Mac Baren: Dark Twist 100g

Product Number: 003-039-0005

One of Mac Baren's oldest blends, Dark Twist is made in roll cake style. Sweet mature Virginias and dark-fired Kentucky are cased with maple sugar to enhance the natural flavors making for a robust blend with a soft subtle note.
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Dark Twist 16oz
  • Components: Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Coins
Customer Reviews (19 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.68 out of 5 stars
Truly wonderful
July 24, 2017
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 16oz
This is truly not for the novice or beginning pipe smoker. It's got a learning curve and I have had to get used too this tobacco. The easiest way to pack the bowl is to get a few of the coins of the tobacco and fold them in half and place it in your ... Read More
More trouble than it's worth for me
August 26, 2017
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
It would be a great tobacco if it didn't have the tendency to bite my tongue. I have been smoking pipes about 20 years and smoke a wide variety of non aromatic tobacco and this is one that just doesn't work for me. I tried drying it out, different pi... Read More
Good !
June 05, 2017
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
This has a nice, natural maple and brown sugar taste to it and pleasing aroma. Smokes better rubbed out but should still be sipped or it will bite you.
The tricky one
April 20, 2017
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
This blend is quite tricky. And it has a learning curve, which is a lot to say about a tobacco blend, so I will divide my review to two parts, one for the blend itself and the other for the mechanics part. As for the blend itself, it is excellent. Da... Read More
Bought by accident
March 14, 2017
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
I purchased this tin after the cashier poped the seal because they wanted to smell it after I read the description. Didnt want to leave it to dry out sitting on the counter so I grabbed it and have enjoyed it ever since. It does have a bite but I hav... Read More
Flavorful and satisfying!
December 02, 2017
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
I purchased this because I like the coin type tobaccos and I'm also a fan of dark fired leaf. I found the best way to smoke it is to choose 4 to 5 coins and rub them out. I usually let them dry for 10 - 15 minutes and then pack my pipe. Some coins ha... Read More
Rather strong and quite complex.
December 26, 2016
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
This mixture is usually categorized as an Aromatic and I am generally scared away by any artificial flavouring and sweetening. After carefully reading the description of this mixture on Mac Baren’s homepage ( I concluded that this i... Read More
November 07, 2016
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
I received my parcel today..was very excited to taste what was written in the tin description...I faced a horrbile hit in the head immediately after I lit it..tones of tongue bites ..harsh..full of rude nicotine ... I feel really guilty that I bought... Read More
Does not smoke....
August 07, 2016
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
Like a natural. How can you tell with so much topping!!! Will let age and try again in 3 years. Way too sticky to smoke now!!! It bites!
Virginia and aro hybrid
July 16, 2016
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
May be an excellent introduction into virginias. Medium to mild strength tobacco with subtle notes of sugar cane or maple syrup, vague note of prunes in the background and a bit of rum or other liquor. Not too much nico fix. An hybrid of straight vir... Read More
Very Good
October 18, 2015
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
I like to rub out the tobacco and dry it for a few hours to overnight.Great flavor.
Solid coin
September 28, 2015
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
Straight forward tobacco. Tin smells of silage and stewed tomatoes, and a noted sweet/savoury flare. Lovely coins and an excellent level of dry-to-moist ratio was perfect in a pipe out of the tin. The trick is to use a smaller pipe, with a layere... Read More
February 21, 2015
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
This blend is a pleasant enough smoke. I do not like the top dressing/casing/whatever you want to call it on this blend. It is a rum flavored topping which adds to the moisture. It lites and burns easy enough, but tends to taste dirty to me. It is wo... Read More
Forward into the past
January 03, 2015
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
I used to smoke this about 15 years ago and have been meaning to get another tin. This was not possible because my local smoke shop stopped carrying it. I saw it on this site and put it on my wish list for the holiday season. My wife got it for me a... Read More
Smooth but Pronounced Flavor
May 21, 2014
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
The aroma from the open tin initially takes me back to my cigarette-smoking days and a pack of freshly opened unfiltered Camels (40 years ago I really liked that smell). Ahhh, but then the sweet smells of raisin/prune step gently forward with a promi... Read More
Try it !!
November 26, 2013
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
One of my best ! Very good and strong .
Fantastic blend !
October 02, 2013
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
Serious tobacco satisfaction with a unique and tangy flavor.
I can't do it
March 29, 2013
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
I have tried, unsuccessfully, to smoke this blend for 10 years. The presentation it great, The value is great. But I just cant get this tobacco to not destroy my tongue. Every couple years I'll buy another tin just to remind myself what an idiot I am... Read More
New companion/old friend....
August 15, 2012
Product: Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g
Decades ago, a then college buddy of mine suggested that Dark Twist has a tin bouquet similar to that of quality leather. That is true now, as well as when we first discovered it. The rich taste goes on from there, and hasn't varied over the years. T... Read More
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