Employee Spotlight: Favorite Peterson Shapes

Favorite Peterson Shapes

Peterson is the oldest continuously operating pipe factory in the world, and over the course of its many years of operation, the Irish firm has produced some of the most iconic pipes in the medium. Having appeared in various films, television shows, and exhibitions, Peterson pipes boast a prestigious reputation, their tubular shaping and muscular proportions making them immediately recognizable. Peterson is perhaps best known for their System pipes, which feature three distinct components: an army mount, an internal reservoir to collect moisture from the smoke, and a graduated bore P-Lip mouthpiece. Each aspect of the System pipe ensures a cooler, drier smoking experience, reduces the risk of tongue bite, and more evenly distributes a tobacco's flavor across the palette.

But not all of Peterson's pipes feature System engineering; in fact, many of the Irish marque's pipes come in various configurations, shapes, sizes, and finishes. The sheer breadth of Peterson's shape chart can be intimidating at first glance, but the task of finding a Peterson pipe that best suits you doesn't have to be daunting, especially when you can glean some perspective from those intimately familiar with Peterson's history and portfolio. Luckily, we here at Smokingpipes are the home of a great number of Peterson aficionados, many of whom are more than happy to discuss their favorite Peterson pipes and offer their respective viewpoints on the brand.

Hopefully, by learning about some of our favorite Peterson pipes, you'll be better equipped to explore Peterson's vast portfolio and find something that accommodates your individual tastes.

Sykes Wilford – Chief Executive Officer, Laudisi

Sykes Wilford – Chief Executive Officer, Laudisi

As a long-time pipe enthusiast and great admirer of Peterson's work, Sykes Wilford was more than happy to reveal his favorite Peterson shapes, though, as will become clear, he, like several other Laudisians, had a difficult time naming only one: "My favorite new Peterson shape is the 124. In a lot of respects, even though it's actually an old Peterson shape, it's pretty far outside of Peterson's standard aesthetic lexicon, with its long, lithe lines and small proportions. But I love it, particularly as a spigot and particularly in a sandblasted series."

Peterson: Newgrange Spigot (124) Fishtail Tobacco Pipe

Peterson: Newgrange Spigot (124)

As far as classic shapes, however, his favorites are "the 221 and its System cousin the 314: they're small, at least by Peterson standards, and also classically iconic for the brand. Outside of Peterson, I don't typically smoke deeply bent pipes, but the System does make a difference in that regard, and the 314 has become a go-to standard for me, particularly in the past couple of years."

Shane Ireland – Vice President and Director of Smokingpipes.com

Shane Ireland – Vice President and Director of Smokingpipes.com

Among the most well-traveled of our staff, having spent countless hours in various workshops and factories, Shane Ireland is particularly fluent in the nuances of pipes and pipe design, and he had a lot to say about his favorite Peterson pipe. He couldn't narrow it down to just one. He has "two favorites, and for slightly different reasons: First, the 303, otherwise known as the 03 bent Apple." He loves the Apple because he's "always liked rounded bowls. They tend to be very comfortable in-hand and I think the shape often lends itself to great cross-grain and interesting sandblasts. Apart from that, I feel like the profile of the shape relative to the chamber lends the design a good bit of material to evenly insulate the chamber."

Peterson: System Standard Rusticated (303) Fishtail Tobacco Pipe

Peterson: System Standard Rusticated (303)

A Peterson System Standard Rusticated 303 was Shane's first "nice" pipe: "The guy in the shop told me it suited me (he said a round face and round pipe work), and I also loved the size of the chamber, which is a little more shallow than most System Shapes, and allows for a slightly shorter smoke (around 45-60 minutes). The System engineering means that I can smoke it several times in one day, which is more convenient for me than one bowl lasting over 2 hours."

His second favorite is the 314/20s: "It's classic, muscular, and masculine Peterson. The slightly tapering lines of the bowl and curve of the underline are unmistakable in profile, and I also think the size is very handy. This one is a clench monster — light enough to hold in the teeth during long work days, and with enough chamber capacity to smoke for a solid 1.5 hours or more. Again, all with System engineering, which works extremely well if you can only grab one pipe for an overnight or weekend, or day trip, but need a pipe that can handle being smoked heavily in a 24-48-hour period. Any System pipe is basically a week's rotation on its own."

