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Crowned Heads is a small, boutique cigar manufacturer based in Nashville, TN that has attracted enormous attention since 2011, when Jon Huber and several colleagues launched their own adventure after leaving CAO. Fueled by a rebellious spirit and a desire to make their own rules, they soon introduced a line of hand-crafted cigars inspired by the lyrics of Kings of Leon: Four Kicks.

Made by the famed Ernesto Perez-Carillo in Santiago, Dominican Republic, Four Kicks propelled Crowned Heads to the top of industry charts, and it continues its popularity now, consistently scoring 90 or above on all major reviews. The team has continued to push the boundaries, introducing exciting lines like Jericho Hill (inspired by Johnny Cash's "Cocaine Blues"), La Imperiosa (a Cuban brand from the early 1900s that Jon revived), as well as the annual limited edition Las Calaveras series. See the full Crowned Heads collection below.