Bear Graves
Pipes Around the World

We sell pipes. We sell a lot of pipes. By the time you receive your pipe from us, your briar or meerschaum has passed through more than a dozen sets of our hands and eyes. Though our individual investment in a given pipe can range from a quality inspection upon arrival, to a near-bonding experience when describing, that new friend which just arrived in your favorite brown truck, in at least some small way, carries much of our thoughts and energy with it.

You purchase a pipe. You purchase many pipes. At some point you gift a pipe to someone you feel worthy, perhaps you even surprise them with a shipment directly from us. That instrument of meditation and solace, with the addition of your care and energy, now travels and the metaphysical river lengthens. From time to time we receive emails with photo attachments from customers showing us where their Smokingpipes briar is presently located, and the impact of actually getting to see how this beneficent butterfly effect is currently manifested, well, it’s downright magical.

We have received emails from missionaries like John Michael George in Papua New Guinea who is ministering to the needs of the Hewa tribe, along with a photo of his new friend, "Nafas" enjoying an (originally) Smokingpipes Stanwell Bulldog. Due to the kindness and generosity of a SPC customer (Alex Kummel), many of our pipes wound up in the hands of the brave American men and women currently stationed at FOB (Forward Operating Base) Fenty. The philanthropist emailed us with not only the story, but pictures of some of the recipients, along with the video of a push-up contest with a pipe originally purchased from us as the grand prize.

While not the easiest thing to articulate (we didn’t personally create these vessels of solace, and their further travels resulted from your generosity), seeing a briar that we once held continue to provide happiness to yet another person, in an unexpected part of the globe, feels quite amazing. If one of your briars is presently in the service of another, far from your home, we would love to hear about it.


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