Top 11 Best-Selling English Blends

Updated for Winter 2021. This article was originally published November 27, 2014. It has been updated to incorporate current data and edited to reflect product availability.

Top 11 English Pipe Tobaccos at

While its definition has been the source of much debate, the English family of pipe tobacco, today, typically refers to any blend that contains a significant percentage of Latakia. Unlike Burley or Virginias, Latakia is not a specific varietal or type of tobacco, per se; rather, it's a type of Oriental leaf that has undergone a curing process similar to Dark-Fired Kentucky. While Dark-Fired is fire-cured over hardwoods for 14 to 16 days, Latakia is smoked over smoldering, spiced, aromatic woods for five to six months — the extended curing duration and wood selection imparting a rich, incense-like quality to the smoke. While the flavor and aroma of Latakia is quite pronounced, it's actually one of the mildest tobacco varietals in terms of pure nicotine content; it also burns quite slowly and maintains a balanced pH, meaning little to no tongue bite. Its use in a blend can range from purely condimental to downright foundational and is often paired with sun-cured Orientals, Bright and Red Virginias, Burley, and even Perique or cigar leaf, depending on the blending style and manufacturer's goals.

It's a huge and insanely popular family of pipe tobacco, with hundreds of different options available from myriad manufacturers — so many, in fact, that it can be overwhelming to choose one or two to try, especially for those just getting into the hobby. That's why we've done our part as your friendly neighborhood online tobacconist and compiled a list of our best-selling English blends for your consideration, so on to the tobacco!

11. Seattle Pipe Club: Plum Pudding Special Reserve

Seattle Pipe Club: Plum Pudding Special Reserve Pipe Tobacco

The original Plum Pudding is one of Joe Lankford and Seattle Pipe Club's most popular blends, comprising Latakia and Orientals with Virginias, Black Cavendish, and Perique for a rich, smoky, and spicy flavor profile that delights lovers of traditional English blends. The Special Reserve version maintains the same foundation as the original Plum Pudding but substitutes some of the Orientals for a portion of rare, sun-cured tobaccos that were discovered in a warehouse and offered to Joe. Instead of creating an entirely new mixture, the head blender decided to incorporate it into his Plum Pudding recipe, fashioning it into a plug.

...As a lover of pretty much all tobaccos, and a guy whose rotation and preferences are forever shifting and exploring new blends, Plum Pudding Special Reserve always finds its way back to the top of my rotation... - Stephen E., 5-star review at

  • Components: Latakia, Orientals, Virginia, Black Cavendish, Perique
  • Cut: Plug
  • Strength:
  • Room Note:
  • Taste:

10. G. L. Pease: Spark Plug

G.L. Pease Spark Plug Pipe Tobacco

If you've followed the updates of this list of best-selling English blends, you've no doubt recognized the popularity of G.L. Pease's mixtures and their consistent appearance in this list. Spark Plug was added to the Pease portfolio in January 2020, and in that time it's already become one of our best-selling English blends — its tobacco family immediately distinguished by the tin art. A Union Jack in vintage, weathered relief comprises the label, and the components follow that inspiration, hearkening to the English blends that dominated British pipe-smoking preferences in the early 20th century. Cyprian Latakia joins Grecian Orientals and Bright and Red Virginias in a dense plug, with Pease affirming, "Latakiaphiles are going to love it."

If you rate this blend anything less than 5 stars you are only admitting your lack of a palate. Perhaps just inexperienced. This is one of the most finely tuned blends on the market. Preparation is the labor of love. You can't rush perfection... - Joshua R., 5-star review at

  • Components: Latakia, Orientals, Virginia
  • Cut: Plug
  • Strength:
  • Room Note:
  • Taste:

9. Kramer's: Father Dempsey

Kramer's Father Dempsey Pipe Tobacco

Kramer's Father Dempsey is the blend that started a tradition, propelling a humble tobacco shop on Little Santa Monica Boulevard to wide-spread recognition. Though originally custom-blended to match Father Dempsey's own preferred smoke, this full-bodied English mixture is now Kramer's most popular house blend and has been enjoyed by the likes of Cecil B. DeMille, Henry Wilcoxon, Samuel Goldwyn, Gene Barry, Mike Kaplan, Mel Tolkin, Fred MacMurray, and many others. In many ways, it epitomizes the Kramer family's meticulous, iterative approach to custom blending, and is certainly worth a place in your cellar — also offered in bulk for even larger, cellar-worthy portions.

