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Aging Room Cigars

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  • Dominican Republic
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  • Connecticut
  • Sumatra
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  • Ecuador
  • Indonesia
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  • Dominican Republic
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  • Dominican Republic
  • Indonesia
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  • Box
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  • Handmade
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  • Strong
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  • 3"-5"
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  • 6"-7"
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  • 45-50
  • 50-55
  • 60+

Aging Room cigars is a line that actually falls under the umbrella of Boutique Blends Cigars, an American cigar manufacturer established under the name "Habana Cuba Cigar Company" in 1996 as the non-Cuban manufacturer for the iconic Cuban "Oliveros" brand.

In 2002, however, the company was sold to Cuban-born Rafael Nodal; his wife, Alina Cordoves Nodal; and Hank Bischoff, and as a result Boutique Blends Cigars was eventually born in 2012. In the wake of that rebranding, the company reoriented itself, focusing more on small batch, premium cigars — faithfully adhering to its new moniker. The renaissance paid dividends when, in 2013, Cigar Aficionado declared Boutique Blends' Aging Room Quattro F55 Concerto the #2 cigar of the year, solidifying the company's elite status in the cigar industry. Along with the Aging Room line, Boutique Blends Cigars still manufactures products under the Oliveras label, as well as other lines, such as King Havano and Swag. Devoted to offering premium, high-quality cigars, Boutique Blends is for those interested in a smoking experience that encourages both complexity and character.

Aging Room
F55 Quattro Maestro

$10.05 $9.05

Aging Room
F55 Quattro Stretto

Currently Out of Stock

Aging Room
F55 Quattro Vibrato

$10.65 $10.15

Aging Room
M356 Mezzo

Currently Out of Stock

Aging Room
M356 Rondo

$8.90 $8.00