Tasting Notes: Kramer's Blend For Danny Kaye

Kramer's Pipe & Pipe Tobacco was founded in 1949 by Allen and Tina Kramer, and for years the shop served as the principle tobacconist in Beverly Hills, California. Following a customer-focused approach to blending, the family-owned business gained worldwide recognition for its proprietary house mixtures — many of which were blended specifically for famous celebrities like Danny Kaye.

A dear friend to Tina and Allen, Danny Kaye would visit the shop regularly and spend time with the Kramers. He enjoyed their iconic New Mix blend, a mild English with a hint of Perique, but he wanted a touch more sweetness. So Allen added a small portion of Irish Aromatic to the mixture, and the two friends went back and forth until the proportions were just right. In this episode of Tasting Notes, Shane sits down to dissect that goldilocks mixture, discussing everything from the blend's tin and room note to its strength and complex flavor profile. An all-day English aromatic, Kramer's Blend for Danny Kaye is a must-try for any Latakia lover. Check out the video above for Shane's full review.

Any fans of Kramer's pipe tobacco out there? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. We'd love to hear about your favorite celebrity blend or any tales you might have of visiting the Kramer's shop in person.

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    • Joseph P on June 12, 2019
    • Great review, Shane, and I feel your pain- this IS a hard blend to pin down. Anyone who enjoys BFDK should also try the blend for Cary Grant- lots of similarities, also with that "Irish aromatic" element.
      Visited Kramer's twice before it closed. Marsha Kramer was very personable and approachable and was always willing to recount lots of interesting shop and customer lore. Fun to then watch her as Jay's assistant on Modern Family. Really glad this slice of the Kramer legacy lives on through these tobaccos. P.S. Love it when the pipe(s) you all are smoking is/are mentioned- to me, just as interesting as the reviewed blend!

    • Joseph C on June 17, 2019
    • Great review. It is a hard blend to describe and get “down”, but you did a good job working through the nuances.

      Some years ago Northern Bohemian did 3 part interview at Kramers with the founders daughter - great stories on the history and the tobacco. I was lucky to visit the shop as well. Was a great old style pipe and tobacco shop.

      Thanks for keeping these old and historic blends alive!

    • DW on April 9, 2020
    • What exactly is "Irish Aromatic" - a tobacco, a topping? (Is it just a euphemism for whisky?)

    • Shane Ireland on April 10, 2020
    • @DW No, it's not whiskey... The term refers to a traditional combination of aromatic flavorings used by one famous, old Irish tobacco manufacturers. It's a proprietary recipe, but I can say that it adds a fruity and slightly floral note to the tobacco. It's used sparingly in this context, in fact just one of the components is flavored, not the entire mixture.

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