Adam O'Neill
Jared Coles' Smooth Disk

A while back we discussed Jared Coles' visit to Adam's workshop. At the time, we focused on a sandblasted Disk that Adam produced, but Jared also crafted a pair of pipes himself — a smooth Disk, and a sandblasted asymmetric Tomato — both of which appeared in a recent update (1/9). It is, in fact, no coincidence that both Adam and Jared both shaped a Disk and an asymmetric Tomato, as both makers had agreed early on that setting a theme for the day was the way to go (a "pipe jam" if you will).

Apparently the two of them made pipes well into the night as well. Jared hadn't quite finished up the Disk when I left for the day, but apparently he wrapped that up and shaped the Tomato on the same visit. Here are some shots of Jared working. Like what you see? As always, feel free to share your thoughts below.


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