Rattray's: Old Gowrie 500g

Product Number: 003-055-0027

This exceptional blend from Rattray's is a Virginia tobacco, rubbed-out for a finer cut and easier to pack. Old Gowrie is a must-try.
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4.65 out of 5 stars
Fine Scottish Tobacco
July 24, 2018
Product: Rattray's Old Gowrie 50g
I didn't like this one when I first tried it, so I cellared my 500g in a mason jar. Spin ahead 4 years, opened it up and discovered Scottish Gold. Note of plums smokes like a million, a little wet dried it out some, burns well to snow white ash, high... Read More
Most Excellent
August 03, 2015
Product: Rattray's Old Gowrie 50g
This blend is an excellent, mild Virginia. Very pleasant an well behaved in the pipe. There is no bite and a faint sweet taste. There is also a cedar taste that weaves in and out. Those who are used to stronger mixtures may find the taste too faint, ... Read More
Oh My, This is Good
August 23, 2019
Product: Rattray's Old Gowrie 100g
The more I smoke of this the more I love it. 16 bucks for 100 grams. That isn’t cheap gas station pipe tobacco prices but for a quality blend that seems a very fair price. This should give almost anyone the ability to buy a can or two. This is my fir... Read More
Old but Good!
May 26, 2019
Product: Rattray's Old Gowrie 50g
This is a blend at the top of its genre. Not many can match it. Needs to be dried out before smoking.
Favourite Virgina
April 22, 2018
Product: Rattray's Old Gowrie 50g
Great ready rubbed cut. I have rubbed out and just packed as is, both methods provide good smokes. Slow puffing is most important or it can bite a bit. Very mild but so rewarding if you go slow. Slightly sweet and a bit grassy. Might be my favourite... Read More
Love it
February 13, 2018
Product: Rattray's Old Gowrie 50g
I love this blend, I picked up a tin on a blind buy and it smokes really well. Reminds me of cabbies mixture. Definitely worth a look.
Foundation of the rotation
February 03, 2018
Product: Rattray's Old Gowrie 100g
Great tobacco. Smooth, burns well. Very good reason this blend has stood the test of time. Order some.
Old Favorite
December 25, 2016
Product: Rattray's Old Gowrie 100g
One of the first blends that I smoked when starting out pipe smoking thanks to the recommendation of my excellent B&M in Boston. Top rate. I've since moved on from Euro blends to mostly McClelland but I always have a tin or two around of Old Gowrie i... Read More
A classic old Scottish Virgina Blend
November 27, 2014
By: PD
Product: Rattray's Old Gowrie 100g
It's misleading to call this a "VA/Per". It's really a straight and matured viginia blend. The perique in this must be very minimal because it is barely noticeable, if at all. This is a really old blend and a very rich classic virginia ... Read More
A Va smokers must have
September 04, 2013
Product: Rattray's Old Gowrie 500g
A pleasant and relaxing smoke. I'll certainly stock up when there's more on offer!
another one of my top three ...
October 20, 2012
Product: Rattray's Old Gowrie 100g
it is ... simply awesome! very complex, a little harsh on the first puffs, but getting smoother and sweeter while burning down the bowl ... a delicious blend and a must have for me ... out of stock? WAAAAAAAH!
the blend for the evening
June 30, 2012
Product: Rattray's Old Gowrie 100g
Made with the best Virginias, known for its relaxing properties. I confirm: anxious, it calms me down and prepares my tongue for the Blue Note (but I'll try the Nightcap, and very soon I'll receive CAO Moontrance, before tasting Samuel Gawith's Fired... Read More
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