Our Favorite Savinelli Shapes

Savinelli's shape chart is expansive. It encompasses all the classics, from the traditional Billiard to even the Yachtsman, as well as a range of intriguing renditions you won't find anywhere else. If you're unfamiliar with Savs, even perusing through our currently available pipes can be daunting, and finding a favorite of your own can seem impossible. So we've helped you out. Or, at least, we think we helped. What follows is by no means a comprehensive list of some of our favorite Savinelli shapes around the office, complete with detailed (somewhat) descriptions of why they hold a special place in our collections.

920KS Bent Dublin - Kaz Walters

It's no secret that my favorite pipe shape is, without question, a well executed bent Dublin. It just so happens that Savinelli's 920 KS, irrespective of finish, is just that. Whether it is a playful example like one finds in the Caramella line or the sophisticated, classic presentation of the smooth brown Giubileo d'Oro, there is a restrained elegance about the graceful half-bend of the stem and the dynamic, forward-urging bowl. Also, while it does bear the moniker of "KS" (King Sized), I feel that the chamber is on par with a Dunhill Group 4, so proportion-wise, it's right in the sweet spot. If you are like me and prefer your pipes with a timeless, classic nature about them, and perhaps just a touch of attitude, I think you should consider looking at the 920 KS in all its incarnations throughout the Savinelli line-up.

703KS Lovat- Chuck Stanion

The clean lines and attractive proportions of the Lovat are, for me, irresistible. It's my favorite shape. Like all derivatives of the traditional Billiard, it's a smoking machine, easy to run a pipe cleaner through, efficient and dependable.

However, there are Lovats, and then there are interpretations of Lovats. I prefer a more traditionally proportioned piece. There's a reason it's traditional, after all. Shapes become classic because smokers appreciate their characteristics over generations.

It should be little surprise, then, that my favorite Savinelli shape is a Lovat: the 703 KS. It's a beautifully proportioned shape, and at slightly under 6 inches in length and 2 inches tall, it's just the right size for me. I prefer a relatively short bit on a Lovat, and the 703 KS falls into the my Goldilocks zone. The ratio of shank diameter to bowl diameter is important as well. If the bowl is too narrow across, it looks like a Stack; too wide and it's a Pot, and I don't like either. It's intriguing to me that the modification of a bowl by just a quarter inch can render such a different shape and impression.

The variety of finishes is another winning attribute. The Punto Oro Bordeaux has a classic deep red stain reminiscent of the early 20th century, and the Bianca has a dress finish that is irresistible, especially with the addition of a silver fitment. The Onda presents a sandblasted finish (my favorite) that I think looks best without a decorative accent ring, though it's available either way.

So not only is the 703 KS a spot-on rendition of the Lovat, but it can be had in nearly any finish, with different decorative fitments for any taste or occasion. It may be the perfect pipe.

320KS Author - Adam O'Neill

It's no well-kept secret that I like my pipes on the smaller side, generally. As someone who wears a few hats, so to speak, it's not often I find myself with an overabundance of time. Even while working, it's not often I find myself in the same spot for more than 15-20 minutes, so of course a smaller bowl is more well suited to my smoking habits. The exception to this being the rare luxury of curling up in a comfortable chair with a book to enjoy a well earned reprieve and a bowl of something complex. This is where the 320 KS really shines. Hand filling and capacious, with broad walls that are somewhat more forgiving of inattentive puffing, it's the perfect companion for a blissfully uninterrupted period of indulgent silence and literary contemplation.

105 Billiard - Sykes Wilford

When Savinelli launched the Petite line in 2013, it was like they made a series with pipe smokers like me in mind. I'd been casting about in Savinelli's shape selection for a long time. The classic favorites like 320 KS and 606 KS were way too big for my tastes. Even smaller billiards like the 104 and the 109 were on the chunky side. I had a few and enjoyed smoking them, but they weren't really what I was looking for. Prior to that, I had a few 202 shapes — older Punto Oros for the most part — and I was leaning toward that as being my go-to, small, straight Savinelli shape.

But, as I said, with the Petite series and the wider use of the 105 shape, that all changed. The 105 is, in my opinion, the perfect Billiard. Beautifully proportioned, slender of shank, lightweight and small, but with a large enough chamber that I don't feel like I'm smoking a truly tiny pipe. It's also one of the few Savinelli shapes with a shank that's too narrow for a 6mm filter, so it's one of the very few shapes (the 701 being the other notable) that comes only sans-filter. And I prefer non-filter Savinelli pipes, so that works for me. It does mean that it's not widely represented in major series: there's no Roma or Trevi or Spring 105.

So it started there. I bought two: the Petite Rusticated Black and the Petite Natural. Then I bought one of the Smooth Brown. Then they had a few natural rusticated ones, and I got one of those.

