Adam O'Neill
All Pipes Considered: Shane Ireland Part One

Oh how the turntables as I put Shane in the hot seat in a new episode of All Pipes Considered, wherein we talk about the Danish portion of Shane's collection, including some of his favorites from Jess Chonowitsch, Hans "Former" Nielsen, and Tom Eltang.

What are your favourite pipes and, perhaps more importantly, why? Feel free to share in the comments section below.


    • Robert Amundson on February 27, 2018
    • How true on all levels.. those of us who aspire to create pipes have undoubtedly looked deep and continue to look deep into the Danish world.. when one finds just a pure love with the most simple lines and ever so gentle suggestion of a curve and in the end comes together to make a work of art that is not only amazing but simple... The fact that such simplicity, can be so lovely is what keeps me personally in awe and always inspired. The work that these great master Artists create is all but short of miraculous.. I have had the pleasure to meet Tom Eltang, and "Former" and both have had a huge impact on me.. But the biggest thing I have noticed in them is their humility, they are very humble, and let their work speak for them... I for one can not fathom the hours spent to be at the level at which they are.. maybe in two lifetimes.. I can only hope to have the pleasure one day to chat with Jess Conswich..
      The contentment that comes from smoking a pipe is probably one of the hardest things to convey to people (who don't smoke a pipe) it brings us not only memories, but takes us places in thought, something like a dream.. yet seems to fade as softly as the smoke that billows from our pipes when were finished..
      I would have to say my favorite pipe to smoke at the moment would be a Tom Eltang blasted Billiard (Saturn) that was gifted to me... I think in part because that pipe holds a very specific memory, and that it holds a heavy dose of humility with it.. one I won't soon forget..

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