All Pipes Considered: Castello Great Line 1982

In this episode of All Pipes Considered, Sykes and Shane sit down to discuss some very special pieces from Castello.

In 1982, the Cantu workshop set aside a spread of conspicuously exquisite briar to be used in their heralded Flame series. But given the amount of work required to produce them, only a few of these intricately carved pipes were made each year. The first Flame from this stock didn't appear until 17 years after the briar was set aside. Given the series' stringent production constraints, Franco "Kino" Coppo decided that some of this rare stock should be diverted from the Flame series — that this beautiful briar deserved to be shared with the world. After 35 years of waiting in the Castello vault, these pedigreed blocks were made into limited edition Great Line 1982 pipes.

Learn more about the unique, limited edition line today.


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