Samuel Gawith: Commonwealth 50g

Product Number: 003-059-0003

A full blend of Virginias and Latakias gives Samuel Gawith's Commonwealth a robust but elegant flavor. With a 50/50 blend, the quality is such that the Virginias emerge with distinction to give a slow burning and spicy smoking experience.
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  • Components: Latakia, Virginia
  • Family: English
  • Cut: Ribbon
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4.19 out of 5 stars
Full Strength Mixture?
September 08, 2019
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
Mmm, no; but it is an excellent 'middling' strength mixture, compared to, say, C&D's Pirate Kake. Still, it's a very satisfying blend. My only complaint, which applies to all SG tins, is they don't re-seal well. Love the aesthetic of the tins, t... Read More
Rich flavor
November 19, 2018
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
I wanted to give this blend five stars but system would not allow. If you like a great Latakia blend you should try this.
Symbol of simple ιδέα
May 10, 2018
By: YS
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
Extra things are not mixed. I do not have a strange scent like making you uncomfortable. Simply delicious. It is a sign of perfection.
September 30, 2017
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
I love a lot of heavy Latakia Blends such as , gaslight,pirate kake, da Vinci ,And Nightcap to name a few. This is heavy in Latakia but it's different and not a smack in the face like you might expect. It's smooth,sweet and Creamy Smoke. I can't get... Read More
September 12, 2017
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
First time smoke of this brand, and it was great. Room smelled great all day. Bought it two years ago and just opened it. Wonderful smoke.
September 03, 2017
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 250g
I love this tasty, smoky blend. It's very similar in flavor and appearance to Drew Estate Meat Pie, but Commonwealth is slightly less spicy. It's not complex; it's simply deliciously satisfying and a top favorite of mine. I'll say it's now #2 in my ... Read More
My Daily Smoke
May 26, 2017
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
This blend is not intricate, and you won't find yourself sitting there looking for all the little nuances. That's alright, it's not meant to be. Not every smoke needs to be suprising and nuanced, and when you just want to sit and have a simple, delic... Read More
Just My Opinion
January 25, 2017
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
I love the SG and G&H blends - I have utmost respect for their legendary blending history and skill. However, this one - to me- was just not that satisfying and, what's more, I never found it's essence. I never pinpointed what exactly it was tr... Read More
Wonderful Blend 50-50
October 26, 2016
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
How I can to say it, is a wonderful and very nice blend. Full to full flavor very rich. Smells deliciously bitter in cold and at burn it completely fills the mouth with that exquisite smoke and very full. If you love the Latakia is this you tobacco. ... Read More
Pretty Darn Good
June 12, 2016
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
A full flavoured smoke with surprising complexity. A totally satisfying experience.
Latakia bomb!
May 24, 2016
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
This is a latakia bomb. It is almost like smoking a cedar tree. It comes wet, so let it dry a little. This is an excellent tobacco to smoke on a rainy or cold fall day. It is very peppery and smoky.
Fantastic smoke for latakia enthusiasts
January 30, 2016
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
I just had my first bowl of this, but when you're craving latakia I can't think of a blend that is more rewarding than this one. Definitely a keeper. Strong and full-flavored but not so intense that it overwhelms you. Like most blends from SG,some ... Read More
Not for daily smoke
January 06, 2016
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
Taste: Full Bodied. With 50% Latakia blend, they might itself make it a Latakia straight because that is all you taste anyway. Strength: Full strength as described in the tin. Latakia all the way till end of bowl. Moisture Level: I know Samuel Gawith... Read More
Good stuff, bit strong for new smokers
April 26, 2015
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
The tin note smells like old maple burning in a wood stove; woodsy, smokey with a bit of bite behind it. Smoking it delivers much the same experience with a bit of warmth coming through. It was my first English tobacco and it took some adjustment on ... Read More
December 27, 2013
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
While it's very wet out of the tin, once allowed to dry a bit, it's as good an English as there is. My prefered drying method is to open a tin, allow it to dry completely and mix with a fresh tin and jar it.
Great smoke
December 28, 2012
Product: Samuel Gawith Commonwealth 50g
Nice smokey tin smell starts out sweet with a smokey Latakia finish. Great smoke for any time of day.
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