Mac Baren: HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz

Product Number: 003-039-0112

A sister plant to Nicotiana Tabacum, the Caribbean leaf from which all modern Virginias, Burleys, Orientals, and other varietals originate, Nicotiana Rustica is a historic species of tobacco native to the Americas. English settlers discovered the indigenous Powhatan population smoking N. Rustica tobacco when they arrived in North America in 1607, and the leaf grew in popularity among the settlers as well. Given its high nicotine content, however, Nicotiana Rustica quickly faded from the public's interest once the settlers secured N. Tabacum seeds from the Caribbean and began growing them in Virginian soil.

HH Rustica celebrates this historic strain of tobacco, elevating the hearty leaf with choice N. Tabacum varietals like naturally sweet Dark Virginias and cool-smoking Burley. Like all flakes in the HH line, it's heat-pressed and finely sliced, resulting in an elegant balance of the traditional and the modern. Because of the high nicotine content of N. Rustica, HH Rustica is the strongest tobacco in Mac Baren's portfolio, and is among the strongest pipe tobacco blends in the world. Despite its strength, however, it maintains a delicate complexity and nuanced flavor, offering deep, earthy base notes and a rounded finish, especially enjoyable after a full meal.

Combining varieties of both N. Tabacum and N. Rustica, HH Rustica is a full, robust mixture that presents a scintillating vignette of the history of tobacco in the Americas. Only 7100 tins of this special edition blend were produced worldwide.

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3.95 out of 5 stars
Strong, tasty, but not limited..
May 03, 2020
Product: Mac Baren HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
A strong & tasty smoke, bold flavors and a strong Nic hit. HH Rustica is certainly a strong tobacco, but not in the leagues of something like Tambalouka, infact its way off. Be aware the 3.5oz tin is 'limited' for the US market, but in Europe, the 5... Read More
Plain and simple delight
May 05, 2020
Product: Mac Baren HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
Rustica is a wonderful smoke. It showcases a remarkably similar profile to G&H’s Dark Plug, however without any trace of the cloying Lakeland essence I never liked. At first, floral notes are prominent, but that initial phase does not last long. ... Read More
As Advertised
May 04, 2020
Product: Mac Baren HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
If you served in Afghanistan you may be familiar with Naswar, the extremely strong, oral, jet black snuff. The oral snuff, containing exclusively Rustica and mysterious herbs and spices made the most experienced tobacco user get the spins. I have a ... Read More
Woody, Earthy, Bitter, Vegetative, Black Pepper
May 07, 2020
Product: Mac Baren HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
This has a ‘rustic’ ( no pun intended) tobacco quality. The maple sugar used in the binding allows this to open with a very, very slight sweetness, but it quickly dissipates to the full, rich flavor of earth, wood, vegetative/leaf litter, and a slig... Read More
H. H. Rustica
May 06, 2020
Product: Mac Baren HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
I found H. H. RUSTICA to be a full flavored slightly strong smoke. The flavor starts out like burnt toast with a touch of jalapeno jam. The mouth tingle stays throughout the bowl but the toast flavor fades as the bowl progresses. The burley leaf is v... Read More
Smooth and Very Sweet...
May 08, 2020
Product: Mac Baren HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
First let me thank MacBaren for producing a blend with Rustica. The flake is paper thin, really finely crafted and expertly presented. I've smoked my fair share of wild tobacco and Thuoc lao. The nicotine level in this blend is not that high, Rust... Read More
A simple Strong Blend
May 06, 2020
Product: Mac Baren HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
I'm not gonna go into too much detail, it's a simple blend that's strong as hell. Not very spicy, just a little sweet, and a uniform taste all the way through the bowl. If your looking for a simple high nic kick, look no further.
One for the Cellar
May 11, 2020
Product: Mac Baren HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
Very unique blend, more than worth the money for a taste of history
Authentic, Rustic and Bold
May 10, 2020
Product: Mac Baren HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
If Paul Bunyan had a pipe Blend custom made for him, it would be HH Rustica. This is the most authentic, down to earth tobacco I've tried to date. The flavor profile embodies all that pipe enthusiasts enjoy about tobacco. Upon first light, a spicy, a... Read More
Interesting smoke
May 05, 2020
Product: Mac Baren HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
This is definitely the strongest tobacco I have smoked. Has a unique flavor profile as well. I'm not the most experienced smoker so I cant say I've had many strong blends to compare the strength to but its definitely pungent. Reminds me of some of th... Read More
May 23, 2020
Product: Mac Baren HH Rustica Flake 3.5oz
I swear they packed my tin with bold Kentucky instead. Upon opening it I got a strong smell of bbq, not what I expected this “Rustica” flake to be. Maybe I’m wrong but I swear they packaged it wrong.
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