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Charles Carroll of Carrollton

The Founding Fathers of the United States were many, and not all of their names are as well remembered as those of George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson, though their contributions were of enormous influence. Among the important names that have waned in our memories is Charles Carroll, a wealthy Maryland landowner, tobacco grower, and political influence who helped realize the American Revolution.

Charles Carroll of Carrollton

Charles Carroll

The signature that Carroll used to sign the Declaration of Independence was unusual: Charles Carroll of Carrollton. He was the only Catholic to sign and the only one who provided his address (in the form of the name of his 10,000-acre estate in Maryland), thereby assuring that he was unquestionably identified as a signatory. According to legend, he first signed only his name, as was customary, but John Hancock, whom we all know was particularly conspicuous with his signature, heckled Carroll that his name was too common and that he could thereby escape retaliation from the Crown.

Carroll immediately returned to the document and added "of Carrollton" to his signature, removing any doubt of his identity. He didn't hesitate, though he was risking much. He was the wealthiest man on the continent at the time of the signing, and his fortune was imperiled because the British could seize his assets for such a crime. Someone in the room whispered, "there goes another million," acknowledging the potential price that Carroll could pay by so boldly signing the most seminal document in American history.

Carroll is an embodiment of the courage and commitment inherent in both the Irish and American character. His story of involvement in the American Revolution is long, and his dedication to the new country is well documented. An Irish-Catholic whose grandfather emigrated from Ireland, Carroll was adamantly opposed to the Tea Tax, which undercut merchants in the colonies who could not compete with the advantages provided to British merchants, and he arranged his own Boston Tea Party in Maryland, known as the Annapolis Tea Party, burning the ship Peggy Stewart and destroying its cargo of tea. It was but one of his strategies for promoting free trade in the colonies.

Carroll served as a delegate to the Continental Congress and was later elected as Maryland's first United States Senator. He was also a very successful tobacco grower who understood the value of our favorite plant as well as the need for freedom from oppression and the importance of self-government for the colonies. In celebration of this important figure in the origin of the United States, and in the people and character of Ireland, Peterson developed a special series of pipes reminiscent of that time and of one of the most important individuals to steer the future of the U.S.

The 2021 Carroll of Carrollton Pipe

Carroll of Carrollton Limited Edition Terracotta 2021

Honoring the 245th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence's ratification, the 2021 Carroll of Carrollton pipe inaugurated the line and represented Peterson's signature take on the clay tavern pipe, rendered in briar with a broad sterling silver band and a lengthy, demi-Churchwarden stem. The bowl itself was quite small compared to most of Peterson's production, as were most clay pipes of the time, and closely modeled to the classic Belge archetype.

The 2022 Carroll of Carrollton Pipe

Continuing the theme of tavern pipes, 2022's edition maintains the same configuration but with a lean and sinuous Dublin shape accompanied by a jet-black demi-Churchwarden stem and a bright sterling silver band. The bowl itself is slightly forward canted, with a winsome bend to the long stem. Aesthetically, the pipe resembles a classic Zulu or Yachtsman and is also a practical pipe in terms of size and length. Not as cumbersome as a Churchwarden, the Carroll of Carrollton pipe retains that original character yet in an easier-to-transport form of moderate length. Like 2021's model, it too features a broad sterling silver band applied by Peterson's experienced smiths, offering bright contrast against the black stem and the chestnut stain of the smooth finish.

Peterson: Carroll of Carrollton 2022 Tobacco Pipes


Join Peterson in celebrating the rich history of the United States and its connection with Ireland. Carroll of Carrollton pipes are now available.


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