In 2008, at the age of 25, Alexander Tupitsyn joined Russian master Vladimir Grechukhin and Sergey Dyomin to form the PS Studio pipe concern, often referred to by the members as "The Project". The nickname is evocative of experimentation and exploration, and that, in great part, is the aim of PS studios. Under the guidance of Grechukhin, Alexander and Sergey began making high-quality briar whose shapes nudged against the envelope of convention, and did so with a pricing structure that was amazingly affordable.

While Alexander still works at PS Studio, continuing to advance his art under the eye of Vladimir Grechukhin (and if one sought ongoing mentorship, they could do far worse than a direct successor of the St. Petersburg School), and has also received instruction from the 'Master of Facets', Poul Ilsted, who visited PS Studios in the Summer of 2012, Tupitsyn is now channeling his formidable talents into briars that wear his mark.

Looking at the work of Alexander Tupitsyn, a great deal of Danish influence is readily apparent; his shapes usually follow a neoclassical form and often feature the facets and fluting seen in the work of Ilsted. At the same time, on occasion, Alexander's work will show subtle hints of the proportional aesthetic of the new schools, creating intuitive and fascinating hybrids.

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Sandblasted Squat Bent Apple Alexander Tupitsyn Sandblasted Squat Bent Apple 
SKU: 002-622-0012
Your Price: $470.00

Sandblasted Squat Tomato Alexander Tupitsyn Sandblasted Squat Tomato 
SKU: 002-622-0011
Your Price: $470.00

002-622-0005 Alexander Tupitsyn Sandblasted Apple with Silver 
SKU: 002-622-0005

002-622-0002 Alexander Tupitsyn Sandblasted Bent Apple 
SKU: 002-622-0002

002-622-0008 Alexander Tupitsyn Sandblasted Billiard with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-622-0008

002-622-0004 Alexander Tupitsyn Sandblasted Pot with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-622-0004

002-622-0003 Alexander Tupitsyn Sandblasted Rhodesian 
SKU: 002-622-0003

002-622-0009 Alexander Tupitsyn Sandblasted Tomato with Boxwood 
SKU: 002-622-0009

002-622-0001 Alexander Tupitsyn Smooth Bent Egg with Mastodon Ivory 
SKU: 002-622-0001

002-622-0007 Alexander Tupitsyn Smooth Billiard 
SKU: 002-622-0007

002-622-0006 Alexander Tupitsyn Smooth Bulldog with Ebony Wood 
SKU: 002-622-0006



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