (although maybe a little too moist for some smokers, just let it dry for 30 min). Opening the tin your nose is meet by a very nice aroma of plums and a little bit of hay and fresh cut gras. When ... Read More
Very nice
June 09, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
I decided to try latakias again, I've taken a break for a while. Plumcake has just the right amount of latakia and a delicious plum flavor. Nothing about this blend is overpowering and it's just smooth as can be. It burns very cool and clean, has a w... Read More
I like it
July 19, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
I have enjoyed my first tin of Plumcake. I like to sit some out in a dish in the morning before work. Then, in the evening after supper, I fill a bowl up and really enjoy this tobacco. I’ve purchased a few tins for my cellar.
Excellent Hybrid
April 29, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
Plumcake is excellent. The mix is very attractive with its fine ribbons and uniformity. My tin was cellared for a year. It was the right moisture, but drying time could be beneficial. The tin aroma is prominent and smells like real rum. Most aromat... Read More
Good semi-aromatic
June 22, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
Not for new pipe smokers. I tried this when I started out and it was HOT HOT HOT. A year in and this is a wonderful smoke. It's one of the few aromatics that has a good taste while smoking for me too. Took off a star because it doesn't seem to sui... Read More
Pipe Saver
November 05, 2016
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
I love Plumcake. I'm a big advocate. This tremendous tobacco saved a beloved meerschaum for me. Dang pipe, like many, decided it didn't like anything for a spell. Couldn't get it to smoke any tobacco well, not even old favorites. Plumcake saved ... Read More
Don't normally like flavored tobacco.
February 16, 2016
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
I tend to steer clear of just about any tobacco that talks about being "flavored with anything. However, a friend of mine had a tin of this stuff and the smell coming out of the tin was too tempting. I was not disappointed to say the least. this... Read More
Classic Compromise.
April 02, 2015
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
I like this blend so much, I stopped smoking basically everything else for quite some time when I first tried it. It really sort of owns a little of everything I love about pipe smoking. It's sweet, but that's the point really, it's spicy certainly... Read More
Good Flavor But Chemical Burn Is Unavoidable
May 26, 2019
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
I popped the lid and noticed that unmistakable aroma of Latakia & the heavy rum topping. I didn't notice the "good enough to eat" aroma that others have... just a flavored aromatic with a pleasant tin note and a smoky aroma that is not overwhelming. ... Read More
Not your typical aromatic
March 11, 2019
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
Plumcake is not a typical aromatic at all. This is one of my favorite MacBaren blends. When you open up the tin, you are hit with that smell of plum, rum and then the smell of some spicy latakia underneath. Very interesting smell. The plum and rum fl... Read More
January 20, 2019
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
Not too strong but smell good
No luck so far.
December 17, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 16oz
Right from the tin the nose can pick up a very nice aroma from many aspects of this blend. It came in very moist out of the tin, but me being ematiant tried to smoke it any way, vey hot with little other than tobacco and smoke flavor, oh and did I s... Read More
Let it dry a little
December 04, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
As the title states, let it dry a little and it's not a bad blend. I get a lot of hay and some sweetness from the Virginia's and Cavendish and a little smokiness from the Latakia. Just let it dry, smoke it slow and enjoy!
Plum & Rum
April 19, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
This is sweeter than Navy Flake but a bit sharper and with a little spice from the pinch of latakia. If smoked slow its sweet and smooth. Good aroma from the tin and smoke. A staple in my tobacco drawer.
Mellow and delicious
April 10, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
This is a delicious tobacco with lots of fruity flavors. Very nice room note as well. Smokes a little hot if you push it, but overall is good value tobacco which I’ll buy again.
March 14, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
First smoke not sure second smoke ok third smoke loved it then smoked the hole tin ordered more yum top 2 so far
January 30, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
I bought this because of the great reviews. I don’t usually smoke Mac Baren tobaccos and have disliked most of the ones I’ve tried. Like all the ones I have tried it burns very hot even when smoked slow, bites, and seems like it’s missing something. ... Read More
Nice blen!!!
