Hadassah Helina Hallman
Cigar Talk: Toscano Toscanello

In this episode of Cigar Talk Adam and I fire up an Italian classic, the Toscano, made from Italian Dark Fired Kentucky and possessing a powerful, spicy aroma.

If you've already tried it, let us know what you think and leave a review on the site, or post a comment below.

Wrapper: Italian Dark Fired Kentucky
Binder: None
Filler: Italian Dark Fired Kentucky

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    • Taki Voy on April 19, 2018
    • To go and visit Cuba, for a smoker, means tasting also the Cuban tobacco in various cigars. The trip from Italy to Cuba is a very long trip, also by plane, but it worths it, to know a new place, learn about it's people --that are generally poor, but not at all miserable-- and finally smoke their famous cigars, known all over the world. I went there as a tourist for about two weeks, getting with me five boxes of "Toscani"- Modigliani, I prefer...
      Yes, this is the most excellent advertisement for these Italian cigars, not have done it for any commercial purpose, but only and mostly for my own pleasure!
      I find in "Toscani", that I use to cut them in two halves, a good smoke with the best flavor, a very best taste and a little secret in it: as they burn out slightly, the become better and better, and ending burning your lips, you could think it's a pity to throw the rest of it away...
      I still tasted some of the cuban cigars, finding them good, but I preferred always my "Toscani".
      Am I a kind of fool to think like this? May be not. I'm just a smoker of "Toscani". (P.S. I am not Italian...)

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