Warped: Cloud Hopper 2oz

Product Number: 003-851-0003

Known for their boutique, Cuban-style cigars, Warped is curated and supervised by founder Kyle Gellis, an entrepreneur and lover of all things bespoke and luxurious. He has a taste for finery and approaches his ventures with rigorous standards of perfection that are applied to the slightest of subtleties. Such a mindset translated naturally when Warped expanded into pipe tobaccos in 2019, seeing Kyle Gellis collaborate with Cornell & Diehl's Jeremy Reeves to create nuanced blends, marked by quality components and intriguing flavor profiles that align with Warped's "be exclusively different" mantra.

Cloud Hopper, another creation by Gellis and Reeves, now joins Warped's selection of pipe tobaccos as a regular production blend. It takes its name from Warped's Cloud Hopper cigars, which Kyle made with his brother to celebrate their shared love for travel. Cloud Hopper pipe tobacco features AA-grade Dominican Criollo cigar leaf (the same varietal used in The Haunting), married to traditional Italian air-cured tobaccos, yellow and red Virginias, and Perique pressed and cut into flakes. The blend transports pipesmokers to an adventurous flavor profile of complex notes of earth, spice, and citrus, while hints of cream and coffee offer comfort along the road. It's a mixture free of added flavors, meant to showcase the natural profile of quality tobaccos.

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  • Components: Cigar, Perique, Virginia
  • Cut: Flake
  • Family: Virginia
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4.58 out of 5 stars
This stuff is the bees knees
December 30, 2019
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
This tobacco is downright delicious I've smoked probably 5 pipefuls of this since I recieved it each bowl is better than the last it smokes cool with no bite 10 stars out of 5
Great cigar leaf blend
December 04, 2019
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
Stronger flavored but less refined than Warped’s other cigar-leaf blend but just as deserving of a five-star rating. Strong, copious nicotine, Tasty Virginia’s. Fragrant perique all combine to form one of the most satisfying cigar-leaf smokes. The ci... Read More
Swiss confectionery
November 14, 2020
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
Abridged: This is delicious! Creamy, full bodied smoke. More mild than medium nic hit. On palate I got notes of milk chocolate, caramel, almond nuttiness, & pure bliss. On the retrohale I savored the molasses, zest and pepper of the Virginia and... Read More
very close to the Cloud Hopper cigar
April 28, 2020
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
the Cloud Hopper cigar is one of my favorite Warped cigars. creamy, woody...it's excellent and they are pretty cheap. I smoked my first bowl of this last night and I was blown away at how much it manages to capture the same flavors as the cigar. it... Read More
Big Winner .. If You LIke Cigars
December 26, 2019
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
Love it! I could taste the Dominican leaf and Virginia tobaccos. I think the Perique gave it a little bit of spice making it taste more like a Nicaraguan puro cigar. One of the best. I'm gonna try their cigars next.
Dang good.
September 05, 2021
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
The only blend i have enjoyed cigar leaf was C&D Sansepolcro. Well here makes the second one that Ive enjoyed. Well done blend that just nails that cigar flavor while still being enjoyable as a pipe blend. A true unicorn indeed.
March 07, 2020
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
Really good cigar blend. The best ever!
February 18, 2020
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
Piquant Flake
October 21, 2021
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
Smooth and flavorful, thank you.
خلطه ممتعه
September 19, 2021
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
تفوح منها رائحه الخميرة الحلوه سهلة التبعئة و رطوبتها ممتازه جدا تاتيك نسمات الفواكه المجففه في كل رشفه اجمل من السابقه والقليل من نكهة السيقار انها حقا تستحق التجربه مره اخرى وتستحق التعتيق
Interesting and enjoyable
May 01, 2021
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
I cellared a tin for a year and just decided to try it. The nicotine level is noticeably lower and has a touch more sweetness than I remember the fresh tin I had last year. I find the texture of the smoke to have more of a thick buttery richness on... Read More
Just when I understood the blend my tin ran out
February 02, 2021
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
I'll be trying this one again now that I know what I'm doing with it. Good stuff.
Really nice blend.
December 18, 2020
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
I smoke a few in this line and this is right up there with Until The End. Has a satisfying nicotine hit to say the least, with a nice subtle soft sweetness going on.
“What’s In A Name?”
November 05, 2020
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
A bold, outstanding tour-de-force from Gellis and Reeves, and aptly named. You’ll find yourself bouncing from cloud to cloud up there in the ether on a wind of flavor—not due to toppings but instead rich air-cured Italian, fine and earthy Dominican c... Read More
September 17, 2020
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
This was an unexpected pleasure. I thought I would like it but, I didn't think I would love it as much as I do. This is in my top 10 now amongst unicorns! The cigar leaf somehow melds together with the vi/per in a perfect balance. Smooth and creamy. ... Read More
Pretty Good
June 03, 2020
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
The presentation is beautiful. Nice flakes and that earthy cigar smell. There is somewhat of a VaPer smell in there too, but it’s playing sidekick to the cigar smell. For me this is an all-day kind of blend. It’s never overwhelming, and for the most... Read More
Mine Came Today
February 24, 2020
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
I think this is first rate.It is better in my opinion than the other cigar mixtures I’be smoked over the years.Very smooth.I like it more than the McClelland cigar blends.
January 29, 2020
Product: Warped Cloud Hopper 2oz
My daily smoking is chopped cigar leaf which I love but this is very special. So smooth and lots of different flavours blending together. Enjoy after a good meal. A classic.