Mystery Tobacco Review: May 2023

Welcome back to the Mystery Tobacco Review! We're pleased to introduce Mr. Davis Hooker of our Customer Service Department, who has accepted the distinguished and powerful position of Inquisitor for this month's review. Davis is known for his practical and down-to-Earth approach to projects, so he may have chosen an uncomplicated, foundational blend. Then again, he's also a fan of Russian novels, so perhaps he'll try to trick us with a sophisticated mixture of unexpected components. As Shane, David, Truett, and I experience Davis' choice, will we succeed in identifying the manufacturer, components, or even the name of the blend itself? Watch this latest compelling video to the end for the exciting conclusion.

What is The Mystery Tobacco Review?

For those of you unfamiliar with this little game, each month one member of our team selects a tobacco for us to review in a blind taste-test. Then we gather around the camera, scratch our heads, and smoke, all while attempting to guess the mysterious mixture's components, origins, and name. There's only one rule: There are no rules.

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    • Billiard Man on June 3, 2023
    • Thanks for addressing the previous sound issues, much more enjoyable to watch. Not a complaint, just a suggestion: I appreciate the unique blending tricks, but from a consumer’s perspective I prefer when the mystery tobacco is actually something currently available to purchase on the website. That sort of makes these more like a live, blind review. Thanks

    • Papamique on June 3, 2023
    • Once again I waited all month for this and I was NOT disappointed. Very entertaining following through the deduction process and I learn something every time. I do miss Andy though the others do a great job too!

    • Bill on June 4, 2023
    • I always enjoy this feature ( although I miss Andy). However, i second the perspective that using unavailable or mixing tobacco (especially unavailable ones) is not as enjoyable as hearing about a blend which I might be inclined or induced to purchase.

    • Matt_M on June 9, 2023
    • Everything else aside, Davis, it was VERY generous to share a 24 y.o tin. I mean, sure, it was a screwball pitch at ankle level, but how often does anyone get to try something that old? Guys, you are right; you gotta put Davis on the panel once or twice. Honor demands it. The question becomes: what do you serve on that occasion?

    • Mike Howell on July 22, 2023
    • Oh man I've been missing the hell out of this series on YouTube. So glad to find it here! Time to catch up!

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