Truett Smith – Merchandizing Manager, Smokingpipes.com

Truett Smith – Merchandizing Manager, Smokingpipes.com

Smokingpipes' Merchandizing Manager, Truett Smith's favorite Peterson shape is "the 12.5 (the Deluxe System version of the 317)." He "prefers smaller, shorter pipes," so the 12.5 is perfect "because it still embodies Peterson's signature, muscular shaping style but in a more lightweight and compact package. Plus, the Deluxe System series pays tribute to Peterson's vintage, space-fitting mouthpieces; some may dislike them, but I love the old-school aesthetic and how they honor Peterson's history. Also in the Deluxe System series, it has silver, and if you're interested in Peterson, you gotta get silver."

Peterson: Deluxe System Sandblasted with Silver Cap (12.5) P-Lip Tobacco Pipe

Peterson: Deluxe System Sandblasted (12.5)

Glen Whelan – Director of Sales, Peterson

Glen Whelan – Director of Sales, Peterson

Glen Whelan, as the Director of Sales for Peterson, has an intimate knowledge of Peterson's catalog, so it's no wonder that he can only "narrow it down to 3!" His first pipe was a Standard System 314: "The system is just an iconic pipe for Peterson, and it's pretty much almost everyone's (who bought in the retail stores in Ireland) first pipe that they started on. I always hold an affinity to that pipe!"

Peterson: System Standard Rusticated (314) Fishtail Tobacco Pipe

Peterson: System Standard Rusticated (314)

But he has other favorites: "In terms of other shapes, I tend to lean toward lightweight pipes which are mostly straight or very slightly bent. In order of my own preference, I would say 264 or 406. For me, both are classic shapes and I love the weight and feel of the pipes. I have several finishes in each of those shapes, but at the moment my favorites are my Irish Harp Sandblasted 264, and my Newgrange Spigot in the 406 shape."

Adam O'Neill – Marketing Manager, Peterson

Adam O'Neill – General Manager of Retail Operations, Smokingpipes Europe

Adam O'Neil, General Manager of Retail Operations for Smokingpipes Europe, has a long history with Peterson pipes and has watched his tastes evolve alongside Peterson's various releases: "For years, I would have said either the 03 or the 221, with the 03 mostly being an aesthetic choice (I'm quite taken with its supple lines, curvaceous bowl and stout shank), and the 221 hitting some of the same notes but with a smaller form and chamber.

Peterson: Army Filter Sandblasted (221) Fishtail (9mm) Tobacco Pipe

Peterson: Army Filter Sandblasted (221)

"They're still my top three, but since the Trinity Fox release within the Nassau project, I've been a bit obsessed with the D20. It's completely out of type for me as well. When I do go for straight pipes, I tend to go with something with a bit more meat on its cheeks, like a Danish-style Billiard or a Dublin with a forward reach at the front of the bowl, but there's just something about the jaunty angles, and when lengthened with a spigot mount, a rakish profile that just tickles me. Oh, and it eats flake like a champ, so that helps."

Chuck Stanion – Editor/Writer

Chuck Stanion – Editor/Writer, Laudisi

As the editor for virtually everything published by Smokingpipes, Chuck has an eye for detail, which he needs for finding misplaced modifiers and commas, and awkward sentence structure. That discernment applies to his pipes as well.

"No surprise here," he says. "My favorite Peterson is the Mark Twain. I've been a Twain fan since the time I could first read and smoking a pipe similar to his is somehow comforting." System pipes like the Mark Twain are unusual for Chuck, whose collection is predominantly straight pipes. "I'm not a clencher, and Petersons are the only pipes I can comfortably hold in my teeth while writing. They're effortless, and because of the System, there's no fiddling with pipe cleaners during a smoke, so my hands can stay on the keyboard." He also owns an old 20s Deluxe System with the original bone tenon extender, and that pipe gets a lot of use because of its minimal weight. "It's no more uncomfortable than holding a toothpick in your mouth. It doesn't hold as much tobacco as the Mark Twain, though."