If you are an English blend lover, this will take you back to the first time you fell in love with English blends. Smokes incredibly cool and smooth from beginning to end. Will definitely move this into my top rotation. - Jonathan C., 5-star review at

  • Components: Latakia, Orientals, Virginia
  • Cut: Ribbon
  • Strength:
  • Room Note:
  • Taste:

8. G. L. Pease: Westminster

G.L. Pease Westminster Pipe Tobacco

Lauded as one of the best all-day English blends available, G.L. Pease's Westminster is Latakia-forward yet smoothly balanced. A more traditional blend, it's composed of Red and Bright Virginias, peppery, sun-cured Orientals, and, of course, generous measures of Cyprian Latakia, presenting layers of flavor and complexity as it develops in the bowl. Given Pease's reputation for crafting some of the most elegant English mixtures on the market, it's really no surprise to find Westminster among our best-selling blends.

This is easily the best English style tobacco I smoke. It's easy to pack and light, and produces very nice clouds of smoke. It emphasizes the smokey Latakia with a hint of sweetness in the background. A delightful smoke any time of day, but particularly in the evenings. - David F., 5-star review at

  • Components: Latakia, Orientals, Virginia
  • Cut: Ribbon
  • Strength:
  • Room Note:
  • Taste:

7. Presbyterian Mixture

Presbyterian Mixture Pipe Tobacco

One of the oldest blends on our best-selling list, Presbyterian Mixture is a classic English blend that's been beloved for the better part of a century. For a long while, it fell into a category of pipe tobaccos I like to call the "Elusives." You know that they exist and that they're still produced; you just can't get your hands on 'em. You know the blends I'm talking about. Well, fortunately, due to a new distribution arrangement several years ago, Presbyterian is now available with reliable regularity, which means more people get the chance to enjoy its legendary flavor — the same flavor that made British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin coin its name and order regular shipments sent down to him straight from the manufacturer.

I love old English blends and I was sold on this one on the history. I was amazed when I first lit up. This is an exceptional tobacco. Light English, well rounded, creamy and smooth. Perfect for an all day smoke. This went straight to the top of my list of English style tobaccos along with C&D Orient Express. It's an amazing smoke and it will be a regular smoke for me. - David T., 5-star review at

  • Components: Latakia, Orientals, Virginia
  • Cut: Ribbon
  • Strength:
  • Room Note:
  • Taste:

6. Cornell & Diehl: Pirate Kake

Cornell & Diehl: Pirate Kake Pipe Tobacco

One of two English blends in Cornell & Diehl's Sea Scoundrel series, Pirate Kake contains the largest portion of Latakia of any mixture on our best-selling list. If you find yourself wishing your English blends contained more Latakia, smoke a bowl or two of C&D's Pirate Kake. This mixture uses the smoky, fire-cured leaf not as a condiment, but as a base, comprising around 75% of the finished blend. While some might call it a "Lat Bomb," this dark crumble cake tastefully showcases Latakia's more nuanced characteristics, elevated by more modest quantities of Burley and Orientals for a flavor profile as deep as the Mariana Trench.

I have quite a massive cellar of blends, spanning every form and cut, and this delicious cake has finally hit the "WOW" factor in every aspect, even days later when I get a whiff of the lingering aroma! This is hands-down the best smoke I have ever had! I just can't say enough about this tobacco except, try it for yourself, it is pure heaven! - infamis8 , 5-star review at

  • Components: Latakia, Orientals, Burley
  • Cut: Cake
  • Strength:
  • Room Note:
  • Taste:

5. Arango: Balkan Supreme

Arango: Balkan Supreme Pipe Tobacco

Not only has Arango's Balkan Supreme consistently made our list of top-five best-selling English blends, but it also ranks within our top-five best-selling bulk tobaccos, period. It's celebrated for its rich, Latakia-laden smoke, with many likening it to Balkan Sobranie. Far from one-dimensional, its fine balance of Orientals, Virginias, Black Cavendish, and Turkish Samsun leaf lend this English blend a smooth and silky character, while still being full-bodied enough to satisfy.

