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Peter Stokkebye's Luxury Bullseye Flake is a delightful blend of Virginias and Perique, with a touch of black Cavendish — thinly sliced into neat bullseye coins.


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good coin
March 11, 2016
By: Jung Pil s.
싸고 좋은 코인컷.
Exceptional Smoke for the Price
March 05, 2016
By: Ben G.
Great smoke. Wouldn't be a chart topper for me were it not for the price... but I can satiate my nicotine appetite with this one without breaking the seal on pricier blends. It is really good and well worth the price. It is soo cheap I feel guilty... Read More
New to me
February 12, 2016
By: Tim S.
Never having tried a "disc" I looked forward to foldin' or stuffin' or shredin' and experimenting . well , I like stuffing one or two in the bowl and putting a touch of Black Cavendish on top . more has been ordered !
I like it, I think?
December 23, 2015
By: Nicholas M.
This is my first foray into coins and perique and I'm not sure if either are my current favorite. It's a stronger smoke than I'm used to, but I'm certainly not 'worldly' when it comes to tobaccos. However, I keep going back to rub out a couple of fl... Read More
Quite tasty
November 27, 2015
By: Robert h.
A very full smoke. Sweet and slightly peppery, it doesnt hit the pallate it caresses it. This is one i will begetting again. It has a room note that the other half says is ok. Burns cleanly, and packs cleaner in my short experience with proper navy f... Read More
August 22, 2015
By: George M C.
A really interesting, satisfying smoke. You can't go wrong with this one. Truly excellent!
July 03, 2015
By: Louis H.
Wonderful creamy smoke with a pleasant room note in my Rattray's Bagpiper with the churchwarden stem. I have a 1.5lb box ordered and plan to fill the cellar with even more.
Even better a year later
May 21, 2015
By: Bryan S.
Bought a pound of this a little over a year ago, stuffed into Mason jars and forgot about it. Started smoking a little last week and wow - what a great tobacco. This is now my weekend smoke for those times I can sit and appreciate life. Good stuff. ... Read More
praise be!
May 20, 2015
By: Alex c.
I keep on ordering this. A special suppliment to a days smoking routine. I just crunch it up and gently stoke. Needs to be kept moist, just pretend it is escudo...Thank you Stokkebye!!!
Passable, but not great.
April 06, 2015
By: Chris G.
I really wanted to love this one, but I find its just not as good as the other two in the luxury flake line. I found it just doesn't let the virginias shine enough, well, nothing really shines for me with this flake. I've tried it rubbed gently, com... Read More
My New Favorite
April 01, 2015
By: George G.
Is it possible for a tobacco to be both simple and complex? If so, then Luxury Bullseye Flake is it. Fold it, rub it out, whatever you like. The smoke is cool, the taste is pleasant and, because it's a coin, each bowl is just a little bit different f... Read More
Great stuff!
March 26, 2015
By: Mark S.
I've read pack it this way and that way. I just rub it out and stuff my bowl and smoke away. Great taste, room note is pleasant and no bite. Another great tobacco added to my rotation.
Great VaPer Intro
March 15, 2015
By: Bradley H.
If you mostly smoke aromatics and are looking to branch out into other blending styles then pick up an ounce of this. It's a high quality VaPer that has a bit of sweetness added with the Black Cavendish bullseye. It's a rather creamy and sweet flavor... Read More
March 10, 2015
By: Daniel E.
This is a great tasting fine tobacco. Nothing harsh and no bite, but wonderful flavor and pleasant room note. It has a creamy taste and texture with pequint spice layered in ever so smoothly. On the advice of another reviewer, I folded the coin into... Read More
Good, but not Great
February 27, 2015
By: Bryan W.
I have heard the tinned version is much better but we can only get the bulk in the states. The blend was good on aroma. Grassy earthy tones with a touch of sweetness. The charring light revealed hay and earth tones. The smoke was pretty consistent th... Read More
Very happy with it.
February 17, 2015
By: Chang Uk j.
Very happy with it. I am a very fit, tobacco. Recommended.
Pack upside down!
November 24, 2014
By: David F.
My experience of this tobacco depends on how it is stuffed into one's pipe - it's possible to get two completely different experiences. When I first received my order I folded a coin into quarters and then inserted into my pipe with the center of th... Read More
Great smoke, just add Rum.
September 29, 2014
By: John R.
OK, I have tried many tobaccos and like many but MY favorite is not available for purchase. But you can make your own. Start with this and dry out 4 ounces.....then place it in an airtight glass jar and add 1 Teaspoon of a high quality rum...I use Ba... Read More
Great but inexpensive
September 16, 2014
By: Gary S.
This is a great sliced rope tobacco. It is light to medium bodied, if you fold the coins and stuff the pipe you are treated to a smoke that changes as you burn down through the tobacco. It is sweet with hits of perique every now and then. Will keep t... Read More
Every day tasty!
July 18, 2014
By: Brian D.
My two favorites are Haddo's Delight and the old standard, Escudo. Problem is, on a middle class income I can't afford those other than on a once and a while basis. This is a VERY close second to those two! I buy it 3 lbs at a time, and it makes a... Read More
