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Let's face it, there are a lot of products on our site. So many, in fact, that it can prove difficult to find that surprise gift this holiday season. Whether your shopping for yourself or for a special something for a loved one, a Christmas list is always helpful. So we've created a Holiday Gift Guide to highlight some of our favorites.

Caminetto Natale Pipe at Caminetto Natale

Just in time for the holidays, Caminetto's revamped Christmas pipes come in some of the most charming compositions we've seen from the Ascortis to date. Offered in both bent and straight varieties, these chubby Apples even come with their own handy stand.

Dunhill Pipe Tobacco at Dunhill 5-Pack

Not sure which tobacco to get that picky friend? Well, you can't go wrong with this variety pack filled with 5 tins of some all time favorites from Dunhill. Each pack includes one tin of Royal Yacht, Nightcap, Early Morning Pipe, Standard Mixture, and My Mixture 965. There's a reason so many of these blends appeared in our all-time top-selling English blends: they're just revered classics any smoker can enjoy.

Peterson Antique Collection Pipes at Peterson Antique Collection

Peterson's had a long-standing tradition of crafting quality pipes at reasonable prices. In commemoration, there's the Peterson Antique Collection series — reviving older designs canonical to the Peterson approach to shaping. Each set comes complete with two handsome Peterson pipes, one bent, one straight, for a collector's dream.

Villiger Mini Cigarillos Pipes at Villiger Mini Cigarillos

A perfect stocking stuffer for your cigar afficionado friends, Villiger's newest line offers packs of 10 74mm x 8mm cigarillos in three distinct facings: Vanilla, Espresso Flavour, and Sumatra Classic. High-quality leaf designed for a shorter, more convenient smoke, you can't go wrong with these mini-stogies.

Claudio Albieri Pipe Messenger Bag at Claudio Albieri Pipe Messenger Bag

Customization is key with pipe bags. You might not always want to lug around 8 pipes at once. Luckily, the Claudio Albieri Pipe Messenger Bag is about as adaptable as they come, offering a completely detachable design with removable pouches, pockets, and even leather frames. If you're looking for a gift that will last for years, this handmade Italian leather design is a sure bet.

Smokingpipes Accessories and Gifts at SPC Memorabilia

If you've ever seen pictures of our desks, you've probably also noticed our signature mugs and cups. You might not know it, but we actually offer these accessories, along with hats, posters, and buttons to boot. Like some of the other products on this list, they make for excellent stocking stuffers.

Pipe Tobacco Gift Set at Tobacco Gift Sets

A great gift for the up-and-coming pipe enthusiast, our tobacco gift sets include one tin of a various Low Country blend (either an Aromatic, English, or Virginia tobaccos), both bristled and standard pipe cleaners, a pipe tool, Brebbia stem polish, a portable pipe stand, pouch humidifier, and an assortment of rubber pipe bits. All you need is a pipe!

Catnip Cigar and Pipe at Catnip Cigar and Pipe

There's no need to leave our furry friends out this holiday season. And what a better way to show your appreciation for your feline companions than with a matching catnip cigar or pipe? They're both made entirely from organic catnip and wrapped in a durable 100% cotton twill.

Collegiate Starter Kit 101: Introduction ot Pipe Smoking at Collegiate Starter Kit

Our Collegiate Starter Kits have been a big hit among newcomers and veterans alike. Each set comes complete with three one-ounce tobacco samples, a Czech pipe tool, a packet of pipe cleaners, a folding pipe stand, a pipe sock and tobacco pouch, and of course a classically shaped pipe (either in a straight or bent configuration) — all in one comprehensive package.

Tobacco Jar at SPC Tobacco Jar

What a better way to store your bulk tobaccos or set some already opened tins aside for cellaring than with one of our own signature tobacco jars? These 5oz containers feature our distinct Smokingpipes logo and are even microwave-safe.

Savinelli One Starter Kit Pipe at Savinelli One Starter Kit

Designed for the beginner pipe smoker, yet still quite a convenient set for seasoned veterans alike, the Savinelli One offers a classic Savinelli pipe, a three piece pipe tool, a pack of pipe cleaners, and filters all in a handy, very portable travel bag. A great choice for the smoker on the go. In addition, Savinelli also offers quite a variety of accessories for some last minute stocking stuffer ideas.

Of course, there's plenty of other gift-worthy pipes, accessories, and tobaccos found all around the site. Check out our gifts page for more options, or be creative and come up with your own. Have a favorite pipe-related gift? Feel free to share in the comments section below!


    • Josh S on December 3, 2014
    • I just wanted to take moment to say thank you to Joshua Burgess. He answered a question I left concerning one of the collegiate starter kits. I am looking for gifts for brothers and brothers in law currently. He gave me some food for thought, which led me to this blog posting. I saw the savinelli one kit on here, which is exactly what I was looking for. (Up-sell for josh b., who should get a pat on the head) Too bad you only had one in the shape I was looking for, I may have to keep this one haha

    • William DiPonziano on August 6, 2015
    • I just ordered a pack of Skandinavik regular

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