I've been pipe smoking for 45+ years and 'grew up' with the old Balkan Sobranie, Dunhill 965, Rattray's Red Rapp and Black Mallory, as well as Bengal Slices, State Express, etc. While I have found nothing like these old blends, some of today's are very smokeable. This, however, raises the bar to another level. If you have been lamenting the old/good stuff, this is worthy of your attention! Give it a try, you won't regret it! - Richard F., 5-star review at

  • Components: Latakia, Orientals, Virginia, Black Cavendish
  • Cut: Ribbon
  • Strength:
  • Room Note:
  • Taste:

4. Peterson: Early Morning Pipe

Peterson Early Morning Pipe

When Dunhill announced in 2019 that it would no longer be producing pipe tobacco, pipe smokers rued the loss of some of their favorite mixtures and began the difficult search of finding close substitutes to Dunhill's famed blends. Thankfully, though, Peterson took up the mantle later that year, offering the same exact tobaccos, just branded under Peterson instead of Dunhill. Since that resurrection, Peterson's old Dunhill blends have surged in popularity, with three of them ranking among our top-four best-selling English mixtures. Early Morning Pipe is aptly named, offering a lovely balance of Latakia, Orientals, and Bright and Red Virginias for an all-day English that's an ideal smoke to start the day.

...I must say I was incredibly happy to have EMP back. From the moment I opened the tin I could remember the wonderful scent of Dunhill EMP. From the moment of the 1st burn, everything was right in the world again. Thank you Peterson for picking this back up, and keeping it exactly the same! - Corwyn, 5-star review at

  • Components: Latakia, Orientals, Virginia
  • Cut: Ribbon
  • Strength:
  • Room Note:
  • Taste:

3. Peterson: Nightcap

Peterson Nightcap Pipe Tobacco

Alongside Early Morning Pipe, Nightcap has remained a favorite English blend of mine, and Peterson's resurrection of the old Dunhill blend maintains the mixture's original recipe as well as its lovable tin art. It's a rich tobacco blend, comprising Latakia, Orientals, Virginias, and a touch of Perique for a traditional flavor profile and a deliciously satisfying smoke — the perfect way to end the day.

I love this stuff. It's one of a few blends that is on my 'don't run out of EVER' list. Delicious and well behaved. Smoke it all day. Get some, you won't be sorry. - Mountain Guerilla, 5-star review at

  • Components: Latakia, Orientals, Virginia, Perique
  • Cut: Ribbon
  • Strength:
  • Room Note:
  • Taste:

2. G. L. Pease: Quiet Nights

G.L. Pease: Quiet Nights Pipe Tobacco

Gregory Pease has a way of weaving nuance and mystery into each and every blend he creates, yet few embody that intrigue quite like Quiet Nights. An intoxicating mixture of Red Virginias, Orientals, Cyprian Latakia, and a pinch of Acadian Perique — all pressed and matured in cakes before being sliced into delicate flakes — Quiet Nights is part of Pease's Old London series and is one of the most complex and captivating Latakia mixtures I've come across. Though you could smoke it any time of day, it's not what I would describe as an all-day smoke. It's a blend meant for quiet contemplation, for slowing down and appreciating every note that races across your palate. When I'm in the mood to sit and think and reflect, I smoke Quiet Nights, and with every bowl I seem to discover something new.

This is a magnum opus of English blends. Not for the faint of heart, but for those discerning lovers of fine English Blends, Quiet Nights will become a dear friend. I enjoy this with some Islay Scotch; the peaty flavors work with this blend well, preferably with a book in hand and an hour or two to spare. - YoungTraditionalist, 5-star review at

  • Components: Latakia, Orientals, Virginia, Perique
  • Cut: Flake
  • Strength:
  • Room Note:
  • Taste:

1. Peterson: My Mixture 965

Peterson My Mixture 965 Pipe Tobacco

Before Dunhill ceased tobacco production in 2019, My Mixture 965 was considered one of "The Big Three," joined by Early Morning Pipe and Nightcap. These iconic English blends were some of the few offered in bulk quantities as well as in tins and were among Dunhill's most popular mixtures. All three have made our best-selling list, ranking within the top five, and while rebranded under Peterson, the recipes remain exactly the same and the tins retain Dunhill's memorable artwork. My Mixture 965 is for connoisseurs of full-bodied Englishes, combining Oriental tobaccos and Black Cavendish with choice Latakia for a rich, cool, and smoky flavor profile.

