A Laudisi Family Halloween
The Nun


e're fond of tradition here at Laudisi. Keeping tradition alive is a significant motivation for our daily activities, from traveling around the world to source the best pipes in existence, to maintaining a small batch blending approach at C&D, to unearthing little known details about a brand or maker to share here on our Daily Reader. But ancient traditions aren't our only traditions; we enjoy creating rituals of our own, as well. For the past 19 years, we've cultivated a number of holiday traditions, including our annual Christmas Party and Summer Picnic, each filled with activities we anticipate every year. But let's not forget Halloween.

For All Hallow's Eve this year, a host of haunts descended on our headquarters, from black cats and werewolves, to Jason Voorhees and even a spookily intimidating nun. All were surprisingly well-mannered and friendly, continuing to take customer service calls, process photos, ship packages, and even permitting photography, which we now share with all of you. Nice lot, really. Below you can find some of our favorite moments from the photo shoot.

Lisa and Mike as Morticia and Gomez Addams

Morticia and Gomez Addams

Tavoice The Nun

A very scary Nun

Rebecca and The Wolf

An enthusiastic Woodstock attendee & her Wolf looking to the err.. moon.

Anna as a Cat

A very friendly, sequin-eared black cat

Nikki as Shuri

Coming all the way from Wakanda, Princess Shuri

The Wolf

The Wolf feeling the effects of the moonlight

April as Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees unmasked

Carissa as The Steampunk Ninja

A Steampunk Ninja

Julie and Katrina as Julie and Katrina with Chucky

Two bunnies showering Chucky with the love he's always needed

Kyler as An Elderly Man

Someone's Grandfather

Maci as Minnie Mouse

The infamous Minnie Mouse

Rebecca as The Hippie

Woodstock goer spreads peace and love

Andy Wike

Okay, I didn't actually dress up this year, but they made me take a picture anyway. I'm guessing it was the hat.

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