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Ropp's Vintage Stout Line

The compact, chubby style of pipe shaping now so ubiquitous among contemporary artisans and workshops is no new concept. These abbreviated, stout forms actually nod to a much earlier style, one common around the early 20th century. And it's from that older style that Ropp's Vintage Stout line was born.

Josh and Shane discuss Ropp's Vintage Stout line

Like the other Vintage lines, these Vintage Stouts all feature stummels that were originally crafted decades ago, all fitted to genuine horn mouthpieces with early 20th century style buttons. Available in either a smooth or a sandblasted finish, they come in a variety of chubby, stout shapes as well — from striking Zulus and stubby Apples to two distinct Bulldog variations and a number of short Billiards too, all featuring approximately Group 4-size chambers.

Want to know more? Check out Josh and Shane's quick discussion of Ropp's Vintage Stout line above. Or take a look at some of the gorgeous vintage pieces on the site today and experience the old-school, chubby style first hand.

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    • KevinM on January 14, 2017
    • When the vintage Ropp stummels were found up in the attic, I ordered three, and two of them were kinda chunky. They've been light, dry smoking, easy to maintain and tolerant of whatever pipe weed I send their way. Nice for traveling, too.

    • Adam O'Neill on January 16, 2017
    • @KevinM They are great little pipes Kevin, we're glad you've gotten good use out of yours :)

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