Following that, they decided to do the Punto Oro Petite sub-line. Basically, in factory pipe making, you kind of need all the grades to use up your bowl production, so they needed a place for the really nice Petite shapes (105, 202, 402, etc) to go. Then I fell in love. I bought a couple PO Petite 105s. And a sandblasted Giubileo d'Oro 105s. Simultaneous to this, they found a small bunch of old production Punto Oro Corralo rusticated pipes from the 1960s in storage at the Savinelli shop in Milan. There was a 105 in there (or, rather, the 105 from the old shape chart, but it's the same shape).

And then the Tre came out and I had to buy those. I keep two Tre Rusticated pipes in the car as commute smokers.

The real silliness started in early 2018. In a chat with folks at Savinelli, we thought that doing Giubileo d'Oro in various stem colors — because Savinelli has some amazing acrylics to work with — would be fun. I still think it was a great idea, though the project hasn't been met with very much commercial success. From that though, I realized I could ask the factory to make 105s with various stem colors. I'm up to (between Punto Oro and Giubileo d'Oro) five colored-stem 105s in four different colors.

As of this writing, I have fifteen Savinelli 105s, most of which are various Punto Oros. The irony is that if you look at sales by shape for Savinelli, the 105 doesn't make the top 40. It seems my devotion to the shape is not widely shared.

311KS Poker - Calvin Miller

If you are into the new-fangled, join me in loving this contemporary, modernistic take on a classic poker by Savinelli: The 311 KS. It's sleek and timeless while standing aggressively canted on its own both figuratively and literally.

Sitting pipes are quite the selling point for a graphic designer who spends as much time as I do with as many fingers as I use on a keyboard simultaneously. To be fair, all sitters make it possible to maintain the symphony of keyboard strokes and mouse clicks that often accompany my puffing, but I find the 311 KS take on the Poker shape to be more versatile; due to its welter-weight class, it can be easily clenched.

Its lack of overall size still boasts a deep chamber for a smooth and lengthy, no-hassle smoking experience. The 311 KS betrays its KS tag as it's quite compact, fits in my pocket, and is nearly unlimited in style. From a dark blue rusticated Alligator, to my current favorite, the Oscar Tiger, the 311 KS shows up in nearly every style or treatment Savinelli offers. I have the Marte, the aforementioned Oscar Tiger, and the Spring, but the Punto Oro Gold will join these lovely pieces soon enough.

202 Apple - Rachel DuBose

I'm a big fan of smaller pipes and classic shapes, and the "202" is easily my favorite from Savinelli's smaller-scale pieces. Mine is a Petite, in particular, giving it a lightweight feel that is comfortable to clench, and I find it pretty handy to tuck into my bag even without its own protector. This pipe holds a special place in my collection, too — it was the first pipe I ever owned, and probably the one I've used the most — enough that it's gotten a little worn with time.

701 Lovat - Ted Swearingen

Rather than bring in a collection of 701s, I opted instead to bring in my prized favorites; the two pipes of this shape I tend to get the most compliments on when I take them out. I love the Savinelli 701, in part because I'm just a big fan of the Lovat. But Savinelli's 701 Lovat is a bit different. The bowl's a little taller, the shank and mouthpiece a little longer too. But it still feels classic in the way the French and English renditions do, just in a different way. I've got a bunch of these in different shapes and finishes, but my Punto Oro and my Giubileo d'Oro are definitely the jewels of the bunch. I baby the hell out of them.

And there you have it: A handful of our favorite Savinelli shapes here at Smokingpipes.com. Spot any trends? Seems like many prefer the marque's smaller shapes, with the exception of Chuck, who I think would be perfectly happy smoking a Lovat the size of a small warehouse. The point is Savinelli offers the perfect shape for just about anybody. You only need find your own.

What's your favorite Savinelli shape? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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    • Matt on February 14, 2019
    • It's taken me years to find out what I prefer in a Pipe and I'm partial to the 106. It's right in the middle of a decent smoke, not to long and not too short. And it sits in my hand like it was designed too. The other thing I've noticed about Savinelli pipes is the briar seems light in weight compared to other brands I own. Much better for clenching without tiring my jaw.

    • Lee Brown on February 14, 2019
    • I own a few Savineli pipes. They're good pipes and they're priced right. I'm just sorry that my two favorite shapes are not on the chart (all my Savinelli's I have purchased from SmokingPipes). The shapes are 816KS and 604EX (the 604EX is my weekend 'workhorse'). The one shape I would love to own is the 118EX.

    • Jack Gillespie on February 14, 2019
    • I have two: the 626 is just about the most perfect bent shape -- great length and weight. As a writer, I like a pipe I can clench and not have it bother my jaw.

      The other shape is the 106. Again, just about the perfect billiard -- not too long and, again, not too heavy.

