Hadassah Helina Hallman
Cigar Talk: Toscano Toscanello

In this episode of Cigar Talk Adam and I fire up an Italian classic, the Toscano, made from Italian Dark Fired Kentucky and possessing a powerful, spicy aroma.

If you've already tried it, let us know what you think and leave a review on the site, or post a comment below.

Wrapper: Italian Dark Fired Kentucky
Binder: None
Filler: Italian Dark Fired Kentucky

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    • Taki Voy on April 19, 2018
    • To go and visit Cuba, for a smoker, means tasting also the Cuban tobacco in various cigars. The trip from Italy to Cuba is a very long trip, also by plane, but it worths it, to know a new place, learn about it's people --that are generally poor, but not at all miserable-- and finally smoke their famous cigars, known all over the world. I went there as a tourist for about two weeks, getting with me five boxes of "Toscani"- Modigliani, I prefer...
      Yes, this is the most excellent advertisement for these Italian cigars, not have done it for any commercial purpose, but only and mostly for my own pleasure!
      I find in "Toscani", that I use to cut them in two halves, a good smoke with the best flavor, a very best taste and a little secret in it: as they burn out slightly, the become better and better, and ending burning your lips, you could think it's a pity to throw the rest of it away...
      I still tasted some of the cuban cigars, finding them good, but I preferred always my "Toscani".
      Am I a kind of fool to think like this? May be not. I'm just a smoker of "Toscani". (P.S. I am not Italian...)

    • Simone Morri on July 27, 2018
    • Dear

      You should try smoking an Italian Toscano in JOB Pipe!

      In this pipe "smoke cigars" the smoke of the Tuscan is "cooled" in an optimal way and on the palate the aroma of good kentucky is divine!

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