Smoke Rings: La Aroma de Cuba

Welcome to another episode of Smoke Rings. For this installment, I'm joined by my colleague Tyler Caldwell to discuss one of our favorite brands: La Aroma de Cuba. Distributed by Ashton, La Aroma de Cuba offers a number of different options for any taste and preference — ranging from the flagship La Aroma de Cuba to the special Mi Amor Reserva. Join us as we smoke through a couple of our favorite cigars and talk about what we most appreciate about the brand and its offerings.

Any La Aroma de Cuba fans out there? Which cigar is your favorite within the line? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Note: The following transcription has been edited for clarity and brevity.

[Tim Vanderpool]: Welcome, everyone, to another episode of Smoke Rings. I am Tim Vanderpool, the Cigar Specialist for

[Tyler Caldwell]: I'm Tyler Caldwell and I work on the retail side of our brick & mortar store, Low Country Pipe and Cigar.

[T.V.]: Today, we are discussing La Aroma de Cuba cigars, which is a brand that Ashton distributes. They make a few different varieties. First is their original, the La Aroma de Cuba. This flagship cigar features a Nicaraguan filler and binder with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. La Aroma also makes the Mi Amor, which combines a Nicaraguan filler and binder with a San Andres Mexican Maduro wrapper. The Mi Amor Reserva elevates the blend further with a higher priming wrapper — a San Andres Oscuro, which is an aged, double Maduro wrapper.

For this video, however, I've chosen my personal favorite out of the line: La Aroma de Cuba EE or Edicion Especial. This cigar was recently reblended and rebranded with new artwork, now featuring a single lady on the band and a smaller sub-band, making it a little more uniform with the other cigars in the La Aroma de Cuba line. To me, this cigar checks all the boxes and delivers exactly what I expect from an excellent cigar. It features Nicaraguan fillers and a binder from the Garcia Farms in Nicaragua. The outside wrappers are Ecuadorian Habano, which is . just the type of wrapper I tend to gravitate toward.

This cigar was originally released as more of a mild- to medium-bodied cigar. When they reblended this, however, Ashton wanted to increase the strength and flavor profile, so they used a slightly higher priming of a wrapper, which lends it a little more strength and body. It's still an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, but that higher priming just gives it an extra peppery kick and a good bit of extra strength. So it's still the same cigar I've appreciated for years, but now it's just a little bit more amped up. What about you, Tyler, what do you have smoking today?

[T.C.]: Today, I'm smoking a La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse, which is among La Aroma de Cuba's highest end cigars. It came out originally as a limited-edition cigar in 2014 at the IPCPR show — "Noblesse" meaning nobility in French. As for blend, it features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, a dual binder of Nicaraguan Habano and Criollo leaf, and a Nicaraguan filler, also coming from the My Father Factory. For the money, it's excellent. All I can say is that you've got to give this a shot. You gotta give it a try.

[T.V.]: The La Aroma de Cuba line is priced, depending on your local taxes, anywhere from about $5.50 up to about $16 or $17 for the high-end Noblesse, just depending on your state. All of these are available in multiple vitolas and sizes at and also our retail store, Low Country Pipe and Cigar. So make sure to hop onto the website and pick up your La Aroma de Cubas today.


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