Kathryn Mann
A Week with Tommi Ascorti

Much to my husband’s lament, I’ve been charmed by an Italian man. This week Smokingpipes.com was host to Tommaso “Tommi” Ascorti of Caminetto Pipes and his renowned mustache. He brought with him a great number of pipes, some pretty bad weather, an insatiable hunger for hamburgers, and a big smile. I had the pleasure of being a fly on the wall throughout his entire visit; tagging along for drinks and dinners, driving him to and from meetings and get-togethers, and enjoying the conversation and education which accompanied his visit to Adam Davidson’s workshop, as well as his in-store event at Low Country Pipe and Cigar. He and much of the Smokingpipes crew are heading to IPCPR in Las Vegas as I speak, but when I dropped him off at the airport this morning I was treated as the closest of friends. “I will see you soon in Italy,” he says, giving me a big hug. This sounded so natural coming from him, yet was never discussed. “Ciao!” he called behind him, and I was left hoping he was right. I hope to see more of Tommi and his beautiful pipes soon.

Below are some of my favorite pictures from the festivities and fun this week, but don’t forget, it’s not over yet. The 10% off Caminetto sale runs through this Sunday at midnight. Ciao!


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