How to Start Your Own Pipe Club

How to Start a Pipe Club at

While pipe smoking can often be a solitary hobby, there's just something about sharing a passion for pipes and tobaccos with friends and peers. What if there's no pipe club in your area though? Well, why not start your own? Follow these easy steps and you'll be hosting your own meetings in no time.

1) Find a Location

Before you even create your group, you need to find a location. Talk with your local tobacconist or smoke shop, and see if they'd be willing to host your event. Or find another smoke-friendly central place to meet. If you want attendance to grow, the location should be fairly accessible and easy to find.

2) Set a Time

Once you've found a location, you can go ahead and set a time for your first meeting. You might not have a lot of members just yet, but by going ahead and setting a time/place, others will know that you're serious about creating this club and may be encouraged to join. Be mindful of your time as well. Try setting your first meeting at a time you think might be convenient for all parties — i.e. not at noon on a weekday, for example.

3) Create Your Page & Spread the Word

How to Start a Pipe Club at Smokingpipes.comNow it's time to actually create your pipe club... well virtually at least. Having a prominent online presence will allow fellow local pipers to find your group and join. A Facebook Group is a great way to communicate with your members and post discussion questions or meeting changes. Another alternative is to create a subforum post on,, or Reddit's /r/PipeTobacco forum. Have pipe buddies in the area? Have them join your group or comment on your thread. Others are more likely to join in if they see activity and members on your page. Remember, these pipe clubs are meant to bring people together, so be considerate and accepting to all.

4) Have Your First Meeting

Now it's time for your first meeting. Don't be discouraged if attendance is low. Even if it's just you and a few friends chatting about recent events, the meeting's still been a success. You've held your first meeting, and now you're official. Encourage those who did come to post about their experience or leave a testimonial on your page. This actually works for all your future meetings as well! Sharing what a great time you had last time will likely persuade others to join the fun.

5) Keep Scheduling Meetups and Watch Your Pipe Club Grow

Well the hard part's over. Just keep scheduling meetings and watch your pipe club grow. Don't forget to continue posting about your experiences and keep your members up-to-date with time/date changes and events. Try taking a few pictures to document each meeting and share them on your page. Remember to be consistent with your scheduling. Get feedback from the group about when you meet, and find a time and date that works best for everyone. Once you've figured that out, try to stick to that meeting schedule. Consistency will give your group structure and keep things organized and flowing smoothly.

How to Start a Pipe Club at

Not sure if there's a pipe club in your area? Try asking around on the forums. If there's not, just follow these 5 steps, and you'll be hosting your own pipe club meetings in no time.

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    • Rich on February 19, 2015
    • Excellent advice Andrew, here in Kalamazoo Michigan, I do not think there are any pipe smoking clubs. The ones that feature tobacco as the thing preferred to smoke in a pipe anyways. I am friends with a local tobacco shop owner and intend to broach the subject with him on my return from a trip to the north of New York. I am new to the pipe smoking world with only a year or so under my belt. The rich history of the pipe smoking world and of pipe crafting has been my pleasure to learn and enjoy. While my filet Mignon tastes have abused my hamburger bank account on occasion. Smoking pipes have been a constant source of information and wise counsel in the area of my pleasurable hobby. I hope to send a pic of my new favorite church warden: the "Wizard" from the Cobbit collection by Missouri Meerschaum. Thanks again.

    • Andrew W on February 20, 2015
    • Thanks for the kind words, Rich! That sounds like a great plan! Looking forward to seeing that Cobbit!

    • Jim on February 20, 2015
    • Just checked out the Cobbit Collection on Missouri Meerschaum's website -- pretty cool! Thanks, Rich!

    • Rich on February 20, 2015
    • You are welcome Jim, glad to help. Thank you for putting the link in for me.

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