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With proper care, a good briar or meerschaum is likely to last a lifetime. But in the course of that lifetime, some pipes face more adversity than others. They're dropped, puffed with a bit too much enthusiasm, or clenched a little too vigorously. Other pipes encounter calamity. Their tenons snap, their shanks crack, and (in at least one particularly unfortunate case that occurred within this very building) they fly off buffing wheels. We here at Smokingpipes don't seek these pipes out, but we do, inevitably, end up purchasing pipes that are in a bit worse condition than our usual standards allow for. And from time to time, we ourselves inflict a bit of damage on an otherwise perfectly acceptable pipe. It is tempting, perhaps, to abandon these poor pipes. But we believe that they've got life left in them yet, and with a little bit of extra work from our restoration team--a new tenon, a replacement stem, or a repair band--these pipes may yet live out their destinies. You will find these pipes here, in our Pipe Rescue category. Some of these pipes came to us with obvious repairs. In other cases, we have undertaken repairs ourselves, in which case, you'll find that the pipe has been stamped with our shop repair logo, SPCR. We hope that the substantial discount will serve as an incentive for you to join us in helping these pipes find new homes.

What is an estate pipe, exactly? An estate pipe is any pipe that has been previously owned by someone else,including both smoked and unsmoked offerings. Each estate pipe that we sell has undergone a thorough cleaning and disinfecting regimen before it is ever offered for sale. Estate pipes are generally far less expensive than a new pipe of the same make, thereby representing an excellent value for the money, and for many smokers, a way to sample the wares of pipe makers they might not otherwise be able to afford.

To learn more about how we grade estate pipes, check out our estate grading policy page. For more information on trading in your own estate pipes, check out our trade-in policy here.