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Customer Photos at Smokingpipes.com

Our readers are the best. Very often y'all send us some of the coolest, most random and off-the wall stuff. Why do you do this? Because pipe smokers like to share pipe-related odds and ends with other pipe smokers. It's a whole big thing we do. Just take, for instance, these photos we received today. What we find is a rather perfectly depicted image of Abraham Lincoln realized by the interplay of loose pipe tobacco and the negative space of hardwood flooring.

Customer Photos at Smokingpipes.com

Photos and art by Andrew Norquist.

It's an interesting piece of art too. It reminds us that the rise of the plantation system of slavery that Lincoln upset for good was deeply tied to tobacco cultivation, it suggests that our understanding of American history is organic, even slippery, and dangerously ephemeral, and it points to the general impermanence of art.

Customer Photos at Smokingpipes.com

Or maybe it's just a bad ass doodling of Honest Abe done up in tasty pipe tobacco.

Customer Photos at Smokingpipes.com

Either way, we dig the pics. Keep 'em coming.

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