Peterson: Army Filter Sandblasted (221) Fishtail (9mm) Tobacco Pipe

Peterson: Pipe of the Year 2022

The 2022 Peterson Pipe of the Year, the 14b, is also a favorite, though he doesn't own one yet. "I was too slow when it came out, but it's actually a more accurate rendition of the original. The Mark Twain was made by measuring Twain's own pipe in the Mark Twain Boyhood Home museum in Hannibal, Missouri, but that pipe is burnt and beaten and the rim is charred halfway down the bowl. The 14b went back to the original and is as close to what people were smoking at the turn of the 20th century as possible. I'm on the lookout for one."

Andy Wike – Director of Marketing

Andy Wike – Director of Marketing, Laudisi

As Laudisi's Director of Marketing, Andy's been intimately involved with numerous Peterson projects, from redesigning their website to managing marketing campaigns for myriad releases. He's also developed useful resources about Peterson pipes, including a comprehensive guide to the patented System pipe. It's fitting, then, that his favorite shape from the Irish marque would be one such System pipe: the 317.

"My favorite 317 is my Premier System version, which sort of falls between the System Standard and System Spigot lines," he says. "I've owned a number of Petersons in the past, but my Premier 317 is the pipe that taught me how to smoke Systems. I think about it like a knife: You can have the sharpest, strongest, most beautiful knife made with 600+ layers of Damascus steel, but at the end of the day, it needs to make cutting, slicing, or chopping easy. My Premier 317 made pipe smoking easy and fun; it's a field tool that helped me become a better pipe smoker."

Peterson: Premier System Smooth (317) P-Lip Tobacco Pipe

Peterson: Premier System Smooth (317)

Though the Premier System is a discontinued series, the 317 remains an ardent shape within Peterson's portfolio and is available in the System Standard series and in the Deluxe System series as the 12.5s — Truett's favorite Peterson shape. Moreover, the System series is the perfect introduction to Peterson pipes, offering the engineering for which Peterson is known while also providing a wide range of finishes and prices.

"For example, you can start your collection with a System Standard Rusticated version of the 317 for under $100. Depending on your preferences, you could upgrade that model to a Sandblasted or various Smooth finishes, like Heritage, Ebony, and the flagship Smooth, for just a few dollars more, without ever leaving the System Standard sub-line." There are also options that feature sterling silver, such as the System Spigot series or the Deluxe System line. "If you're extremely lucky, you may even come across a super-rare Supreme version of the shape. (I've never seen a 317 Supreme, but you can bet your last tin of Sun Bear I'm on the lookout.)"

Giacomo Penzo – Pipe Specialist, Peterson

Giacomo Penzo – Pipe Specialist, Peterson

An established artisan carver long before joining Peterson in 2019, Giacomo applies his expertise to improve manufacturing processes and evaluate pipe-making strategies, and he not only helps make Peterson pipes, he's an enthusiast.

"I love many Peterson shapes," he says. "Everyone has their favorites, but mine is the Dutch Bent 4A and 4S, or the 309 and 313. They are simple, classic and iconic, and never boring."

Peterson: Irish Made Army (101) Fishtail Tobacco Pipe

Peterson: Irish Made Army (101)

His favorite smokers include the 101 in the Irish Made Army series, which he refers to as a "battle" pipe. "It's a pipe for any smoking environment and conditions." Like Andy, Giacomo also appreciates the 317 System Standard. "It's very compact, perfect for short smokes and strong, tasty tobacco. Obviously, both the 101 and 317 feature P-Lips, which is an advantage. I like the reliability of Peterson pipes; they are pipes designed and made for real smokers without excess frills and are great companions for daily smoking with a lovely, distinguishable style."

Peterson has evolved over the years to better suit the tastes and demands of the modern world, all while remaining true to their core ethos and upholding a legacy of innovation and quality craftsmanship. Countless generations have been drawn to Peterson's pipes, and no doubt countless more will follow. As illustrated above, even those with tastes contrary to a certain style of pipe find themselves making an exception for a Peterson rendition, because a Peterson pipe isn't just a smoking instrument, it's a companion, a piece of history, and a part of of the legacy of engineering and craftsmanship that is simply hard to beat.

Do you have a favorite Peterson pipe? If so, what makes it special or unique? What do you love about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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    • Lori Gregor on November 11, 2022
    • Wonderful article Davin. Enjoy this incredible day!Lori - Low Country Pipe & Cigar

    • Rick Newcombe on November 13, 2022
    • This was a really interesting article. I love Peterson pipes and am happy to see that the company continues to show innovations. There are about a half dozen Peterson shapes that are my favorites. It all depends on my mood at the time.

