Samuel Gawith: Squadron Leader 50g

Product Number: 003-059-0001

Squadron Leader from Samuel Gawith is a classic English blend named in honor of the men who flew in the two World Wars. Bright and Dark Virginias are blended with Latakias and Turkish to offer a medium strength smoke with a subtle nutty flavor mixing with those of the Orient make this a cool smoke suited to casual puffing or an all day smoke.


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Nice and Mellow
February 21, 2016
By: Anthony R.
The first time I tried this, my impression was 'Meh.' On the second try, I decided that I liked it. I now think it is a very nice, mellow smoke, for those times I feel like it. So, I now have it in my collection for just those times.
The let-down squadron.
January 24, 2016
By: Patrick E.
I like the tin label, since I am a pilot myself. Too moist out of tin, even for me. Had to let it dry considerably. Smoking conditions are unsatisfying. SQL is a light, faint English Mixture. The body of Virginias is obvious. A little scrumptious ... Read More
January 24, 2016
By: Hilario r.
Es la primera vez que pruebo una mezcla inglesa, bueno, esta en particular a mi no me agrado tanto. Buscare alguna otra de este tipo a ver como me va...
Smooth English
June 11, 2015
By: Jeffrey H.
This was the first English blend I tried when I started smoking and it's stayed in my collection. Squadron Leader is extremely mild, smooth and no bite . You have to smoke it slow to really pull all the flavor out. It's nutty, sweet and mildly robust... Read More
This might be the ONE
March 20, 2015
By: Thomas S.
I've tried many of the English tobaccos but I keep coming back to this one. I started out with Night Cap, along with several others, but Squadron Leader is my new favorite. It's very tame. Never bites the tongue. Has just the right mixture of Virg... Read More
Trying To Be Something It Isn't
November 08, 2014
By: Thomas M.
One of the first English blends I tried, and I really did try to give it a chance. I'm a fan of mild blends and go to more powerful English blends from time to time but this one left me feeling like something was conspicuously missing. Not very com... Read More
As they say....classic
September 29, 2014
By: John R.
My favorite English blend....I can and have smoked it all day and enjoyed it greatly. Unfortunately my family just plain hate the room smell so it is an outdoor smoke around here. When talk of an English mix is about this is the one I lean on for con... Read More
April 02, 2014
By: Steve A.
A well balanced blend with Turkish and Virginia leading the way and Latakia in the background. Comfort is indeed the right word for this stuff. Its a classic medium English with a permanent place in my rotation!
Fast becoming a favourite
December 24, 2013
By: Adam O.
What a charmed life one must lead to consider this fine tobacco generic, plain or basic. The Latikia is creamy and smooth, the Turkish meaty and the Virginia exuberant and flavourful. It is a mild blend perfect for contemplating or for smoking all d... Read More
More mild than medium
November 23, 2013
By: Jeremy L.
When it comes to medium english tobaccos this one is over rated. its more of a generic mild english. There's a reason why they call it classic, its the standard for plain and basic old school medium english tobaccos.
Sodden sop of a good tin o' baccy
October 28, 2013
By: Theodore B.
I like this blend. It's a great medium English and one I'd like to keep around. Unfortunately, though, not unless I've a separate container to stow it in. It's, say... very generously moistened, which aside from needing a bit of drying, can rust the ... Read More
September 20, 2013
By: Chris F.
A really nice light english for my taste. Not heavy on the body with full-blown latakia, but has some good spice to it. Very nice and will be new addition to my "cellar."
Comfort in a tin
August 09, 2013
By: Benjamin S.
To me this is an English mixture to be enjoyed by all. Or if you have not tried an ENGLISH blend then this is a good place to start. It won't knock your socks of flavor or nic wise, but it provides great comfort with a consistent flavor that never so... Read More
A MUST in my cellar!!
August 02, 2013
By: Fabian C.
Great, mild and flavorful smoke! It has the best orientals i've tried so far, which are the starring tobaccos on this blend.
great smoke
February 03, 2013
By: David c.
first review, not an expert, but i like satisfies,just enough nic to make me feel guilty. smooth, creamy, va don't come thru till last half. turkish is definatly there.wife likes room note okay enough. fmc was my favorite untill now, sorry fr... Read More
Cool, all-day smoker
January 07, 2013
By: Daniel B.
I tried this "sight-unseen" meaning I'd heard good things and that's about it. My first impression was how cool and light the smoke was. The flavor is very subtle and I tasted a very faint chestnut/hazelnut flavor. Very classy smoke and ... Read More
Go-to English
November 29, 2012
By: Kevin B.
This is a great go-to, light to medium English blend. There's more Turkish up front than anything else.

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