New Savinelli Pipes For 2023

Savinelli New Tobacco Pipes for 2023

Savinelli maintains their annual tradition of releasing innovative series at the beginning of each new year, and for 2023 has released six unique lines. Savinelli pipes are highly regarded for their lively aesthetics, Italian flair, and recognizable craftsmanship, and these new releases are no exception. With their custom-sourced, proprietary stems and unique, stylish finishes, the 2023 releases present a variety of Savinelli's most recognizable shapes in a new light while retaining the essence of the popular Italian marque. Each of these new releases, additionally, may be enjoyed with or without a balsa filter — all include a removable, optional tenon adaptor for non-filter smoking.


Savinelli Avorio Tobacco Pipes for 2023

Meaning "ivory" in English, the Avorio line comprises two distinctive finishes: the Rusticated Brown and the auburn-hued Smooth Bordeaux. Each pipe in this series is paired to an ivory-white acrylic stem accented with bands of soft cream and rich brown to complement the hues of the stummel. It's a bold, eye-catching accent for any shape, and is presented across seven of Savinelli's most iconic designs.


Savinelli Gianduia Tobacco Pipes for 2023

Like the Arlecchino series, the Gianduia is a tribute to the commedia dell'arte, an early form of professional theater that formed in Italy around the 16th century. Gianduia was one of the masks used in commedia dell'arte theater, and typically honored the town of Turin. The series is represented by Savienelli's "315 KS" Prince shape, offered in both Natural Smooth and Rusicated Black finishes. Additionally, each pipe in the series is paired to a technicolored acrylic stem reminiscent of the flashy garb traditionally worn by the Gianduia character.


Savinelli Paloma Tobacco Pipes for 2023

Taking its name from the Italian word for "dove," the Paloma series is offered in both Rusticated Black and Smooth Brown finishes, and showcases a unique mouthpiece of swirled caramel, cream, and natural beige acrylic custom-sourced for this line. The series' striking hues and evocative stem design are represented across six of Savinelli's most popular shapes.


Savinelli Arancia Tobacco Pipes for 2023

Aptly named after the Italian word for orange, the Arancia series dresses a number of Savinelli's classic shapes in the Smooth Brown finish and elevates them through unique mouthpieces of custom-sourced, speckled-orange acrylic. Offering a warm, cohesive color palette that's smartly contrasted by an emerald-green accent band, the Arancia series is sure to charm and captivate with its eye-catching aesthetics.


Savinelli Oliva Tobacco Pipes for 2023

The Oliva series represents the latest addition to Savinielli's portfolio of naturally finished pipes. Crafted from impeccable blocks of briar, each pipe in the series is left unstained and treated to an alluring rustication, which produces an almost bark-like texture in hand. Further elevated by stems of custom-sourced, olive-green acrylic, the Olivia series is a vibrant showcase for Savinielli's distinctive craftsmanship.

Collection 2023

Savinelli Collection 2023 Tobacco Pipes for 2023

Each year since 1985, Savinelli has released a new annual Collection pipe, ushering in a unique, series-specific shape that highlights the brand's reputation for handsome craftsmanship, alluring finishing work, and stunning grain. For 2023, Savinelli has created a fetching straight Billiard design, featuring a tall, commanding bowl, a streamlined shank-and-stem arrangement, and an accent of contrasting natural briar. This year's Collection offering is available in four captivating finishes: Sandblasted, Smooth Natural, Smooth Brown, and Sandblasted with Smooth Top.

See something that captures your eye? What particular series or individual pipe has your interest? Sound off down below.

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    • Vendredi8 on January 27, 2023
    • Gorgeous stuff, the Avorio line in particular looks cleeeeeean

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