    • Patrick Blessing on November 13, 2022
    • I really enjoyed reading this article. Of course, it quickly renewed my desire for a Peterson Mark Twain pipe. Just when I thought my mind and palate were satisfied with the pipes I already have!

    • Robert Silverman on November 13, 2022
    • There are times that I am "taken" with a Peterson, but it has the "wrong" mouthpiece for me. Now there may be engineering issues involved, but otherwise, I don't understand why buyers shouldn't be able to order either a "fish" or "p-lip" mouthpiece, depending on their smoking preference. Or, if not this, the ability to order an alternative mouthpiece when purchasing a pipe with a mouthpiece that is not what they desire.

    • John H. Schantz Jr. on November 13, 2022
    • I have many Peterson pipes, and I tend towards the smaller bents like the 03/303, 12.5, 20s, 221, and the older smaller 53 Lovat for shorter, handier smokes. I would say that my Premier 312 and my Rua XL02 are by far my best smokers for the “long haul”.

    • Bill Wright on November 13, 2022
    • During my earlier pipesmoking days (in the last century...don't ask), I did have several Peterson models, all P-tip. Bluntly, they didn't get a lot of tobacco-time...I was heavily into Savinelli and GBD at the time, plus my jaw and the P-tip were no good friends. In my elder years, and as a result of this article, will take a look at the Peterson line again. Their Fishtail stems negate the P-tip issue...and some of the shapes...yeah, look good...From NYC...

    • Gabby Hayes on November 13, 2022
    • Peterson pipes are my favorite brand and I have more of them than any other brand. Their quality is readily apparent when you place one in your hand. I have several P-lips but prefer the fish tails for the ease of the clench. My two best smokers are the Killarney XL02 Bent Apples.

    • Astrocomical on November 14, 2022
    • You need to bring back the straight grain type of pipes, the silvercaps, the 305, 315 in ebony and Walnut grained properly shaped with a flare and narrow bell body and the bigger flared spigot on them. You use to have beautiful Peterson pipes a while back like the Walnut Spigot 107, the Walnut Tankard spigot, etc., but now you got all these ughly ones that look chewed up and those ugh dark pipes are the most undesirable color.

    • P C W M on November 14, 2022
    • What Robert Silverman said...Blll Wright: The P-Lip negates the fishtail issues for those who prefer them.ALL Petersons should have the P-Lip option.

    • Jeff Wallach on November 14, 2022
    • I am fairly new to the Peterson line, but favor the XL02 series...have the Jekyll & Hyde XL02, Tyrone XL02, and the Killarney Red XL02....easy to clench, and just a good 'feel' in the hand with the robust bent shape.

    • Carl Huffman on November 14, 2022
    • I agree with those commenting on the p-lip. I have three Peterson's and would probably own a few more. Two of mine have the p-lip, and I do not smoke them as often as one might think. One is a 264, and the other is a 304. The fish tail is a 53. Guess which one is smoked most often. I would love to see the mouthpiece be a choice for the buyer. By the way, I own and smoke 14 Savinellis. Nothing but fish tails there.

    • Bob Cuccaro /TLIP on November 14, 2022
    • Great article! I am fortunate enough to have favorite pipes for different occasions. D18 for cool fall day for flakes, the POTYs are always in rotation, so I am a sucker for the rare B shapes. The recent POTY twain in various finishes has been in constant rotation :)

    • Phil Yearout on November 14, 2022
    • Interesting takes here. I love each of my 25 Petersons which range from a deeply bent Mark Twain to a straight billiard 106, with the slight bends in between being my favorites. But I own none with fishtails; to me a Peterson without a p-lip just isn't a Peterson, and the only two I ever acquired with fishtails went back to have a "proper" mouthpiece fitted!

    • Lee Brown on November 17, 2022
    • I totally agree with Phil Yearout. Why buy a Peterson without a p-lip? I have a few Petersons and they are all have the p-lip. As to my favorite Peterson: 606s with a p-lip saddle stem.

    • Day S on December 1, 2022
    • Just received my first Peterson (Aran Smooth Nickel Mounted (80s) P-Lip) and the difference in quality and functionality was immediately evident. I am very pleased with my new pipe and I know this is the start of many more to come in my Peterson collection.

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