Adam O'Neill
Tasting Notes: 5 Blends For Winter

In this very special Tasting Notes video, Shane takes us through his cold weather rotation to show us the five blends he'll be smoking this winter.

What's in your rotation this winter? Got any suggestions of your own? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Joseph on December 27, 2017
    • Thanks for putting this up. Coincidentally, I'm enjoying Quiet Nights as I began watching!

    • Adam O'Neill on December 28, 2017
    • @Joseph Very nice! How are you liking it?

    • Joseph on December 29, 2017
    • @Adam I'm liking it quite a bit! I have just a flake or two left. This time I'm going to spring for the 8oz tin. I'm really enjoying Pease's product having had Westminster, Quiet Nights, Abingdon & Cairo (listed in order of favorite). I've since picked up 8oz of Westminster & Abingdon. Any recommendations on what to try next from him? Thanks.

    • Gregory Brougham on December 30, 2017
    • Shane, any recommendations for a flake tobacco that features oriental with no latakia and also has a good room note. If not flake, then anything.

    • Joseph on December 30, 2017
    • @Gregory - I'd be interested in Shane's answer as well. The one that jumped to my mind is Embarcadero by G.L. Pease. I've yet to try mine from a recent purchase but looking forward to it. Good day.

    • Adam O'Neill on January 2, 2018
    • @Joseph From where you are now, and in no particular order, I'd say Key Largo, Chelsea Morning, and Haddo's Delight are absolutely must trys.

    • Adam O'Neill on January 2, 2018
    • @Gregory Brougham @Joseph I won't speak for Shane, but for me Cornell & Diehl's Bijou is one of the best oriental forward Virginia flakes I've had, and truly showcase the strengths of the leaf.

    • Joseph on January 4, 2018
    • @Adam - thanks for the input - I'll give those a try!

    • sillyoldbear on January 5, 2018
    • @Joseph My pleasure!

    • Gregory Brougham on January 10, 2018
    • @ Joseph@Adam. Thanks sounds good!

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