What can be said about 965 that hasn't been said before? A true classic, balanced blend with plenty of flavor and a nice room note. The only problem with it is I don't have enough tins! - Southern Smoker, 5-star review at

  • Components: Latakia, Orientals, Black Cavendish
  • Cut: Ribbon
  • Strength:
  • Room Note:
  • Taste:

So there you have it: our top 11 best-selling English pipe tobaccos here at Smokingpipes. Keep in mind, these blends were ranked based on popularity, not by our own tastes or judgements. If you don't see your favorite on the list, leave us a comment and share your thoughts — perhaps it will make it in a future list!

Latest Updates (2021):

  • Kramer's: Father Dempsey stayed at #9
  • Arango: Balkan Supreme moved from #6 to #5
  • Cornell & Diehl: Pirate Kake moved from #5 to #6
  • G. L. Pease: Westminster moved from #4 to #8
  • Presbyterian Mixture moved from #2 to #7
  • G. L. Pease: Quiet Nights moved from #1 to #2

A note on the tobacco information.

Strength: a measure of the tobacco's body and nicotine. One is the lowest. Five s is the highest.

Room Note: a measure of the pleasantness or intensity of the smoke's odor to everyone else in the room. One is the least intense room note, while five s would be the most noticeable to others.

Taste: A measure of the the power and fullness of the smoke's flavor, with one being the most mellow and five s being the fullest.


    • Duane on November 27, 2014
    • I have actually never smoked My Mixture 965. As far as English mixtures go, when the weather gets chilly, I liberate some Balkan Sobranie from my cellar. I also enjoy "C&D's Black Frigate and Red Odessa with Balkan Sasieni and Balkan Supreme as standby's to fill the Latakia craving.

    • Andrew W on December 1, 2014
    • Thanks for sharing Duane. Balkan Sobranie's a great winter smoke, I think. Your other go-to's are fairly similar to mine as well. If you've really never tired 965 though, I'd highly recommend it. I remember walking into a tobacco shop once and asking about English blends. The tobacconist reached behind the counter and threw me a tin of 965 and said, "That's all you need to know." I'm not sure I completely agree with that statement, especially now that I prefer my English blends a little stronger, but it is a classic, and quite a tasty one at that.

    • Duane on December 3, 2014
    • Thanks for the info! Have tried a few of Dunhill's other offerings, and really enjoyed them so I will definitely give 965 a shot! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    • tom on February 21, 2015
    • Ashton Artisan's blend is my favourite,followed by Nightcap,965 and Davidoff Royalty. I haven't tried any G.L Pease yet but have Westminster cellared for a couple of years. Maybe next winter I'll pop the can. Cheers

    • Al on February 27, 2015
    • I think it's a toss up between Ashton Artisan Blend and 965. My favorite is the one I'm smoking at the time. I am currently trying other English blends which have been recommended by Smoking Pipes.

    • Tom on March 6, 2015
    • On your recommendation, being the novice I am, I tried My Mixture 965 and enjoyed it very much. Having said that I'm hooked on Night Cap. I don't think Dunhill is capable of creating a non-enjoyable tobacco, it just comes down to which is better than the other.

      After smoking 965 in my Man Cave, then leaving and coming back after an hour, I couldn't believe how beautiful the aroma in the room was.

      I still haven't tried Early Morning Pipe. I'm looking forward to that one. Frog Morton is also on my hit list. Thanks for the review.

    • Alain Baer on April 29, 2015
    • Today I bought my very first tin of 965, and I can't stop smoking it. Really love the Dunhill stuff!!!

    • terry nicolay on May 12, 2015
    • send me free tobacco

    • captain joe on May 22, 2015
    • Thank you for the info. I live in a very hot area. Israel,I like to smoke early morning pipe. It is very nice tobacco and it reminded me the smell of the old city of Jerusalem, and the villages of turkey.

    • Bob Morgan on May 26, 2015
    • I'm curious about the methodology of determining the rankings. Is it the number of containers or total quantity? I notice there are no bulks. I wonder where some of the McClellands would fit in.

    • Sykes Wilford on May 26, 2015
    • Bob Morgan,

      It's combined facings, ranked by weight. Since it was all-time, it tended to favor things that had been on the market a long time too, of course.

