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Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel was born in 1961 and was an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles before starting the Indian Tabac brand in 1996. The Rocky Patel cigar company premiered in 2003, and is one of the giants of the cigar industry that has a business model that's as focused as much on quality as it is on marketing. Rocky himself takes part in a large number of public relation events, often traveling in excess of 300 days annually. With production currently around 20,000,000 cigars per year, there's high-volume consumption in many of his successful lines, but Rocky has developed a lot of "limited edition" cigars in recent years. These "limited edition" smokes are designed with perfectly-selected components for a single run and are not duplicated after the last box is sealed. Such a practice proves as successful as any other vintage consumable, with subtle nuances consistent in every smoke and not repeated in other lines. Rocky Patel and partners continue to develop new "limited editions" annually, always striving for the best possible products for the discerning palate. With a wide range of flavor profiles, customers can be sure they are getting a perfectly rolled cigar because each stick is put on a vacuum tester to test the draw pressure before the final caps are applied. This attention to detail will yield only cigars with excellent smoking qualities, flavor, and construction at the pinnacle of manufacturing.

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49 Rocky Patel cigars in this category.

Decade Tubo Bonus Set Rocky Patel Decade Tubo Bonus Set 
SKU: 007-036-0142   
Currently out of Stock

Wood Cigar Box with 16 Decade Robustos Rocky Patel Wood Cigar Box with 16 Decade Robustos 
SKU: 007-036-0158
Currently out of Stock

10th Anniversary Decade Emperor Rocky Patel 10th Anniversary Decade Emperor 
SKU: 007-036-0097
Currently out of Stock

1990 Vintage Petite Corona (Single) Rocky Patel 1990 Vintage Petite Corona (Single) 
SKU: 007-036-0008
$7.00 $6.36
You Save: $0.64!

1990 Vintage Robusto Rocky Patel 1990 Vintage Robusto 
SKU: 007-036-0006
$8.95 $8.05
You Save: $0.90!

1990 Vintage Toro Rocky Patel 1990 Vintage Toro 
SKU: 007-036-0002
$9.35 $8.50
You Save: $0.85!

1990 Vintage Torpedo Rocky Patel 1990 Vintage Torpedo 
SKU: 007-036-0004
$10.30 $9.40
You Save: $0.90!

1992 Vintage Robusto Rocky Patel 1992 Vintage Robusto 
SKU: 007-036-0014
$8.96 $8.15
You Save: $0.81!

1992 Vintage Toro Rocky Patel 1992 Vintage Toro 
SKU: 007-036-0010
$8.80 $7.92
You Save: $0.88!

1992 Vintage Torpedo Rocky Patel 1992 Vintage Torpedo 
SKU: 007-036-0012
$10.30 $9.40
You Save: $0.90!

Best of the Best Sampler Pack Rocky Patel Best of the Best Sampler Pack 
SKU: 007-036-0175
Currently out of Stock

Decade Robusto Rocky Patel Decade Robusto 
SKU: 007-036-0060
$9.60 $8.73
You Save: $0.87!

Decade Toro Rocky Patel Decade Toro 
SKU: 007-036-0062
$10.60 $9.64
You Save: $0.96!

Decade Torpedo Rocky Patel Decade Torpedo 
SKU: 007-036-0064
$11.25 $10.25
You Save: $1.00!

Edge Habano Torpedo Rocky Patel Edge Habano Torpedo 
SKU: 007-036-0174
$6.55 $5.95
You Save: $0.60!

Edge Limited Edition "A" size Corojo Rocky Patel Edge Limited Edition "A" size Corojo 
SKU: 007-036-0180
Your Price: $12.00

Edge Limited Edition "A" size Maduro Rocky Patel Edge Limited Edition "A" size Maduro 
SKU: 007-036-0181
Your Price: $12.00

Edge Limited Edition "A" size Sumatra Rocky Patel Edge Limited Edition "A" size Sumatra 
SKU: 007-036-0182
Your Price: $12.00

Edge Lite Toro 2 Pack Rocky Patel Edge Lite Toro 2 Pack 
SKU: 007-036-0185
$13.70 $11.50
You Save: $2.20!

Edge Sumatra Torpedo Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra Torpedo 
SKU: 007-036-0166
$6.65 $5.81
You Save: $0.84!

