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The "My Father" cigar company came to be in 2008 under the guidance of Jaime Garcia, a master blender, and a man known for cigars of the highest quality. The company had a grand opening in 2009 and is based in Estel, Nicaragua - a region known to all cigar enthusiasts for rich soils and excellent crops. Over 700 employees care for the tobacco from seed, to plant, to harvest, to curing, to rolling, to packaging. While many other cigar companies outsource products and components, Jaime Garcia personally supervises all aspects of his company, just like his father "Pepin" (another master blender) did before him. Hence, "My Father" cigars are an homage by Jaime for his father Pepin, as is continuing his family tradition of supplying cigar smokers with consistently-constructed, beautiful, and delicious smokes.