      As for bulks, they're embedded there: Nightcap tins and Nightcap bulk were combined.

      None of the bulk McClelland English blends come close on the list, but the Frog series is well represented, of course.


    • Vince M. on October 22, 2015
    • Great list, I have tried about half. To me Balkan S. is my favorite followed by Nightcap. Was surprised not to find London Mixture, but to each his own.

    • jpmcwjr on March 1, 2016
    • Since it's an all time ranking, that would indicate that recent arrivals, such as the Pease blends, are selling very well. (?) Is there a possibility of seeing, say, 2015's sales? I'd guess that Smyrna might be in there.

    • Adam O'Neill on March 2, 2016
    • @Jpmcwjr We're actually working on that now.

    • Robert Naranjo jr on January 21, 2017
    • How can I buy blends or test what blends I want to buy.

    • Adam O'Neill on January 23, 2017
    • @Robert Naranjo Jr You can buy any of the above blends by clicking on their titles, which'll take you straight to their product pages.

      As for testing, the three Dunhill blends are all available in bulk, so you can buy them in as low an increment as an ounce. Other than that, check our resources page (link below) and visit some of the forums. There's plenty of ways to trade samples there.

    • PREACHER on March 13, 2017
    • Great list. I have tried many of them and agree with your synopsis of each. There are a few that I have added to my 'To Try' list. Thanks!

    • Adam O'Neill on March 13, 2017
    • @PREACHER Thanks for reading mate, and we're glad you concur!

    • Allen pratt on April 30, 2017
    • Top stuff l may stock up on some of these

    • Adam O'Neill on May 1, 2017
    • @Allen Pratt Glad we could help Allen 👍

    • Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto on June 13, 2017
    • How about Penzance of Esoterica Tobacciana? I though it would be ranked among the top 10!?

    • Adam O'Neill on June 13, 2017
    • @Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto This list is generated by volumes over a given period, so while that would probably be true over the day, week, or even month we had Penzance to sell, for this list we can't get enough in the door for it to rate.

    • Mike Wurzer on July 5, 2017
    • Looks like a good deal I will definitely order and try out some of these fine products. Prices are reasonable and nice variety.

    • James Best on September 14, 2017
    • Hi, I received a pipe from my new son in law on his marriage to my daughter. I am a roll up smoker, liking a strong drum tobacco smoke. I want to try this pipe as I have never smoked one before, can someone recommend a brand for first timer please as I'd like to have a treat now and again with it?

    • Andrew Thomson on September 28, 2017
    • Although not in the list, I would recommend Peterson Golf Leaf for any beginner. Lovely aromatic mixture that makes changing to pipe smoking a pleasure as it has much less tounge burn than the others I have played with and a lovely flavour. My favourite to date and it has firmly shelved the cigar smoking.

    • Jack G on November 7, 2017
    • Could do a "Best-selling Aromatic English" list? I'm currently in the search for some more to try as I've thoroughly enjoyed Stuliff's Aromatic English #504; it's become my daily all-day, favorite tobacco.

    • Adam O'Neill on November 7, 2017
    • @Jack G We're updating and adding some new lists, Jack, so we'll bear it in mind for sure!

    • Christopher Eynon on November 16, 2017
    • It's always interesting to see the top sellers list. I smoke a few of these regularly.

      Does this list change dynamically? Just curious since it says that EMP is #4 but it's listed as #3 and it's seemed to have changed places with Nightcap. Also looks like Sasieni has fallen back to #8, even though the text says 7.

    • Adam O'Neill on November 20, 2017
    • @Christopher Eynon No, we have to manually update them, and yeah, there was some swapping to be done from the last list.

    • AZ Mountain Geek on December 13, 2017
    • @Jack G - You might want to try Savinelli's Essenza Cipriota. It's my favorite English Aromatic (at the moment) - very rich and flavorful.

    • Brother Jepson on January 15, 2018
    • The Acme of British blends:
      Smoking - EMP
      Wearing - Linen suit
      Reading - Graham Greene
      Location - the overnight train to ‘stamboul
      Because guys - it’s not all about the blend ok.

    • Adam O'Neill on January 16, 2018
    • @Brother Jepson Indeed it isn't, Brother. Enjoy!