Humidor Selection Rocky Patel Humidor Selection 
SKU: 007-036-0173
Currently out of Stock

Maduro Java Corona Rocky Patel Maduro Java Corona 
SKU: 007-036-0177
$7.35 $6.70
You Save: $0.65!

Maduro Java Robusto Rocky Patel Maduro Java Robusto 
SKU: 007-036-0164
$8.15 $7.45
You Save: $0.70!

Maduro Java Toro Rocky Patel Maduro Java Toro 
SKU: 007-036-0162
$8.65 $7.90
You Save: $0.75!

Nicaraguan Toro Sampler Rocky Patel Nicaraguan Toro Sampler 
SKU: 007-036-0183
Currently out of Stock

Nimmy D Robusto Rocky Patel Nimmy D Robusto 
SKU: 007-036-0194
Your Price: $7.60

Nimmy D Sixty Rocky Patel Nimmy D Sixty 
SKU: 007-036-0192
Your Price: $8.40

Nimmy D Toro Rocky Patel Nimmy D Toro 
SKU: 007-036-0190
Your Price: $7.80

Olde World Reserve Corojo Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Corojo 
SKU: 007-036-0042
$8.90 $8.09
You Save: $0.81!

Olde World Reserve Maduro Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro 
SKU: 007-036-0045
Currently out of Stock

Patel Brothers Robusto Rocky Patel Patel Brothers Robusto 
SKU: 007-036-0128
$7.00 $6.36
You Save: $0.64!

Patel Brothers Torpedo Rocky Patel Patel Brothers Torpedo 
SKU: 007-036-0134
Currently out of Stock

Renaissance Robusto Rocky Patel Renaissance Robusto 
SKU: 007-036-0114
$7.46 $6.78
You Save: $0.68!

Rocky Patel 1999 Vintage Robusto Rocky Patel Rocky Patel 1999 Vintage Robusto 
SKU: 007-036-0066
$8.50 $7.70
You Save: $0.80!

Rocky Patel 1999 VintageToro Rocky Patel Rocky Patel 1999 VintageToro 
SKU: 007-036-0068
$9.35 $8.55
You Save: $0.80!

Rocky Patel 1999 Vintage Torpedo Rocky Patel Rocky Patel 1999 Vintage Torpedo 
SKU: 007-036-0070
$10.30 $9.40
You Save: $0.90!

Special Edition Edicion Unica Rocky Patel Special Edition Edicion Unica 
SKU: 007-036-0184
$7.85 $6.95
You Save: $0.90!

Sun Grown Robusto Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto 
SKU: 007-036-0020
$6.50 $5.90
You Save: $0.60!

Sun Grown Toro Rocky Patel Sun Grown Toro 
SKU: 007-036-0022
$7.50 $6.82
You Save: $0.68!

Sun Grown Torpedo Rocky Patel Sun Grown Torpedo 
SKU: 007-036-0024
Currently out of Stock

The Edge Lite Torpedo Rocky Patel The Edge Lite Torpedo 
SKU: 007-036-0035
$7.10 $6.45
You Save: $0.65!

The Edge Missile Corojo Rocky Patel The Edge Missile Corojo 
SKU: 007-036-0030
$5.80 $5.30
You Save: $0.50!

The Edge Missile Maduro Rocky Patel The Edge Missile Maduro 
SKU: 007-036-0032
$5.80 $5.30
You Save: $0.50!

The Edge Torpedo Corojo Rocky Patel The Edge Torpedo Corojo 
SKU: 007-036-0033
$6.55 $5.95
You Save: $0.60!

The Edge Torpedo Maduro Rocky Patel The Edge Torpedo Maduro 
SKU: 007-036-0026
$6.55 $5.95
You Save: $0.60!

The Taste of Nicaragua Sampler Rocky Patel The Taste of Nicaragua Sampler 
SKU: 007-036-0179
Currently out of Stock

Vintage 1990 & 1999 Toro 2 Pack Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 & 1999 Toro 2 Pack 
SKU: 007-036-0195
Currently out of Stock

XEN by Nish Patel Robusto Rocky Patel XEN by Nish Patel Robusto 
SKU: 007-036-0168
$6.25 $5.63
You Save: $0.62!

XEN by Nish Patel Torpedo Rocky Patel XEN by Nish Patel Torpedo 
SKU: 007-036-0172
$7.50 $6.75
You Save: $0.75!



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