Shane Ireland
Shane Ireland
Born and raised in San Diego, Shane and his wife, Lisette, plus their Beagle, Bubba (who is a good boy), relocated to South Carolina to join us at Smokingpipes. It was when we asked about his hobbies and he responded with "whiskey, tobacco, writing, moving across the country, and listing my hobbies," that we knew we would all get along just fine. Shane makes special use of his immense knowledge of pipes and pipe culture as our Sales Manager & Pipe Manager — working closely with our customer service department to drive sales and build rapport with customers, liaising with pipe makers around the world, and hand-selecting a large portion of our inventory, all while spending roughly half the year on the road. He plays several instruments adequately, but maybe none masterfully, and loves the music of David Bowie, Ornette Coleman, and Rachmaninoff. His favorite foods include albacore, espresso, Laphroaig of any variety, McConnell's Scottish Flake, watermelon, rye (both marbled, and distilled), and soft-boiled quail eggs. But especially clam chowder. He proudly supports Chelsea Football Club, and Boba Fett is, hands down, his favorite bounty hunter.

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