Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Some things in life just go together. Wine and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, Latakia and cold weather — and yes — gift giving and the complete failure to come up with ideas for said gifts. Collected here though you'll find an assortment of Christmas gifts, some themed for the season, some more general purpose, and all perfect for the pipe smoker in your life, even if that pipe smoker is you. Hopefully this takes a little stress out of the season, and gives you a little more time to enjoy the things that matter.

Laguiole Calumet Pipe Tool

Holiday Gift Guide #1: The Laguiole Calumet Pipe Tool.

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Available in either horn or briar, these pipe tools are handmade in France and feature some impressively intricate silverwork, with the shepherd's cross inlaid on the handle and a traditional bee acting as the spring release. They're on the pricier side, but if you're looking for a gift for the pipe smoker that's not afraid to just go and get whatever they want, this stylish piece might be just the ticket.

Laguiole Calumet Pipe Tool — $199.00-$208.00

Savinelli St Nicholas 2017 Pipes

Holiday Gift Guide #2: Savinelli St Nicholas 2017.

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While in recent years this collectible line has focused on darker, more reserved stains, black stems and bright, festive shank adornments, for their 2017 Christmas pipe the folks at Savinelli have gone with a warmer, brighter pairing of an old-school ruby stain and and creamy white acrylic with twin red accents. It's a winning combination at any time of year, but one that's also clearly evocative of a certain jolly old prowler.

Savinelli St Nicholas 2017 Pipes — $96.00

Peterson Christmas 2017 Pipes

Holiday Gift Guide #3: Peterson Christmas 2017 Pipes.

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No stranger to Christmas pipes (or, indeed, holiday editions in general) Peterson's Christmas 2017 edition is as festive as it is rustic. Wearing a rich warm stain atop a crisp sandblast, and paired to a creamy white acrylic stem and bright nickel army mount, the mount itself is etched with a pair of jingling bells — just so you know what's up.

Peterson Christmas 2017 Pipes — $112.00

Comoy's Christmas 2017 Pipes

Holiday Gift Guide #4: Comoy's Christmas 2017 Pipes.

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While we may be carrying Comoy's Christmas edition for the first time in 2017, it's definitely not the first time the marque have put out such a holiday-themed release, with 1976 being the oldest that's come through our site. While those older editions mostly shared a reserved palette, with a shank adornment or even just a stamp as the only real concession to the season, the 2017 Christmas pipe holds no such reservations, bearing its soul to the world with a combination of a smooth, ruby-stained, chamfered rim; a dark sandblast; and a red and black mottled acrylic stem.

Comoy's Christmas 2017 Pipes — $68.00

Caminetto Natale 2017

Holiday Gift Guide #5: Caminetto Natale 2017.

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An interesting counterpoint to the pipes we've looked at so far, Caminetto's 2017 Christmas pipe is, instead of a standard model dressed in a bright finish or adornments, a singular shape in a variety of finishes. It's not an unusual practise to be sure, with both Peterson and Savinelli (among others) using a similar model for their respective Pipes of the Year, but it is one that seems better suited to the smaller marques, where dedicating production to a singular shape is eminently more practical for a holiday edition. This year's pipe, a Don-style Poker, builds on a shape that has been part of the Caminetto catalog for decades, but modified by Tommi Ascorti to render it more tightly-knit, unified and compact.

Caminetto Natale 2017 — $189.00-$315.00

Cornell & Diehl's Christmas Blends

Holiday Gift Guide #6: Cornell & Diehl's Christmas Blends.

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There's a tendency amongst us humans to associate certain flavours and aromas with seasons and holidays. It's a universal tendency to be sure, but I don't think it's much of a secret that Americans have taken to it like ducks to water, being the country that gave us Pumpkin Spice after all (thanks, I guess). Christmas, of course, is no exception to this rule, with the season tradionally marked by sugar cookies, yule logs, plum puddings, candy canes, and more. No surprise then that, perhaps more so than Christmas pipes themselves, holiday themed tobaccos are especially popular at this time of year.

For 2017 Cornell & Diehl have released all three of their previous year's offerings: Corn Cob Pipe and a Button Nose, a blend of Virginias, Burley and Cavendish with a light topping of cocoa and marshmallow; Golden Days of Yore, a festive mix of red and bright Virginias, black Cavendish, dark-fired Kentucky, and Katerini married together with hints of ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, chocolate, and rum; and We Three Kings, a delightful Yuletide tobacco of black Cavendish, red and bright Virginias, and Orientals.

Cornell & Diehl's Christmas Blends — $9.78-$29.33

Christmas Estate Pipes


Holiday Gift Guide #7: Christmas Estate Pipes.

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Whether it's to fill holes in your own collection, to add an extra festive touch to that birth year Dunhill you've been looking for, or just because you prefer your pipes with a bit of history behind them, there's plenty of Christmas editions to be found in our estate category, including BBBs, Comoy's, and Dunhills, all ranging from the '70s to the present.

Christmas Estate Pipes — $85.00-$1875.00

Starter Kits

Holiday Gift Guide #8: Pipe Starter Kits.

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First pipes can be tricky, doubly so when said pipe isn't even for you. Ideally you want something good enough to make the initial learning curve less steep (or at the very least, not more steep), but in a price category that isn't prohibitive, that won't be the end of the world if it burns out, and that you can actually step up from. Seem like a lot of balls to juggle? Yeah, we thought so too, and decided to go ahead and put together a few packages that include a classic, well engineered pipe, plus all the associated accoutrements.

Starter Kits — $20.00-$50.00

Smokingpipes Gear

Holiday Gift Guide #9: Smokingpipes Gear.

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And speaking of stepping up your game, we thought maybe it was time we stepped up ours, especially when it came to our coffee mugs – which I'm fairly sure haven't seen a redesign since was founded. No more though, as with a little help from our friends at Deneen Pottery, we've got two new coffee mugs in our gifts section. Oh and while you're there, check out our new handkerchiefs, available in either red or black and printed with a motif of our very own logo.

Smokingpipes Gear — $0.99-$28.00

Stocking Stuffers

Okay, so you've gotten a big gift, but now the space under the tree is still looking somewhat bare. Pipe cleaners, tampers, lighters, and cork knockers... these are all things pipe smokers need, and they make a great way to pad out your Christmas offerings.

We've put together a holiday gift guide page that, as well as going through a lot of what we've covered here, has a bunch of great ideas for stocking stuffers.

Stocking Stuffers — Various Prices

If you're still feeling a little overwhelmed, don't hesitate to drop our customer service team a line; they're always happy to help out.

Oh, and don't forget that until December 31st our free shipping kicks in at $50, instead of the usual $95, so take advantage of those stocking stuffers to bump up your total if need be.


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