Mystery Tobacco Review: April 2021

Welcome back to another episode of the Mystery Tobacco Review! For this month's installment, we're back with a very special guest Inquisitor: Mr. Glen Whelan, Director of Sales at Kapp & Peterson. Peterson pipes are something of a family tradition for Glen. His father worked in the Sallynoggin factory for 50 years, eventually serving as Factory Manager, and Glen got his start as a part-time retail associate in the Peterson store at the age of 16. Today, Glen leads Peterson's sales efforts and works closely with the factory on pipe design, so naturally, we were super excited to see which pipe tobacco he had in store for us.

Tune in as Shane, Truett, and I smoke through a bowl of Glen's chosen mixture and attempt to guess its manufacturer, components, and name. Did we get it right? Or did Glen school us with his Peterson heritage? Watch the video to find out.

Did you enjoy this month's Mystery Tobacco Review? Were you able to guess the blend? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.

What is The Mystery Tobacco Review?

For those of you unfamiliar with this little game, each month one member of our team selects a tobacco for us to review in a blind taste-test. Then we gather around the camera, scratch our heads, and smoke, all while attempting to guess the mysterious mixture's components, origins, and name. There's only one rule: There are no rules.

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    • Nobody on April 22, 2021
    • Man, that jazz was groovy. I tried St.Bruno this past winter after reading Mr. Sitts's article. I've had some magical smokes with that one. I remember it having some tang to it. As soon as you mentioned it and started describing the characteristics of the tobacco, I kept saying "I bet it's St.Bruno." the 5 yrs of age estimate almost caused me to waiver. I can't help to wonder if Shane is alittle psychic. Maybe pipe smoking opens up the 3rd eye, I have had my psychic moments. Love St. Bruno, thanks for the laughs and the smoke session. Always a pleasure.

    • Urbnhautebourg on April 24, 2021
    • Truett doesn't know what Patcholi is. I thought it was a prank. With hair that long, I would well imagine he had some idea. I guess that Grateful Dead thing is now well and completely dead. And Truett: cut yer damn hair.

    • D. on April 24, 2021
    • Lol! I was gonna ask "When did John Lennon join the panel?" I think they were celebrating April 20 before the review...he knows what patchouli is. It's all good, Truett, grow that hair while you can. At my age I would look like Hell Boy (I can still pull off a high and tight). St.Bruno is good stuff, I ordered the ready rubbed and was very impressed with the quality of the tobacco. Like they mentioned, the Lakeland essence was light in my experience.

    • Bill on April 25, 2021
    • Enjoyable as always, even though i never was able to stomach a whole bowl of St Bruno. I miss the old music track. Speaking of music and patchouli Truett, i guess the Dead really were before your time. I like the hair though and you should wear it as you like. My mother made me get a trim to that length for my high school yearbook photo. Now I would look like Ben Franklin if I tried it. Great job guys!

    • Tampaholic on April 27, 2021
    • Smokin', got my tins cashed in, smokin', like the smokin' man, together, more or less in life, just keep smokin' on... -my riff on 'Truckin' / Sometimes the light's all shinin' on meOther times, I can barely seeLately, it occurs to meWhat a long, strange trip it's been... -GRATEFUL DEAD, 'Truckin' / What a long strange smoke it's been...5 ⭐s for St.Bruno

    • Michael Rizzo on May 2, 2021
    • Hi Guys! great review this month, as always. I just wanted to throw this out there, have you ever considered having a viewer as a guest inquisitor? I think that would be a great addition every once in a while! I would absolutely love to be a guest inquisitor. If you ever decide to give it a go, let me know! Be well guys!

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