Pretty good
July 17, 2014
By: Jonathan L.
I've found this smoked best folded and stuffed for the most flavourful experience. Sweet and sour, smooth smoke. Some richness/body from the cavendish. Don't notice too much flavour from Perique during the smoke, however 10 or so seconds after exh... Read More
January 18, 2014
By: Santos T.
Big flavor, but not too bold. Takes very nice to the flame after false light. Beautiful white ashes, perfect smoke in my Savinelli 626 "Opera" pipe. A treasure!
January 06, 2014
By: Fabian C.
This is a great tobacco, well harmonized between virginias, perique and black cavendish. To be honest, i couldn´t feel that much the cavendish, but even so, virginias and perique are smooth and sweet enough to be enjoyed. I´ll be buying more of this... Read More
Coin of Great Value
November 28, 2013
By: Guy D.
The thing I like about Vaper blends is ithe varied pipe smoking expirience offered by each one. Luxry Bllseye Flake is a low cost, high quality smoke that never fails to satisfy. I have several Vaper blends in my rotaion but find myself reaching for ... Read More
Excellent VAPer!
November 26, 2013
By: Christopher s.
This is my top VaPer hands down. Very flavorful but yet is very tame and behaves well even as you work to the bottom of the bowl it stays consistant throughout. Ppl gripe about tobaccos being wet, its SIMPLE, DRY IT OUT A LITTLE. Cheers! M
Hard to beat for the money
July 18, 2013
By: Timothy S.
A nice smoke for the money spent. Not as deep in flavor as Escudo but still quite good. I am a prodigious puffer, Escudo can over-heat on me, this does not. For whatever reason. It also finishes a little smoother than others in this genre. Spicy, pe... Read More
Awesome stuff at a bargain price!
July 15, 2013
By: Ralf S.
ok, my first choice would be Escudo, but this is a great 2nd choice ... no, that sounds unfair ... but on the other side i enjoy the depth of Escudo, so a little cutback on the taste ... but serious? for that price you get a purrfect smooth smoke wit... Read More
Dry, Lots of Smoke, Good Flavor
July 09, 2013
By: Justin D.
I didn't have a wet smoke like others did, I rubbed out the disk and didn't allow time for drying at all. My Yashtylov smoked it beautifully. Nice consistent flavor, just the right amount of spice and not over bearing at all. Mine smoked with a lo... Read More
Very good but wet smoke
June 12, 2013
By: Wayne B.
I tried this mainly because of the excellent reviews and my enjoyment of Escudo. I love the tobacco taste, aroma and just the right amount of Purique to spice things up. The only problem I have with this is, I just can't get a dry smoke. I let it s... Read More
Luxury Bullseye Flake, oh yes!
May 24, 2013
By: John D.
I purchased this tobacco based on its looks, but keep coming back for the taste. The combination Va-Per and cavandish center is spot on. Sweetness and spice, but not overpowering. I can enjoy it anytime, alone, with a cup of coffee or with something ... Read More
Just a Great Smoke!!
April 07, 2013
By: Nick L.
So much deep tobacco taste when it's smoked. Smells like county grass or a fresh cut hayfield. Nice amout of perique as well. I found my batch to be a little wet so I let the discs dry for 10min each side and it was perfect.
The good stuff!
March 22, 2013
By: Todd F.
Great smoke to the finish! Great morning smoke with morning Joe.
More than four ... great tobacco
March 03, 2013
By: Ralf S.
this stuff is simply a must - just like escudo this one is a real lpeaser, to the nose, the palate, bystanders, but this one also pleases the wallet ... cant wait for my next 8oz to arrive :P
Красивый табак
February 24, 2013
By: Konstantin P.
Дмитрий, а где покупаете этот табак?
Один из любимых
February 03, 2013
By: Dmitry Z.
Замечательный табак на каждый день. Выкуриваю трубку и понимаю, еще хочу! Вкуснее всего курить из кукурузных трубок.
One of the Best
December 22, 2012
By: Jim H.
Buy a lot. You're going to like it. This is among the best I've smoked. Keeps it's characteristics through nearly the entire bowl. Light, sweet, affordable and no bite, plus it looks really cool in a jar. A very well balanced blend that will mak... Read More
Tasty and Cool smoke
September 28, 2012
By: James N.
My favourite of the Peter Stokkeby line, the taste of this blend is exceptionally smooth and light, and rolling the cool smoke around in the mouth is very enjoyable. Its aroma and room note are very appealing, and rubbing the "hay bale" tob... Read More
Jar Fodder: Affordable Quality
July 02, 2012
By: Erik E.
The Luxury Bullseye flake is the number one bulk selling tobacco for a reason. Affordable matched with quality. The taste is light and sweet, everything you'd expect from a Virginia, with a little spice from the perique. It's a very smooth smoke. If ... Read More
The Va-Per !
June 02, 2012
By: John C.
This may have been the first Va-per blend I had ever tried. When I first saw the coin shaped discs, I thought they were cool as all get out. Smoking it is a pleasure. The Va, and Perique are just right, but theres that little bit of Cavendish that s... Read More

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  • Components: Black Cavendish, Perique, Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Coins

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