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  • Nicaragua
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  • Brazil
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  • Brazil
  • Ecuador
  • Nicaragua
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  • Ecuador
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  • Stick
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  • Handmade
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  • No
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  • Strong
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  • 6"-7"
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  • 50-55
Having disappeared in 2015, Dissident Cigars is now back. Revitalized by new owner Benjamin Holt, Dissident retains its original portfolio — Bloc, Soapbox, and Home — but gives the series a facelift, having partnered with Black Label Trading Company's Fábrica Oveja Negra to present fresh artwork and updated versions of the blends.

Dissident hadn't attended the IPCPR trade show (the largest, most frequented cigar expo in the country) since 2015, causing many disappointed smokers to fear the company's demise. However, in 2019, Dissident returned in full force, like a phoenix rising from the ash, to excite connoisseurs with the rebirth of its popular lines.

Whether you've been rueing the disappearance of Dissident since 2015 or are being introduced for the first time, the new and improved Dissident satisfies with enticing flavor profiles, in-your-face personality, and boutique quality.