    • vulpes on January 20, 2018
    • So this week I had the very good fortune, or even providence?, to taste a delightful bowl of Samuel Gawith’s Commonwealth Mixture. This was virgin territory for me, but as a fairly well travelled smoker of the latakia blends (nightcap, durbar, EMP etc), I felt Confident that I could cope with its heady bouquet. Luckily I wasn’t immediately intimidated by the dark brown latakia but could see how the more recent initiate to the dark arts of pipe smoking might be. But fear not! A beautifully rendered tobacco that gave me shivers breaking into 25g portions (a long and unrelated story involving officious administrators of Australian customs and associated imposts – but anyway I digress). Packed slightly hurriedly into the bowl of an unidentifiable estate pipe that has hitherto risen to prominence in my collection. And then, … and then. . . Leather. Cedar wood. Smoke. English Autumns. Saunas? Were I a pup, nothing would get me wagging my tail faster and with more enthusiasm – except perhaps a brand new tail! And I could swear, despite there being no perique as per the manufacturers’ treatise, there was a cheeky, even coquettish spicy-tang to the after taste. A really refined smoke reminiscent of gentrified English autumns, the open road, toad hall and walking the pups. I plan on purchasing some more shortly and will get myself to the tobacconist – “hope to see you all there”

    • Adam O'Neill on January 22, 2018
    • @Vulpes Sounds like quite the transcendent experience! Thanks for sharing, and be sure to leave a review on the product page, if you haven't already.

    • Jack G on January 22, 2018
    • @AZ Mountain Geek -- Thanks! I'll check it out.

    • Danny G on March 29, 2018
    • I just got into pipe smoking and I looked at this list. The top four are soon to be obsolete. I really wanted to try Frog Morton just once but everyone is sold out. Maybe that's a good thing since I wouldn't be able to get more. I think this list needs an upgrade!

    • Brother Jepson on April 4, 2018
    • @ Danny G:
      My dear fellow, by ‘the top four’ do ye mean numbers 11-8 (top of page) or 1-4 (top of ratings)? If the later I believe there to be enough supply certainty of 965, EMP and Nightcap to keep a 32 gun, (18 pounders) frigate’s company in fine fettle down through the line, around the cape and up to ravish Ile de France in an 18 month sally forth from Portsmouth!
      That said the deeper question I percieve you to be asking is could one find a decent rope tobacco to give an English blend poop deck ‘room’ note to see one through those drier latitudes..?

    • Brother Jepson on April 4, 2018
    • *latter
      P.S. Great to see brothers(?) Jack G and Danny G sharing a love of smoking a pipe (possibly the only thing half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats)

    • Nathan S on April 21, 2018
    • I must say, this is obviously a top seller list, and not an actual best English list. Not that these aren't the best, but I would have to add Solani Gold if we're talking best English blends.

      I'd be interested to see this list redone without the discontinued tobaccos.

    • Stephen Goethe on July 4, 2018
    • Same here, the list contains some good blends but to many that will be discontinued. Could someone with the knowledge please update this.

    • Bill M on July 28, 2018
    • I've been a piper since the 80's and have smoked most all of the blends on the list at one time or another. For the last couple of months my fave English is G.L. Pease Abingdon. To my taste it is Lat Heaven in most any pipe but particularly my Ferndown 3 Star bent. So many little time.

    • Ben on August 27, 2018
    • I love smoking

    • Joel Howard Albert on December 4, 2018
    • Favorite English blend...Wilke #78
      Full bodied....not harsh....

    • Claudio P on February 22, 2019
    • My first english tobacco was EM, some could say wish is the more close to EM? I like Chelsea morning of GL but I feel miss something.

    • federico on March 8, 2019

    • Good afternoon estimated, the reason for my mail is to ask if I buy your products will arrive in my country? I live in Argentina and although they will arrive, there is a law that says that you can not enter tobacco into the country so it is likely that they will keep it in the customs, losing that order.

      I hope you can help me .

      Best regards.


    • Cassie D on March 8, 2019
    • Hi Federico, thank you for reaching out to us. I just responded to your email regarding shipping to Argentina. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know!

    • william hubbard on March 8, 2019
    • ryryryryryryryry

    • Tom on August 13, 2019
    • As stated above, this may have been a valid list 12 to 18 months ago but not anymore. As a new pipe smoker, it would be nice to see a more relevant list. Six of the eleven on this list are either no longer available or very hard to find in stock in the US.

