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  • 50-55
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With a rich history dating to the early 1900s, Bolívar is one of Cuba's most prestigious cigar manufacturers, known for its particularly full-bodied blends compared to the conventional profile of traditional Cuban cigars. The Bolívar brand was established by José Rocha at the turn of the 20th century and was officially registered in Havana in 1921. While its cigars are characterized by their distinctly strong profile, Bolívar also made headlines in the mid-20th century for producing the world's smallest cigar, — the 1 7/8" x 20 Delgado — whose box, decreased to even more miniature form, was featured in the dollhouse of Windsor Castle's royal nursery in England.

Throughout the mid-1900s, Bolívar saw numerous changes, most notable of which was when the Cifuentes family, then owners of Bolívar, fled Cuba during the country's revolution. In 1978, the cigar company launched a new line of Bolívar cigars from the Domincan Republic, using ligero from Honduras and other tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic specifically to emulate the famously strong and full-bodied characteristics of traditional Cuban Bolívar cigars.