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Welcome back to another episode of Smoke Rings. I'm Tim Vanderpool, the cigar specialist for, and today we're going to discuss one of my favorite offerings from My Father's Cigars: The Judge. Available in four distinct vitolas, The Judge combines Nicaraguan filler with two Nicaraguan binders, all enveloped in a naturally sweet Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper. Blended for sweetness and strength, it's a high-octane, full-bodied smoke, but the complexity is what's truly impressive.

Initial Release & Awards

My Father's The Judge was first released in 2016, starting with just two vitolas: the Grand Robusto (5"x60) and the Toro (6"x56). It was a highly anticipated release, especially since Cigar Aficionado had already voted two of My Father's cigars their #1 picks in 2012 and 2015 — the Flor de Las Antillas won the #1 cigar in 2012, with the Le Bijou following in 2015. Despite the elevated expectations, The Judge was well-received and continued to be as the company expanded the line. In 2017 they debuted The Judge in a Toro Fino vitola (6"x52), and that same year The Judge's Grand Robusto size won the #7 spot on Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 list.

Ecuadorian Sumatran Wrapper

Like all of My Father's products, The Judge consists of Nicaraguan filler and a Nicaraguan binder, as well as two Nicaraguan binders: a Criollo and a Corojo. The outside wrapper, however, is an Ecuadorian Sumatran; sometimes people describe it as an Ecuadorian Oscuro, but it is, in fact, an Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper. As something of a departure for the brand, The Judge is blended for strength and sweetness. It's got the My Father's signature peppery spiciness to the front and back end of it, but there's a mellow creaminess and sweetness throughout the cigar — likely from the Sumatran wrapper.

New Vitola For 2020

The line maintained those same vitolas until 2020, when My Father released a new Corona Gorda vitola of The Judge (5.625"x46). This Corona Gorda was also the first in the line to not be a box pressed cigar. All of the first three The Judge cigars — the Grand Robusto, the Toro, and the Toro Fino — feature larger ring gauges and a box pressed format, but the Corona Gorda is a smaller ring gauge and traditional, rounded shape.

Full-bodied, Complex Smoke

While The Judge is certainly one of my favorites, it may not be for everyone, because it is a more full-bodied smoke. That said, if you're a fan of stronger cigars, or even more robust pipe tobacco blends, The Judge is definitely worth a try. It's very reminiscent of the early Jaime Garcia line, only with larger ring gauges and, perhaps, a more full-bodied pepperiness. But there's plenty of complexity there as well, especially in the creamy sweetness imparted by the Sumatran wrapper.

Sizes, Shapes & Prices

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