January 18, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
I love it! I smoke one bowl per day!
December 01, 2017
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
Plumcake is neither Plum nor Cake but an excellent mild English style blend with a small amount of Latakia. It is suitable for the beginner or experienced pipe smoker who desires an English tobacco that is not "heavy" Try it and see why it ... Read More
June 30, 2017
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 16oz
This would be my "all-day" mixture if it didn't have a slight bite. It is slightly rich and a bit sweet.It is balanced in the sense it isn't too harsh or too mild.
Very mild - TOO mild
March 31, 2017
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
This stuff is a nice blend, but too mild like most of MacBaren's mixtures.
Good, but not my favorite.
December 30, 2016
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
Tin note lives up to it's namesake, though I say it's more raisin than plums. Room note is enjoyable to me and tolerable to my wife (for what it's worth).Found it a bit dry coming out of the tin and requiring a bit more rubbing out to adequately stuf... Read More
Adding sweetness ....
June 12, 2016
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 16oz
This is probably one of the best quality tobaccos I have ever smoked.Easy to smoke.Tastes great,but not strong.Room note is wonderful.The tobacco strength seems mild,though rated average.I also blended plumcake with some very mild and boring tobacco ... Read More
February 07, 2016
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
First time used this mixture was in Brazil back in 1982. I enjoy the nice taste and room note. Needs to be gently smoked, otherwise will give tongue bite. The taste has not changed since 1982.
a really rum infused mixture.
September 29, 2014
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
Opening the tin was like opening a bottle of fine rum....a sweet caramel and spice fragrance greeted a lover of good rum straight up this tobacco blend hit all the right notes for me. Rum, Virginia and Latakia...worked hard it will bite a l... Read More
Not Too Sweet
September 13, 2014
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
Enough English flavour for sure. A (very) pleasant surprise. Like so many new pipe smokers, two years ago I started out with nothing but aromatics, lasted two (sometimes frustrating) months, then found some English blends (Artisan's Blend, JM Boswe... Read More
Put off at first, but...
March 13, 2014
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
Being a new pipe smoker, I was looking for something that was sort of a cross between an aromatic and an English blend. Based on reviews I read, Plumcake seemed to fit the bill. When I got it home, I opened the tin and was immediately struck by what ... Read More
Surprisingly good
September 10, 2013
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
I bought this after reading some reviews on it. Tin note was sweet, with the smoky Latakia in the background. Similar to the blueberry smell of MacB Navy Flake, but not as artificial. I dried some for about 30 minutes before I loaded into a cob. When... Read More
Good smoke
August 22, 2013
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
Aromatic, not cloyingly sweet. Definitely some plum flavor in there. For an aromatic smoker that wants a little more nicotine, or a little more bite, this would be a good choice. Pleasing room note. It does ghost badly, so if it's a one off "Jus... Read More
Should never be out of stock
June 23, 2013
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 16oz
The chippiness and sharpness of the blend is a good contrast and switch from burley. A pipesmoker should always have both blends in his inventory, and Macbarren's plumcake especially.
Mild yet spicy
April 01, 2013
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
This is definitely one of the more "classic" tobacco's I have tried. The Latakia is there, but only in the way a wood fired oven imparts a flavour to good bread, (not the campfire/bbq flavour from more intense latakia blends) A little swee... Read More
Old Standby
November 29, 2012
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
I was first introduced to this blend by one of my college roommates in 1967 (thanks Craig) and I've always kept a tin handy since then. The nutty and slightly fruity room note produced when he smoked it was what first attracted me to Plumcake. My wif... Read More
A Good Smoke
May 31, 2012
Product: Mac Baren Plumcake 100g
This tobacco has a tendency to burn a bit hot and wet. I'm a little over half way through the tin, and am finally getting a feel for how the prepare this for smoking. I haven't had it bite, but if you smoke it too quick, it looses almost all flavor... Read More
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