SPC University: How to Pack Crumble Cakes

So far we've covered ribbons and flakes, but how about packing crumble cakes? In this episode of SPC University, Jeremy shares some of his personal methods of preparing this unique cut.

Again a special thanks to Jeremy and Pete for another great video. Have any tricks of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments section below. Stay tuned for suggestions on how to prepare other cuts like ropes and plugs, as well as a variety of pipe and tobacco related topics!

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    • Brandon Beauregard on February 2, 2015
    • Is it preferable to let it dry like a rope twist?

    • Andrew W on February 2, 2015
    • Brandon, it really just depends on the moisture level and your tastes. I generally don't dry out my crumble cakes like I would a shag cut from rope or plug, as they generally aren't as dense as those latter two. If you notice it's a bit moister than usual though, feel free to let it dry for a few minutes. Hope that helps!

    • BALTHAZAR deCABO on February 5, 2016
    • nice casting

    • Adam O'Neill on February 5, 2016
    • @BALTHAZAR DeCABO Haha, we'll let Jeremy know you approve.

    • Ebrahim on February 20, 2023
    • Happy to be here to learn more about smoking pipe

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