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  • Nicaragua
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  • Sumatra
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  • Unknown
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  • Unknown
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  • Unknown
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  • Machinemade
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  • 3"-5"
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  • Less than 30
Acid cigars, made in Esteli, Nicaragua, and founded by Jonathan Drew in 1998, are the odd-duck of the cigar industry. However, they can be magnificent. With the slogan of "The Rebirth of Cigars", Drew Estates makes various sizes of cigars that are rolled with the same care as other premium cigars, although they're flavored with botanicals and herbs. When firing one of these up, you'll find richness on the palate with pronounced flavors of sweetness, spiciness, and other similar notes. When keeping these cigars, it is well advised to have a separate humidor, as other cigars will absorb their aroma and flavor.