    • Bryan Webber on February 15, 2019
    • I absolutely love my Savinelli's. My favorite shape is my autograph fan model, followed by my 616KS Gaius, Oceano, 602 Pianoforte, autograph dublin, 114KS Ontario, and a 614KS Spring. I've smoked the Gaius for about 3 years as it was the first one I bought.

      I just recently bought another autograph and got the briar tamper with it from the SP sale a few days ago.

    • Sykes Wilford on February 15, 2019
    • @Lee Brown: That's a pretty obscure group of shapes. We've seen exactly one 118 EX from the factory in the past decade and it was some older Punto Oro stock they had. I don't think it's been made in years. Likewise on 816 EX; we've had exactly one (though at least we've had a few 816 KSs).

      By comparison, the 604 EX is fairly common inasmuch as at least it is still made in one or two lines (or at least they made enough at some point in the past that they've continued to ship them to us), but you're in the same boat there that I am with the 105 (albeit about four times the size) where it's really cool shape that just isn't available in many series.

      There's something kind of fun in falling in love with an obscure shape from Savinelli. The love is requited--they do exist--but perhaps never enough to quite slake ones thirst. Sometimes I'm a little jealous of fans of the 320 KS or 106 or 626 or 606 KS who can fill their collections with their favorite shape, but there is something to be said for the chase too.

    • Andy Olcott on February 15, 2019
    • I think I've tried just about every shape over the years but I seem to keep coming back to the 315KS and 207. The 315 strikes me as an elegant shape, Princes in general for that matter. Then the 207 to me is the perfect size and pleasing to my eye.

    • Joe on February 21, 2019
    • I have a Qandale 207, a Saturnalia 673, a Roma 313, and a Hercules 604EX. I like them all, even if the 313 is a little heavy for a hanger. But by far, my favorite is the 604EX. I bought it, brought it to a friend's house, forgot it for about 8 years, and then he sent it to me. I got the pleasure of opening it twice, and I won't leave it sitting a second time! I prefer bents, and this Oom Paul is perfect for me to just let hang as I go do things outside or around the house when I need my hands. It's well-balanced center of gravity doesn't feel like it wants to spring out of my mouth, and the bowl is about the right size for a session.

    • Jack G on February 26, 2019
    • @Sykes Wilford: Okay, that 105 is pretty nice. I, too, like lighter pipes and I've had a couple of the petite series. But recently I've really been on a billiard kick; don't know why, can't explain it, just a change in style, I suppose. But I went back and reread this article and your part resonated with me so I've added a couple 105's to my wishlist. Thanks for the insight!

    • Sykes Wilford on February 26, 2019
    • @Jack G: Glad I could help! And I'm glad to have a fellow fan of the shape.

    • Craig Rittenhouse on March 10, 2019
    • I own a 315 KS (prince) from way back, and a more recent purchase of a 606 KS (bent billiard). Eager to purchase a 626/636 bent apple and/or a 320 author in the near future.

    • Arpie55 on June 24, 2019
    • I currently own shapes 104, 127, 140ks, 513ks, 802, 606ks, 920, a bing's favorite, and a couple of autographs. I have a really have hard time choosing a favorite but I do find myself leaning more toward the 127 as my go to smoker. I love the quality and the diversity in the Savinelli brand and would say that most of them are a great value.

    • Chris Dzierwa on September 29, 2019
    • I do not know how many Savinelli pipes I have, but I do remember the first one I purchased in 1980 at the Norfolk Naval Base, px. I paid 50 dollars for this beauty. An autograph pipe. This pipe has been all over the world with me, and I even managed to soark up a bowl while playing a round of golf at the Old Course, St Andrews, Scotland in 1982. Yes, at times you do see the world serving in the US Navy.

    • Carl Ferré-Lang on December 24, 2019
    • The first savinelli i bought was gifted to me by my father in the 90s.. a new 601. I only ever smoked frog morton in it, to this day. Since then I have owned a 1025 extra, (125 for you youngsters) an 815, 804, 320, and 207. The last is my favorite. It smokes everything well.. The 804, 320 and 207 are all Punto Oros and they all smoke well but the latter, it's an army mount, has been my companion since my 21st birthday. It keeps getting sweeter as we both age. Now, the shapes I associate with Savinelli are of the bent billiard ilk, but one can tell from my own pipes that those aren't the shapes of theirs that move me: 316, 321, 311, 310, 101, 106, 506.. all their shapes are distinctively theirs.

    • Carl Huffman on November 8, 2020
    • I have an older Savinelli Oscar 915KS, and I see that shape is out of production. I can't remember what I paid for it, but would you have any idea what it's worth? I have smoked it this morning for the first time in years, so it's lightly used. Thanks for your input.

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