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Spot the Pipe

I wouldn't be surprised to hear that we all do it - see a sufficiently old photo, start scanning the crowd for a hand or clenched jaw containing a pipe. Sometimes you can spot them right away, sometimes you can see a photo a half-dozen times before realizing there was a pipe hiding somehwere in there. What follows are three historic photographs, each with at least one pipe in evidence... including one I only spotted this morning while looking for photographs, despite having originally come across the picture over a month ago.



[Photo courtesy of the Australian National Maritime Museum]

Unidentified (but presumably Australian) yacht club. Man at far left, holding rail, has been identified as noted sailor Frank Albert.

Date and location unknown.

[Photo courtesy of the Australian National Maritime Museum]

Crew of the four-masted steel barque Magdalene Vinnen.

Woolloomooloo, 1933

[Photo courtesy of the National Library of Ireland on The Commons]

Soldiers marching during the handover of the Custume Barracks from British to Irish control.

Athlone, 1922


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