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Many of you have requested a rundown of our top trending tobaccos. Our top tinned offerings can vary somewhat from month to month depending on our current specials and promotions, so I thought we'd start with our top trending bulk blends. Check them out!

  1. Top Bulk Tobaccos at Smokingpipes.comLane 1-Q - Probably the most well-known and popular bulk tobacco in history, it's no surprise that this Cavendish-based blend earns the first place on our list. Strength: 1 Room Note: 1 Taste: 2
  2. Top Bulk Tobaccos at Smokingpipes.comStokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake - This Va/Per coin blend came in second in our top ten trending list, and it's not hard to tell why. It's just one of those legendary tobaccos perfect for any occasion. Strength: 3 Room Note: 3 Taste: 4
  3. Top Bulk Tobaccos at Smokingpipes.comStokkebye Luxury Navy Flake - Another famous and sought-after blend from Peter Stokkebye, this Virginia-Perique flake is one of my personal favorites. Strength: 3 Room Note: 3 Taste: 3
  4. Top Bulk Tobaccos at Smokingpipes.comDunhill My Mixture 965 - A best seller in both bulk and tinned varieties, this connoisseur's tobacco is a full-bodied blend of Latakia, Orientals, and Cavendish that most if not all pipe smokers have confirmed to love. Strength: 3 Room Note: 3 Taste: 3
  5. Top Bulk Tobaccos at Smokingpipes.comDunhill Nightcap - A full bodied blend of Latakia, Orientals, Virginia, and Perique, this might be my all time favorite English blend. And it seems I'm not the only one. Strength: 4 Room Note: 4 Taste: 3
  6. Top Bulk Tobaccos at Smokingpipes.comLane RLP-6 - Another extremely popular ribbon-cut blend from Lane Limited, this Burley, Virginia, and black Cavendish blend features distinct notes of Vanilla and Chocolate for a tasty and delightful aromatic tobacco. Strength: 2 Room Note: 1 Taste: 3
  7. Top Bulk Tobaccos at Smokingpipes.comDunhill Early Morning Pipe - Another legendary Dunhill English blend earns another spot among our top trending sellers in both bulk and tinned varieties. Josh absolutely loves the stuff, and there's no question why: it's just a delicious blend of Latakia, Orientals, and Virginias perfect for those early morning hours. Strength: 3 Room Note: 3 Taste: 3
  8. Top Bulk Tobaccos at Smokingpipes.comStokkebye Luxury Twist Flake - This is pretty much the only tobacco Adam smokes anymore, as he absolutely loves the way it rubs out into a fine shag. It's a pure Virginia flake sourced from both Zimbabwe and the Eastern United States. It also has a surprising, but delightful aromatic quality. Strength: 2 Room Note: 1 Taste: 3
  9. Top Bulk Tobaccos at Smokingpipes.comGawith and Hoggarth Kendal Gold - We discussed the Kendal blends in a recent blog post about Gawith, Hoggarth and Co., and it doesn't surprise me to see this fine shag-cut tobacco on our top trending bulk list. Comprised of all light Virginias, it's just a pure, quality tobacco done the old way. Strength: 2 Room Note: 2 Taste: 3
  10. Top Bulk Tobaccos at Smokingpipes.comLane BC-A - Another timeless tobacco from Lane Limited, this Cavendish based blend is a great all day smoke. Mild, slow-burning, and discreetly flavored, it completes our top ten trending bulk tobaccos, and for good reason. It's just one of those classics nearly every pipe smoker has tried at least once, and many, many have stuck by. Strength: 2 Room Note: 1 Taste: 2

So there you have it: our top ten trending bulk tobaccos. This list changes periodically, so be sure to check it every once in a while to see our top-selling tobaccos. Have some bulk favorites of your own? Feel free to let us know!


    • Tim Johnson on October 17, 2014
    • Too bad Samuel Gawith tobaccos are not currently available in bulk. I am sure Squadron Leader, Full Virginia Flake, and 1792 would be in the running for top 20 orders. It has been too long since I had Cob Plug in my pipes!

    • Andrew W on October 17, 2014
    • Hi Tim, thanks for commenting! I'm a huge fan of SG blends too, loving all three of those mentioned. St. James Flake might be my favorite though. As for the bulk, we did have quite a few Sam Gawith bulk blends in stock a while back. In fact, there's still some Westmorland bulk up on the site now if you're interested. It's 20% off!

    • CrazyTommy on October 31, 2014
    • Lane BCA has a room note of "1" but Nightcap is "4"??!! HUH???

    • Andrew W on November 1, 2014
    • Hey CrazyTommy, good question. We rate our room notes sort of like, basing it on how your smoke smells to those around you -- with 1 being the most pleasant and 5 being the least pleasant. So since BCA is a Cavendish aromatic, the average smoker (and all those around him/her) will probably find the room note much more enjoyable than Latakia-heavy Nightcap. Hope that helps!

    • Jim on November 1, 2014
    • Can one of you please explain your tobacco rating system -- Strength (of nicotine? of what?), Taste (how powerful it is? how pleasant?) Room Note (to the smoker? to other smokers in the room? to nonsmokers in the room?) -- thanks!

    • Andrew W on November 1, 2014
    • Hey Jim, sure I can explain. So we generally measure strength based on the nicotine presence and the body of the smoke. Taste is both the power and fullness of the flavor, and the room note is based on the pleasantness or intensity of the odor to everyone else in the room (be they smokers or nonsmokers). Hope that helps! If it's still unclear, you can check out Jeremy's recent post on "how to use the tobacco locator" for a quick rundown of the system we use. Here's the url:

    • allen on August 19, 2015
    • I waiting for Coniston the best smoke by GW .

    • Christopher F. Dzierwa on November 19, 2016
    • I can't believe Amphora Red did not make the top 10 aromatics.

    • Dennis Hampton on October 26, 2017
    • How do I order these tobaccos?

    • Adam O'Neill on October 27, 2017
    • @Dennis Hampton Just click through any of the red titles above and it'll take you through to our store. From there just add it to your cart and checkout :D

    • kronlebp on November 26, 2017
    • I'm surprised no McClelland bulk made the list. Are those not very popular when compared to their tin offerings?

    • Adam O'Neill on November 28, 2017
    • @Kronlebp This list is due to be updated soon, and I suspect we'll see some more McClelland this time.

    • David A Tillery on April 24, 2018
    • My lady and I travel extensively and i smoke a pipe and usually its Lane BCA Cavendish, bought in bulk. But I recently learned from her that the smoke when we are confined to a closed environment it burns her nose and throat. I'm want to change to a more room friendly Cavendish that can be bought in bulk. Any suggestions?

    • David A Tillery on April 24, 2018
    • Room friendly Cavendish

    • Paul Gardner on July 10, 2018
    • I'm just getting back to smoking a pipe after a few decades fling with cigars. I wanted something reminiscent of the old Bond Street, and have just tried the 1-Q blend. I'm very happy with this tobacco. It's mild, no bite, and a pleasant enough aroma that my wife doesn't relegate me to the garage to smoke anymore. That in itself is a testament to it's quality.

    • Bob Sherts on July 14, 2018
    • I likepipe smokeing

    • Bob sheets on July 15, 2018
    • I’m tired an I want to go to bed as soon as we are done here!

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