      Time for an update?


    • Cassie D on August 13, 2019
    • @Tom Stay tuned, an updated list is in the works!

    • truculentfrogs on October 17, 2019
    • Update and effort appreciated. There has been a commendable level of quality in recent SP smoking blogs.

    • Stan R on October 20, 2019
    • I noted that this article is from 2014.
      I have pounds of Sutliff Dunhill 965 Match in my basement that I’ve purchased from Smoking Pipes over the last two years. Is Match 20 and Dunhill 965 Match the same Sutliff Blend??

    • Paul Schmolke on October 20, 2019
    • Interesting that I have 4 of these in my rotation, having come to the same conclusions independently and after a bit of trial and error smoking. Hate it that Early Morning Pipe is gone...and not on the list, as it was a favorite. A recent discovery is C&D DaVinci...sorta Latakia top heavy but a very pleasing smoke for my taste...not a traditional English style blend but great for Latakia lovers. My earliest English Style adventures date back over 50 years to proprietary blends from Jost in St. Louis. I was intrigued by the Latakia and as a complete novice, didn’t realize what I was dealing time has passed my taste has improved and my choices have multiplied. Your list, based on my experiences is solid and credible.

      Nice piece, thanks.

    • Bob on October 20, 2019
    • Great 2019 update. I’ll be giving some of these a try. I agree with Quiet Nights being a great choice!

    • Robert Mazor on October 20, 2019
    • Great 2019 update. I’ll be trying some of these blends. I agree with Quiet Nights being a great choice.

    • Gus Kund on October 20, 2019
    • Dunhil 965 ??!!

    • Astrocomical on October 20, 2019
    • I recently switched from aromatics to English blends. I do notice some of them quickly lose their aroma in the bag. They smell so good when you first get them.

    • Rob on October 22, 2019
    • Wondering if the only reason Squadron leader didn't make this list is the current state of availability of Gawith blends. My top Englishes would have to include the Squad and Skiff Mixture!

    • Cassie D on October 22, 2019
    • @Stan R No worries! The Match 20 used to be called 965 Match but recently had a name change.

      @Gus Kund Unfortunately, since this list is based on sales and Dunhill 965 is no longer in production, it didn't make the list.

    • Ira Stone on October 23, 2019
    • Nice list and I know no list can be perfect, but I was surprised not to see Hearth&Home Black House as well as Squadron Leader.

    • bill haley on October 30, 2019
    • Love the article. I think you left out one important item- G L Pease. GASLIGHT ! Marvelous marvelous English blend try it I guarantee you will love it, end of the story touchdown all game over !!!

    • Milenko A on November 11, 2019
    • 1. Pirate kake C&D
      2. Artisan by Ashton
      3. Lancer slices by F&K
      4. Captain Earle's: Ten Russians
      5 Mississippi Mud by C&D

    • Vic Eastman on December 9, 2019
    • I would like to go back to smoke my pipes. They are 40 years old. I used to smoke a popular brand Three Nuns. Still there In London ?
      I would like to import my tobacco to Miami USA. Thanks so much for your help. Vic

    • Cassie D on December 10, 2019
    • @Vic Eastman We can definitely help set an order up for you to ship to Miami, I am going to reach out to you via email to help!

    • Shayde on February 19, 2021
    • Wow.. excellent list. I am shocked to not see Sutliff 503C Heavy English

    • Jack L. Casner on February 21, 2021
    • My favorite English blend used to be Dunhill’s American Blend. I wish someone could make a duplicate of that one. Penzance is on the the atomic table list as “Unobtanium”.

    • Fredh on February 21, 2021
    • How about compiling a list of the top 11 highest rated English blends on the Smoking Pipes website?

    • Tom doss on February 21, 2021
    • My go to was Dunhills London Mix. Finally, after it’s demise , I found Star of the East. I might try Spark Plug.

    • Astrocomical on February 21, 2021
    • I did not like that Match Prysbetarian.

    • Jacques @pedecachimbooficial on February 22, 2021
    • Peterson tobaccos on this list?! Guys, you are not serious!

    • Dr. Perineum on February 25, 2021
    • Right now I'm torn between Druquer & Sons Levant Mixture and Nightcap... it's tough when you're in-between.

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